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The Anthropologie Knock-Off Wreath


I bet you’ve seen the Anthropologie knock-off wreath that has been floating around on Pinterest forever.  It retails for $298. Say what Willis? Yeah, there’s no money like that for wreaths in our budget!

I know some of you are thinking you’re not the DIY types, but I promise that this is a project you can pull off. I took pictures of every single step to make it that much easier to follow.  Let me know if you have questions! And for the love of all things DIY, please tell me if you make one!


The supplies you’ll need are::

4 bundles of Yarn {color of your choice} *Make sure you get the biggest loop possible…the thicker the better!*

1 Straw Wreath {Keep the plastic on it, so the straw won’t go everywhere!}

Stick Pins or Hot Glue Gun {your preference..I used pins because the hot glue gun is my enemy.}

Ribbon of your choice



You wrap the yarn around your four fingers 40 times. I’ve seen other tutorials that used a piece of cardboard to wrap their yarn around for the bundle, but that would have required another step. I like things as simple as possible.


It should look similar to this, when you’ve finished wrapping it.


Gently slip it off your fingers, and cut another piece of yarn about 8-10 inches long.


Lay the bundle of yarn on top of the extra piece of yarn, just like you see in the picture.


It should look like this when you’ve finished tying the string around it.


You’ll want to take your scissors and insert them into one side of the bundle and make the cut. Then, you’ll want to do the same thing to the other side of the bundle. I held the bundle in my hand and cut each side, but I laid it on the table just to show you what it is supposed to look like.


This is what your yarn puff will look like, after you’ve cut the tied up bundle. Somebody tell me what it’s called. Is it seriously a yarn puff? I can’t think of what else it could be called! Anywho, See those two long strings hanging on either side? You’ll want to cut those to match the rest of the pieces.


I started pinning my puffs down all the way around the top of my straw wreath. It took about 18 puffs to go around it.


Then, I pinned more puffs around the interior of the wreath. It took about 14 to go all the way around. After I finished the interior, I pinned all the puffs to the exterior of the wreath. It took about 18-20 to make complete the exterior.

Are you ready to see the finished project?
I’m feeling dramatic, like I need a drum roll.


She turned out great, didn’t she?! I adore her. It almost makes me want to pull my Christmas stuff out of the attic and deck the halls. almost. I promise I won’t.




This is just one of several DIY projects that I’m wanting to finish before Christmas! I got a head start on this one because the Country Living Fair is NEXT weekend, and I needed a wreath to put up with our Christmas signs that we’re taking!

Ps. One last thing…cause I know you’re dying to know how much I invested in this here wreath, aren’t you?! The yarn was on sale for $4.99 per bundle, and the straw wreath was purchased with a 40% coupon at $3.59.
Total spent:: $25 + tax. not bad. not bad at all.

Pss. Today I accomplished posting my post with pictures on this new site…without losing my mind.  In my next post, I’m going to figure out how to resize my pictures, so they aren’t so huge that you can hardly see them.  The end.

michele fry - Love Love Love!!! Good job on the tutoria, Marthat would be proud! I am heading out to make one this weekend, thinking something with charcoal grey for the winter months on my door!

Kristi - Yarn puffs, or pom poms! Super cute wreath!

Tara - Yarn puffs. Hilarious.
Yes. Pom Poms sound right!

Tara - charcoal grey would look fabulous, my friend!

D'Nese - Sweetest thing! Love it. You did a great job. Thanks for adding the pictures. It truly does help.

jodi - I LOVE it!!! I am going to try it for sure!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial.
Have a great time at the Country Living Fair; how exciting…hopefully between you and Paige, there will be lots of pictures! :)LOL
ps…love your new site and the pictures are perfect!

have a great day!

Megan - So very creative you are…I love it combined with your sign. I always think of you when I see mercury glass.
I am loving the new site – so fun!

Barbara - Love it the whole thing!

Nicole B - Wow! I have seen multiple tutorials online for this knock off wreath, and I have to say I think yours looks the best! Thanks for the step by step! :)

Deidre - I LOVE it! I think I could actually pull this off. We made a ton of pom poms (that’s what we call them :) last year when my girls made bookmarks to sell. I love the puffy white yarn. So, so pretty!

Lori H - Thanks, Tara! I am crafting with my crafty friend this weekend – she usually ends up doing the hard stuff and I “assist” (ha! I am lame). So I may try to make this wreath. I can use the straw wreath form that I have had in my garage since I planned to make a book-page wreath! :)

Beth - i love this and the fact that you broke it down for us non-crafters. my favorite part is that I can see myself doing this with my 2 girls as girls craft night -wihout the torture of hot glue!

Andrea - I love this….I’m going to try it!!! Stay tuned!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Well you know I love it… great minds girly… great minds. :)

Jackie - I started making mine last night!! I just love it!! You can borrow mine if you’d like two for your booth. Getting so excited for you…! :)

Kristin - Very cute, very fun! I might make one for Halloween! Pom Poms is probably the correct “name”, but back when I was a kid (40ish years ago…) we made these and called them “warm fuzzies”. I think they went along with a book – something about giving people “warm fuzzies” (compliments, praise, or other affectionate words). Thanks for the inspiration!

Christy - I think I’m going to make this a project to do with my tween. She loves projects, and this would be great to deck her door at Christmas. I wonder what color she’ll choose? Maybe I should get a little wreath for my four year old. She would love this project for about three minutes. ;) Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial. I love your signs. Maybe I can get one for my birthday. The problem is, I can’t decide which one I like best. Good problem to have, right?

Jackie - I am actually going to be coming to the CLF so I will be looking for you. Can’t wait to check out your signs. - awesome wreath! i’d be wanting to use it as a pillow, it looks that soft!! and the sign is gorgeous~

carla keck - I love this wreath and your signs! Im going to try this one for sure. What size is the wreath that you used?

Korrie@RedHenHome - SUPER cute wreath!

Holly - Yarn puffs sounds good! lol…or pom poms!? :) Such a cute wreath! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a great weekend! xx Holly

cristina - It’s absolutelly gorgeous your fluffy wreath. I’ll sure do one for me. Hugs, Cristina

Cynthia - Ooooooh….don’t shrink the pictures. I so appreciate the large size. The wreath is terrific! Can’t wait to make it. I’m new to your blog, but I’m in love. BTW, did you make the little stool? If so, please write a tutorial for that little cutie.
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

Cynthia Christensen

Kelly Cach - My heart is palpitating. I’m getting my supplies tomorrow! Eeeeeek! Thank you for the tutorial…thank you, thank you!

Teddee Grace - Looks fantastic. I think those are pom-poms.

Rondell - I love it, sounds so easy to do, would look great on my mantle for Christmas.


Kari Sanchez - I love it!! But I am going to do mine in purple since I always do my Christmas in purple and silvet :) thanks so much for explaining and the tutorial was perfect!! :)

Kathleen - Love this! How big is your wreath form?

esther - thank you for the tutorial, broken down and simplified perfectly, I am going to make this, but was wandering where you purchase the straw wreath from please?

Annelise - The wreath is adorable, but it’s that sign I am SO drawn to!! Please tell me more about it, I NEED ONE! :)

Bridget - Love the wreath. I would also LOVE to have more details about the sign. Is that DIY too?

Amy - Adorable wreath! I was wondering what size wreath you used and exactly what type of yarn it was? Thank you!

Susan - I heart this!!! Will give it a try soon and let you know how it turns out. Soooo cute!!
Thanks bunches!

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Willow - Thanks for an easy-to-follow tutorial for this gorgeous wreath!!! I can’t wait to make it.

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Dana@chocolateandsunshine - Found you via your Pinterest photo. I love this project so much!!! I can make a couple things, but nothing complicated, so thing may be up my alley. I will give it a try and let you know when I do. I may have to share this on my blog next month. I love the all white wreath and your tutorial was perfect. Thank you.

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Patti - I saw your tutorial. I had the materials. so I MADE IT!! So easy. And so lovely. My mind was swirling with other color ideas! Thank you so much for the idea. And the instructions.


Photo on my blog:

erin - Love this wreath! I just went out and bought my supplies today.. Just wondering what size wreath that you used? I only say 14″ at Joanns and it looked too small. Also, where did you get that cute ribbon? Thanks for any help!

Lisa Springer - This is fabulous! I have been drooling over the Anthro pom pom! Quick question – what size wreath did you use?
Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us!

Cathy - Made it!!! Love it!

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Lori - I love this wreath! I’m making one right now. But not suite done yet. I used a styrofoam wreath that I had and wrapped it with the yard. The puffs I tied on with the extra string instead of pinning them. But same just a little different twist .
We are so smart aren’t we! ;)

Spencer - I can’t believe how timely this is… I just bought about 6 skeins of big, fluffy ivory yarn at the Goodwill Pound Store… Under a dollar. Several months ago I bought the Clover pom pom maker and whipped up quite a few of those little cuties… nope, no plan for those, but I hated to stop because they were so much fun to make. Now all I need is the wreath and some time… Can hardly wait. Thanks so much for sharing.

Leslie - Thank you so much for sharing your story! I cannot wait to make my own!!

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A soft place to land.


I pick my kids up every single day…same time, same place.  And, every day our conversation always looks pretty much the same.  They’re hungry, they’re tired, and they’re emotionally wiped.  Respecting your teachers all day, playing nice on the playground, and working hard in every class is hard work!

Recently, I grabbed all three of them, and we headed to the car.  My oldest was unusually quiet, but I let it be.  If I’ve learned one thing the hard way in this season, it’s the importance of not asking any questions until we are privately and safely in our car.

Per the usual, my boys argued over whose day it was to sit in the front with me.  It was an odd day on the calendar, so that meant it was the younger one’s turn.  My oldest said something nasty to his younger brother, and then like clockwork, the younger one retaliated with something even more unkind.  I hadn’t even buckled my seatbelt before I was yelling, which is not the way any mom ever wants to be reunited with her kids, after a long day apart.  It took about thirty seconds for my oldest to throw his things in the back seat and report that his day was horrible…his worst one ever in the history of all days. ever.



Sally - Help? Your “continue reading” link takes me to Time Warner cable???

Lori H - Tara, you are wise! I wished I had learned those lessons earlier on, but I got there eventually. Good luck with the tumultuous years, you seem ready! (I tried to comment over on the other blog but it wouldn’t let me use my Google sign-on)

Jackie - Handled beautifully. :)

Tiffini - love this! so needful. they are just like us. so often what i boil over about isn’t really about that very day or that thing. it is a pile up of things i have pushed down. i will never forget dr. phil saying that wives need a soft place to land…well the show was about marriage but is SO true for everyone. i know it resonated with me..BIG. thank you for the reminder..oh heavens do i need lots of those..reminders…love you xotiff

Tara - I wish you lived closer and could meet me for coffee every week….I’ve got things to learn from you, friend.

Megan - Gosh, we’ve had so many pick ups like this. I feel so excited to see her and within 30 seconds all of the air gets let out of my tires. I am a solver, but I love your approach. It makes so much sense! Thanks for leading the way and sharing with all of us!

Shantel cowan - New to your blog. This article touched me so much. I also have 2 boys and a girl. This was such a great reminder to let them come to you. I often feel the need to get them to talk, and forget to give them space. Thank you for the reminder.


Friday Favorites for the weekend















There is no limit to her creativity. She added a cork wall to her powder room.



















I’ve got the glass jars. Now, I just need some plaid! Do you have any glass jars or plaid in your life?






















These felt acorns most certainly will make their way into a wooden bowl at my house.
















Surely, if I start now, I can finish one of these bad boys by Christmas time!



















Note to self:: Add a cow canvas on a gallery wall above Lydia’s bed.  Oh, and a pennant, too.



















She made a really cool sign.


31 series to read this weekend.



recipes to try this weekend. #pizzaonthebrain

deep dish pizza

apple pie pizza

10 randoms from me…….

1.  I live for weekends.

2.  Andy and I are working today on designing the elements we need for our country living fair booth!  It’s in two weeks! SCREAM.

3.  He’s the big picture guy, and I’m the details girl.  We’re a good team!

4.  Tomorrow, we’re going to the UGA game. Whooooooop!  Have I mentioned that we love living in this amazing college town?

5.  It’s seriously starting to feel like fall here. ABOUT TIME.

6.  I’m finishing Bread & Wine this weekend.  Fabulous read.

7.  We’re roasting marshmallows around the fire pit with the kids, after we buy a fire pit today.

8.  Paige Knudsen talked me off of a ledge yesterday. I love my new site, but figuring out the details has me on edge. NO JOKE.

9.  Trader Joes has the best pumpkins ever, and a couple of them are coming home with me today.

10. And for really random…I always use Andy’s razors.  Always. This week, I bought my own pack.


Okay. You should definitely tell me something random about you.



Alicia @ La Famille - A neatly bulleted comment:

-I have that soap in the first picture, so I feel pretty special right now.

-That little bedroom with the cow?? AAAAdorable!!

-Thank YOU for the shout out. I literally feel like I’m naked in front of the world…I mean, in a “baring my soul” sense. But it feels SO good too.

-Did you say COUNTRY LIVING fair!?!?! I just decided RIGHT NOW that I’m going. I didn’t go last year and I regreted it big time. I’m going…and I’m meeting you. The end.

-ox, a

Lori H - So wish I could make it to the Country Living Fair! Bucket List material, there. i loved Bread and Wine…can recommend highly the brownies, the lentil soup, the magical white bean soup, the caesar salad and my favorite! The Real Simple Cassoulet…it tastes so much better than I thought it would, looking at the recipe. Delicious! Random fact about me: if I could, and if my husband would let me, I would have a whole wall collage of cow art. So many good ones out there! Look at Paige and Meg, both with great cow photos, not to mention your awesome cow. I have a few little pieces of cow art that I keep in my walk-in closet. How is that for random?

Virginia - - follow you on IG – love this site – had peanut butter toast for breakfast cuz I am out of my protein shake – I love words – God’s Word/message for me: be true to who I made you to be – I am finally free (no shame) – have an iced coffee every afternoon – love cheese popcorn (like, REALLY love!) – love date nights with My Guy of almost 36 years!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I hate cheesecake. And my family LOVES it so every holiday someone brings one. How random is that? LOL

I’m sorry you were struggling with the new site. I’ve been wondering how the transition is going. Looks beautiful though!

Christy - I LOVE your new site! I wish I lived closer so I could go to the Country Living Fair and see your stuff and hug your neck. Have a good time!


We’re off to the Country Living Fair!


We’re heading to the Country Living Fair in a few short weeks! I can’t believe we applied and they accepted us to be vendors! Every single day I am blown away that God opened a door for me to do something with words. I’m definitely more of a realist, so dreaming big things has always been difficult for me. It is the sweetest measure of grace that he has brought dreams to life in me that I didn’t even know were there.

I went with a friend last year, for the first time, and we had so much fun perusing all the tents.  I won

I went with a friend last year, for the first time, and we had so much fun perusing all the tents. I won’t lie. We enjoyed the food as much as we did all the different booths of pure goodness.


I don’t know if you’ve been, but if you haven’t, I promise it’ll be the best $13 you spend this whole month.


I’ve thought about these chairs for a whole year, and I can’t wait to get back and see what those creative geniuses came up with this time!


One of my regrets was not picking some of this cool fabric art for Lydia’s room. I can’t remember what it cost, but I vow not to leave without them this year.


This is what I call gourd goodness.


I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
I hope you’ll come, if you’re anywhere near the Stone Mountain area October 26-28th! We’re bringing a truck load of our Christmas signs and some of the best-selling other signs from our shop! Visit Stone Mountain’s website to purchase your tickets!



Dayle - I love your new look/space. It’s beautiful.

I just changed my blog address and that has been stressful enough, with a few regrets already, but I’m adjusting my attitude and moving forward.

Love your photos and don’t you just love that quote from Anne Shirley of Green Gables about Octobers? One of my favorite movies of all time.

Jackie - Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your booth! SO excited for you!! :)

paige - so excited for ya’ll!!

Tiffini - wishing you a fabulous time!
wish i could come…with you in spirit…xoxo

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I’m so distracted by how cute your new site is I can’t hardly stand it!!

Someday please tell me how it went and who did you use for your switch and how you got your template so cute etc!! I LOVE IT!