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Welcome to my NEW site.

Hi there.  I’m so glad you’re visiting my new wordpress site!

You’ll have to bare with me, as I figure out how to navigate my way around the new place.

Andy and I have wanted to make the switch for a long while now, so we finally took the plunge!

Heather from Life Made Lovely designed the site and made the switch for us.

This is where I need to cue the music and insert a video commercial.

{And I would, if I didn’t look like Dracula this morning!}

I can not say enough how easy this transition has been, all thanks to her!

It took her 7 days from start to finish, and believe me, that was a TASK because I’m a ding-dong with technology!

I hope you’ll spend a few minutes navigating the site and finding your way around.

The coolest feature that she added was a shop for our signs right here on the blog!

{Do you see it?  It’s right under my welcome picture.}

The shop is a work in progress.  We need to resize the pictures so they’re all the same.

Of course, I realized that after I spent an hour getting all of them in the shop!

For now, we’re also keeping the Etsy shop because it’s been too good to us not to.

You can scroll down on the sidebar and see how to get there, too.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you see an issue that we can’t see for the forest.

Okay!  Maybe by tomorrow, I’ll figure out how to insert a picture into my post!

carissa - it’s gorgeous! so clean and lovely.

Flower Patch Farmgirl - You DID IT!!!!
It’s beautiful.

Alicia @ La Famille - I LOVE this!! And I am SUPER intrigued!! I might have like a million questions for you…I’ve been itching to do a big blog overhaul too. Love it!! Great work!

michele m fry - Looks great, glad I get to be the first comment!!!

Lori H - It looks great, Tara! You will have it all figured out in no time. :)

paige - looks beautiful my friend!
feels sorta like birthing a baby. well maybe more painful! ha!
looks fabulous!!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - this is so great. you are BRAVE! heather did a great job. maybe someday…

Tricia - Popping over to say, “hello” and check things out! Oh my, it looks beautiful here! I bet you’re so excited so have something fresh and new. I’d like to switch things up a bit at my blog, but I’m a bit of a ding-dong when it comes to that sort of thing too :)

Dayle - I’ve made some changes, as well. Always scary.

Tiffini - perfect timing i say:)
heather is gifted at listening to the heart and
creating something that reflects it. beautiful works girls:)
happy wednesday friend…xo

Colleen - Looks great! I can’t wait to poke around!

Tara - Thank you!
Let me know if it you see some hiccups that need working out!
I’m still learning my way around. :)

Tara - I wish I had switched months ago, but it just didn’t work out.
Heather was wonderful to work with…can’t say enough about how easy it was!
7 days…done! Boom!

Happy Wednesday to you, too! I loved your post today.
I’m telling you…our hearts are knit together!
I had Heather make one of my categories “STORIES” because God is stirring something in me. :)

Tara - I need to check out your changes!
It is scary to figure something else out after I got so comfortable with blogger.
Change is good..keeps me on my toes and on my knees. :)

Tara - Hi Tricia!
Thank you for looking around the new blog…I don’t think I could have ever made the switch without Heather. Actually, I know I couldn’t!

Tara - you can do it!
if I can, you can for sure!
She was amazing to work with….can’t say enough!
She made it so easy!

Tara - Thanks, Lori!

Tara - ummmm….definitely more painful than birthing babies.
I used drugs for that. :)


Fall get-aways and front doors.

Andy and I enjoyed a wonderful get away on Friday night.
It was a belated celebration of our 17 years together!
We farmed each kid out to a different friend’s house and then took the short drive into Atlanta.
It felt so good to slowly make our way there.
Do you ever feel like you’re rushing to school, from school, through homework and dinner and soccer practice?
Not rushing felt good.
We stopped at Atlantic Station near downtown and enjoyed lunch and shopping.
We actually picked up a few things from Ikea that we’ve been wanting to pick up.
…tea lights to use all during fall, a rug for the area right inside from the garage, and some new glassware.
We might have been the last people on earth still using large plastic cups from Walmart. try not to judge.
We also picked up two of their famous white, comfy chairs.
We’re making a few changes in our family room over the next couple of months, and those chairs were on the list.
They are currently sitting with white sheets sprawled out over them.
Why? Because I didn’t want to throw them into culture shock with our family.
I thought I’d ease them into life here. I sure hope it really is as easy as everyone says it is with white furniture.
*I’ll keep you posted*
After we left Ikea, we headed to Buckhead to check into our hotel.
Would you believe it if I told you that we took a nap?  It was glorious.
I can’t tell you the last time we were able to take a nap together.  I highly recommend it.
Afterwards, we took a long walk together and then made our way to a very nice dinner.
We always leave these weekends wondering why we don’t do them more often.
So needed.  So good for our marriage.
We eased back into Athens just in time to get our kids back and pile in front of the tv for the UGA game.
In the first half, it looked like we were going to win by a landslide, and then Tennessee came back fighting.
We spent the whole second half on our feet jumping, screaming, and biting our nails.
Okay.  No one else in my family did, but I was going crazy!!!
On more than one occasion, the boys had to tell me to bring it down ten or so notches.
We pulled off a WIN in the last two minutes of the game with a score of 34-31.
I think I might have missed my calling as a sports broadcaster.
How was your weekend?  Did you rest or run ragged or a little bit of both?
Do you have your mums and pumpkins and fall wreaths outside your front door?
The look of our front door is a little deceptive…it LOOKS fall, but the past several days have been warm here.
That’s October in North Georgia.  Crisp and cool in the mornings and evenings but warm in the middle.
{thankful for}
816. friends we trust, who keep our kids, while we steal away for a night.
817.  rest and relaxation.
818. a husband who makes sure we get time away together.
819. Monday mornings by myself.
820. a wonderful first quarter in school for the kids.

Jackie - So glad you two had a wonderful time together! Can’t wait to see the new furniture and the new front door in person–it looks great!

Tiffini - yes…we used to go to bed and breakfasts and weekends away. i MISS those times. a lot
so yes i know how needed it is and how good it feels to just be together as a couple. you are able to reconnect
happy you took the time.
busy times ahead for sure:)
don’t you just love ikea? i could just live in there. that is one thing i miss about MN…their ikea:)
happy tuesday friend…xo

LLH Designs - Hey good lookin’! Love the new look here! I’m such a huge fan of branches, leaves, wreaths, etc. included in the design. I need to make the WordPress leap but hate new things. SO much newness right now though. Guess I better get used to it! Love that you took a nap when you got to the hotel. We do that! xoxo!

Cathy M. - Tara, So glad you were able to get away!!! We had a 24 hour getaway last month (first one in 2 years!!!!) and we loved it! Of course we went to an Ohio State game, haha! On the Ikea chairs, they are so awesome!! Remember to keep in mind what you paid for them so you don’t freak out! The sheet is not a bad idea (at first) till everyone gets used to white. We have a lot of white Ikea at the lake (think suntan lotion, wet swimsuits, food, etc) and it has held up great! Also, I had a situation a year ago where we rented our place and “the renter(s)” got engine grease (the renters were big time race car drivers and their staff of mechanics) all over the couch…. it was a nightmare…but took it all the to the cleaners and ALL of it came out and it now looks spectacular!! Now I have to go figure out how to follow you on WordPress. (that’s why I love Instagram~easy!) Take care girlie! hugs, Cathy

2013…one last glimpse. » Between You & Me - […] added a new front door to our […]


Introducing…the simplest fall tablescape

I’m digging this simpler approach this year.  It’s working for this season of life we’re in over here.
I maybe should have called this post the lazy girl’s guide to tablescapes!
I didn’t do much at all…
Sasha gave me the heads up on a 50% off sale that Michaels was having on their flowers,
so I headed there one morning and picked up a couple of the leaf branches.
They look freakishly real, especially with water in the glass jar.
The only other thing I picked up was the baby pumpkins.
If you wanna see more tablescapes, check out Centsational Girl’s party!
Here’s a couple of things going on with me…
I’m thrilled that we’re going to be venders at the Country Living Fair at the end of this month.
Have I even mentioned that we’re doing it?
I feel like we’re sort of aimlessly moving through the motions…we have no idea what we’re doing.
I’ll have to show you all the signs that are stacking up in the garage…ahem..I mean our very own sweat shop.
Making the signs isn’t scary…decorating a booth seems a little overwhelming, but how hard can it be?
If it’s hard, don’t tell me. Sometimes denial is good.  Surely, we’ll figure it out.
Feel FREE to give suggestions.
I’m frustrated at myself that once again I’m not joining in on Nesters 31 day post series!
Every year I say I want to, and every year I don’t.
I feel like there’s so much more in my heart than posting pictures of my dining room,
but those posts take time for me to process and get out, and I never feel like I have the margin to commit.
If only I had started preparing those posts three months ago!
Sooooooo….Tell me what’s going on in your world…

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting - GORGEOUS…Love the whole room!!

Sally Kelly - Well, I’m so glad you asked! LOL I’ve recently found my way back to your blog via Sasha. Isn’t she the greatest?

I love your decorating style & your simpler approach. Sometimes simpler is better — especially for those busy seasons of life. I have two teenagers, so there’s never a dull moment around here — and the simpler approach has been working for me for a few years now. Especially at Christmas! I’ve [finally] learned to stop taking on the things that suck the JOY out of the season for me. I don’t want to be “that mom” anymore!

Blessings to you today Tara. I’m following along now. haha – I know you’ve just been waiting for me to get here, right? ~Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer

kerrie of sea cottage - How fun to be a part of the country living event. Have a wonderful time!!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Killer.
Totally thought those were real branches!
And I’m not doing 31 Days this year, either. For the same exact reason. :)

Farmgirl Paints - Always classy. Need to frame my cows!!

carissa... brown eyed fox - my kind of FALLizing! :)
i just love your home!

you know the art piece your hubby got for you… a little while back?
it’s in your kitchen i think?
i went on a crazy lady search spree… i love it so much!
love his style!
i see why he is in high demand.

how excited… the country living fair!
you will SHINE!
no question.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper - simple but total perfection!

Aimee - SO excited that you’ll be a vendor at the Country Living Faire! I’m sure your booth will look awesome. I went to the one in Ohio a few years ago and dreamed of being a vendor one day. So fun. Lots of work, but still. You’ll get to meet so many people and have such a great experience, I’m sure. I think I’ll have to run out to Michaels for those branches! They really do look real. Thanks for the inspiration!

Alicia - your style is my favorite. love every bit. also i’m upset that I missed the flower sale. I needed stuff!! also I really wanted to join the 31 day challenge too…but I know its not my year to do it. i’m making a note to join in next year.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips - I just love everything.

Sarah - I wanted to join the nesters 31 days, but even making the button overwhelmed me at this point in my life… Maybe next year! I need to look into ordering a couple signs for Christmas presents this year. I love them and have a much easier time spending money on others than for me :)

Kerri - Clean and simple! Just beautiful!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Your home looks beautiful. And the leaves in the big glass jug are my favorite. Might see something similar at the Kirsche home. :)
So excited for you at the CLF! :) Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your booth!!

Barbara - Love it and good luck at the fair, so exciting!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - 1) I love that we have the same decorations on our table. I need to add a bit of water to mine! Great idea.
2) EEEEk!!! for the CL fair. Why don’t they come to Seattle? They could totally bring you. I have a feeling you will knock it out of the park and the booth thing- don’t sweat it… your signs speak for themselves just bring some of the cute branches in those glass bottles and it’ll be elegantly simple. :)
3) I always say the same thing about the 31 day thing too. And then I never do it because this month is gone before I can blink. what’s that about?

Anyway, you’re awesome and I love it all.

paige - not for a moment could i pull off the 31 days gig. not for a moment.
i actually like you more knowing you can’t either…insert crying laughing tears emoji
i have had a crush on your ( fake? are you kidding me?) tablescape. i LOVE it!
your’e the real deal tara & that’s what makes you the most loveable thing around!

LLH Designs - I’m in the same boat: totally clueless about how to decorate a booth at a “real” event. I’ll be at the City Farmhouse Barn Show next weekend. Have I prepared a thing? No. Yikes!

Love your simple table. You know that’s how I roll. Simple all the way. xoxo!

Jackie - Your new blog design looks AWESOME! So clean and pretty. :)

Bethanie - So excited that you are going to be at the CL fair. It’s been on my calendar since going last year! Im anxious to tell my mom that you will be there, y’all made her a sign with the names of Jesus that she absolutely loves. She will be visiting from PA and we will surely find you!

Tara - Pllllllllease find us!
We’re gonna be in booth C 76-78, whatever that means. :)
Can’t wait!! Thanks for letting me know!

And, so grateful your mom loves her sign. :))

Autumn - Where did you get the awesome cow painting and frame?


What I learned in September.

1. I learned {again} that community is one of the sweetest gifts we can build into our lives.
I promise I’m not just saying that because my husband is the director of community at our church.
I’m saying it because it matters.  It’s a game changer for personal growth.
A dear friend was diagnosed with Stage 2 Ovarian cancer this month,
and the circles of community that she has built in her life joined together to love and support her.
People loving people and meeting needs for them is a beautiful thing to witness and be part changing.
2.  I learned {again} that me and change aren’t really into each other.
New seasons are just hard on me, and I’m hard on them, too. The end.
3.  No. Wait a minute.  I’m not done just yet.  I’m learning to let myself just be where I am.
A super natural healing happens in our hearts when we slow down and feel what our hearts are saying to us.
4.  I learned {again} that I really do like things simple.
5.  I learned  {again} to listen to myself and I painted a wall black.
6. I learned {again} that Andy is everything I never knew to even ask for in a spouse.
We celebrated 17 years together, and I had no idea what I really needed in a mate.
But God knew, and he has transformed my life through my marriage.  I’m Beyond grateful.
7.  I learned that I love looking back over a month and trying to figure out what I learned from it.
Thanks Emily for the chance to do this!What did you learn in September?
Seriously.{thankful for}
800. Sasha’s art in my home.
801. My rekindled love affair with gold.
802. recycled jars that hold a candle and some nuts.
803. cooler weather.
804. a long walk with Andy in one of our favorite spots on Sunday evening.
805. a lazy Saturday spent watching Georgia football with my family.
806. being able to hear my boys hoot and holler like their daddy when they watch college football.
807. my parents coming for dinner tonight.
808. dinner for tonight already being made and ready to pop in the oven.
809. an upcoming get away with Andy to celebrate our 17th anniversary.
810. friends who are gladly taking our kids so we can get away.
811. mums on the front porch.
812. only two loads of laundry to do today.
813. Sunday lunches with our friends.
814. an extra long conversation with Michele this morning…much needed.
815. coffee.

LLH Designs - Ooh, I love that you reflected on September before October comes. Not sure if I’ll get around to this after the kind of week I’ve had, but love the intention of it! xoxo!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - I’m thankful for you.

Kim - I learned of your blog via Sasha’s… love it! You are adorable and so is your family! Love the black wall and I HATE change…

Tiffini - i smile because sometimes i wish i wasn’t always “learning”
i long just for some peace…like on a beach or no..wait
in the mountains in a log cabin..crackling of books
pen and paper and no technology…well a phone in case of an emergency
dreaming right?
love your lessons in september

Tiffini - i smile because sometimes i wish i wasn’t always “learning”
i long just for some peace…like on a beach or no..wait
in the mountains in a log cabin..crackling of books
pen and paper and no technology…well a phone in case of an emergency
dreaming right?
love your lessons in september

paige - beautiful

Sheri - Oh September, you made me learn a lot. I finally got (at age 44) what it means to have someone standing/and praying in the gap for you, and how strong those prayers really are. I learned not every fight is my fight (even when i’m so mad i can’t see straight), and that nothing surprises God. Thank goodness.

GLENDA CHILDERS - Ah … number 7.