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The Country Living Fair..finally!

My head is finally above water.  I’m exhausted from our Country Living Fair weekend, and I’ve got bags under my eyes to prove it!

We spent all day Thursday setting up our booth.  Andy and I worked together to come up with the design, but he did most all the work of creating it.  He made the entrance out of reclaimed wood and then built some plank walls to hang as many of our signs as humanly possible.  The other vendors around us were absolutely wonderful.  There were 3 ladies from Missouri on one side of us.  They all had 2nd homes on Lake Michigan, and I’m pretty sure they convinced us to add that destination to our bucket list.  Some of the vendors {a lot of them!} do a hundred shows per year.  They swore it would get in our blood.  I assured them it wouldn’t.

It was an amazing weekend…filled to the brim with sweet conversations, amazing hand-crafted goodness and delicious food.

I got to meet so many people…I’d say this was definitely the highlight for me!  People are my passion.  There were so many conversations in three 8 hour days.  I won’t share every one of those with you, but just know that standing and talking and hugging and sharing stories was the BEST part for me.

*I got to meet Megan, who came in to Atlanta to visit her family and come to the fair.  We’ve connected for a few years through blogging, so it was so wonderful to hug her neck finally!

*A sweet instagram friend came by…I was admiring her gorgeous bracelets, and she took one off and put it on my arm.

*I also got to see Laura from Top this, Top that and I finally got to meet Beth from Unskinny Boppy!

*Paige stopped by on Sunday afternoon…she lives in the area, so the fair was basically in her backyard.  She’s got those 4 gorgeous daughters, and I was thrilled to get to meet her 2nd oldest daughter, Madison.

*We met a couple from Atlanta who had just married off their 4th child that weekend.  That sweet daddy cried a few times as he showed us pictures from the wedding.  Ends up, they go to Gwinnett Church, which is another strategic church of North Point Ministries, like our church.  It was sweet how the Lord  connected our hearts.

*Two sweet cousins stopped by our booth to browse around, and we ended up showing pictures of all our kids to one another.  One lady was from Arizona and one was from Kentucky, but they met in Georgia to go to the fair together.  The one from KY saw Lydia’s picture and tears ran down her face as she shared her heart for adoption.  I think those three little boys of hers are gonna make the most amazing big brothers to a little girl somewhere in the world.

The food…my body is paying for all that food I ate, but it sure felt worth it when I was piling it in!

Best BBQ.  Best cole slaw.  Best baked potato soup. Best sweet tea.  The only thing I wanted that I never got was a funnel cake…I want to go on record saying that I feel sure the weekend is a little incomplete because I didn’t get one!

I could blow your computer up with the pictures I took, but I’d never want you to be as overwhelmed as I was,  so I’ll just show you some of my favorites from the weekend.  I loved the booths with vintage finds, but the booths that had hand-crafted items were my favorite.  There is something so amazing about meeting the artisans who spend their days creating for other people.  I’d prefer a handmade item any day of the week over something bought at a big box store.








These are my people!  Our kiddos are all the same age, and most of us are on staff together at our church.  I don

This booth is one of my favorites.  Every year I wish there was a way I could fit one of their amazing creations in our house.  The pictures really don



Megan - What a joy to my heart that we finally connected in person. You are adorable and I would know you anywhere. Who you are on your blog is exactly who you are in the flesh. I wish we lived closer and could go for a walk or grab a coffee every week. The good news in that I am in ATL a few times every year, so we will have to make a date the next time I am in town. Your booth was hands down one of the best! How did sign sales go? You two looked busy!

p.s. I don’t think you missed anything with the funnel cake. My mom and I shared a table with some ladies at lunch and they were complaining about it not being good.

D'Nese - Hi Tara-
I tried to email you using your email link on your blog and it came back that it couldn’t be delivered. I had a question regarding a custom sign. Is there another email to reach you?

paige - you got some great product shots girl & ya’ll booth was fabulous!!!! love to see how the lord continues to bless you through your art!

barbara - My head is spinning what a wonderful place love that you go to meet Cari, love her letters.

bethanie - How wonderful to finally meet you! I look at my beautiful piece of art and smile at the memory of meeting you and Andy. Your genuine sweet spirit is such a blessing, and I cannot wait to meet for lunch some day! I loved following along on IG to see who showed up at your booth next! So much fun!
Blessings my sweet friend! PS. So glad you’re enjoying your bracelet :)

Leah - Tara!!!! So I don’t get on pintrest that often but I did this morning and saw your pic of the pumpkins stacked…and I thought…hey…that looks like the fair!! Come to find out I have been following you and your awesome self forever on Pintrest! HA! What a small world. Your signs spoke to my soul…and talking with you was like talking with a dear friend. You are an amazing person and I am so glad I met you in REAL life!!
Hugs from Az…


Jackie - It was so good to meet you. You are just as lovely in person as you are when I read your blog. Your signs are awesome, and the booth that you all put together was amazing! I am definitely making one of those little wreaths that you made and one of the strings of pom poms too. You snapped some pics of a few goodies that I missed. Already looking forward to next year. I can’t even begin to imagine how tired you were after 3 days. 1 day exhausted me but it was a great day.

Tracy - Wow looks like an awesome time…might have to make a trip down there some year!!!

Lisa - Tara-
My cousin Leah (from AZ) just found your blog and shared the link with me. I went to the fair with my deareast friend in no way expecting to make new friends. I share your passion for people. I think that is what we all felt- a true, sincere love for God’s children. Leah and I both talked today and said meeting you was one of the highlights of our trip. Can’t really explain why and don’t want to try. Just instant connection and love. Thank you for being such a loving, sparkling person.
Love, Lisa
Feel blessed you escaped the funnel cake. I had four little bites and felt like I was literally drinking grease. Blehk!!! :)

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - girl that was amazing. I am bound and determined to get to one of these. now that I’ve hit the rose bowl flea, this is next on my flea market bucket list…oh and then the round top one in texas!! so proud of you and Andy. I know you worked HARD!!!

ellie - awww. that was a fun little tour – thanks! love all the home made items as well.

xo ellie
ps fun to see cari <3

Christy - I need to put that fair on my bucket list! Everything looks like my cup of tea. I love handcrafted things as well. It made my heart smile one time years ago when my friend described my husband and be as ones who support and prefer the “mom and pop” places over the big box stores. Glad you had so much fun!

Aimee Weaver - I was wondering how the fair went for you! Your booth looks gorgeous! What a great idea to use old wood to hang your signs on. I’m driving myself nuts getting ready for a smaller local fair (I’ve never done one before), but the CL faire looks like it would have been a ton of work but also so much fun meeting all those people. Hopefully you are recovering this week! :)

laura - You and andy are the real deal. I am so happy to see you guys and have some time to talk to you. Love my signs.

mary beth - i didn’t want the pics to end~~
you got some great shots.
crack up alert:
“i assured them it would not”

Brandy - Hi, I got to meet you at the fair on Sunday! Well it is my weekend ritual of blogs and coffee and I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to meet you! I love you blogs and your signs. Have a good week.

Sue Richardson - Hi!
I know you are exhausted!! Thanks for sharing this. Do you have any signs left or did you sell out? I don’t want you to work – just rest. But if you have anything, I need a sign for my beach house. Thanks, Sue

Jalana Jennings - Hey Tara~
Don’t know if you remember me but I am Tricia Barrett’s sister in law. She is here for Thanksgiving & was telling me about your blog & I told her I think I already know it but did not know it was you!
Love your signs & blog! I wanted to go to the Southern Living Festival but my daughter had a tournament. Anyway its so good to find you! Hope you all are doing great! <3 Jalana Jennings

Christmas Trends – Pallets - […] (source clockwise from top left  –  1   2   3   4) […]


Friday Favorites {and a winner}



















I’ve been reading Shaunna Niequist’s book, Bread and Wine, and this looks like something she would serve at one of her dinner parties. Do you have people over for dinner often? We do, but it’s something we want to do more and more. There is something so full and satisfying about feeding and loving people in your home around your table. I do solemnly swear to make these for my next dinner party.











I think I just found my Christmas table setting. the end.















Nothing says warm and cozy like stacked blankets. Since this is my 2nd week in a row posting a pile of them, I’d say it’s time for me to actually get a few of my own in a basket near our fireplace.


















This girl knows how to do a backyard makeover. We recently added a fire pit to our yard, but I’m thinking a few loads of pea gravel need to be dumped soon.


















Can you tell I’m hungry? Here’s another easy but delicious starter to serve some guests.



1.  I loved Edie’s post on more patience.

2.  Nester made a leather bunting banner Pennant thing.

3.  Liz Marie did a killer job on her coffee table makeover.

4.  She has the best hair ever in the history of all hair.

{Her heart is pretty spectacular, too.  Cozy up. You’ll wanna read her archives.}


I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!  The COUNTRY LIVING FAIR starts today, and that’s where we’ll be for the next three full days!  I’d love for you to follow along on Instagram. ‘ll be posting pictures and occasional videos with my thick as ever southern accent. If nothing else, it’ll be great comic relief for you!

Okay….I saved the best for last.  Ready to know who won the Merry Little Christmas sign?

Congratulations MaryAnn, who left comment # 275.  I’ll email you for your shipping address!

We’ll be doing more give aways in November and in December!!

Okay…We’re off to the Fair!


Deidre - Boo – I didn’t win :(
I love that stack of blankets, too. It is suddenly cold here in NC this week and we had to turn the heat on.

That table setting is stunning!

Praying your booth at the CLF is a hit (of course it will be!)

Lori H - What a nice surprise…I was thinking that you would be too busy today to post a friday favorites! Thanks and enjoy the CL fair :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh my gosh I love these. And you’re right… she DOES have the best hair ever in the history of hair. LOL Love how you said that.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh and have a GREAT time at the fair. You are going to rock that thing so crazy, girl! Please take lots of photos for those of us stuck in the Pacific NW who won’t be there… Boo!


Kelly Cach - I’ll take a stack of blankets and some snacks around that fire pit….or the holiday table (stunning!).

Her hair IS perfect!!! It looks thick. Oh, how I wish, I wish my bangs would lay nice.

I’ve been reading some of Edie’s 31 Days posts….I need to read them all :)

Excited to hear how your weekend turns out. Really, what a dreamy event to be part of :)

Christy - I’m LOVIN’ all your favs. The food looks scrumptious, and the backyard is making me want to figure out how I can hang lights like that in mine. Wish so badly I could come to the fair. Sounds like SO much fun! Have a great weekend!

Judy - My sister, daughter and I were at the CL fair yesterday in Atlanta and loved your booth! My daughter got one of your cards and will probably be ordering one of your signs in the future. I told her I read your blog and I wanted to introduce myself but you were surrounded by folks and I hated to interrupt!

I hope ya’ll did good at the fair! Your booth looked fabulous!

Rebecca - Tara,
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I had a wkend away for the first time in at least 3 years due to your blog! Thanks!! When you wrote you would be at the Country Living Fair, I made plans for us to attend since we are only 3 hours away and I wanted a sign!! We really enjoyed the amazing crafts and awesome antiques displayed! And we came by your booth, but you were chatting with someone so we made another round…and then you were gone! :( We did meet your husband and bought a “You are my Sunshine” sign! Love it! I sang that to all 3 boys and my mom sang it to them as well! Even my big boys liked it! :)

It was great to chat with Andy briefly. We also have homeschooled and just put our 11th and 9th grader in our local public school here. It is quite an adjustment…but so far so good. The younger one is still home with me. I would have loved to have met you…and my husband was so excited to attend the fair! :) Just kidding…but he was fine – even though we never got to meet “the sign lady!” that we drove to meet! – But we did buy my sign!!

Thanks again for mentioning it on your blog! It was a great wkend and a fun event! We (I) hope to attend next year!

Megan - Hi! I stopped in at your booth on Sunday at the CLF – you were busy talking or I would have said hi then :) Your hubs helped my sis and I and was such a gentleman.. You are so creative and I so enjoy reading your blog! Hope you have a good week – Megan from Tennessee


Merry Little Christmas give away!

Give away

Where has October gone?

*****EDIT****** This give away is closed********A winner has been chosen********We’ll have more in Nov. & Dec.*******

I tell you where it has gone for us…the Country Living Fair.  We are just days away from our first ever vendor experience.  Andy left for a conference and won’t be back until Wednesday, so I’m holding down the fort with kids and homework and soccer games and meals.  There are a few last minute details to accomplish before we leave on Thursday to set our booth up.  This booth vending business {ain’t} for the faint of heart.  I can’t wait to report back next week about our experience!

Anywho, I mentioned in September, during our last give away, that we wanted to do a give away each month until Christmas, and this month is just about to get away from us.  How would you like to win a Merry Little Christmas sign?

I’m gonna make this quick and painless…to enter to win::

1. leave a comment telling me what you’ve got going on this week, and please remember to leave your email address in your comment, so I can find you if you win.

2. As a shameless ploy to help people find my new wordpress site, leave extra comments for putting the give away out on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.  *if you do all three extras, feel free to leave a comment for each one!*

I’ll choose a winner on Friday using the random number generator site.






Nancy H - I’m at the Making Things Happen!!! Life changing few days.

Tricia - I really enjoy your blog and love your signs. My week is full with teaching, sewing, helping with my granddaughter, and caring for my precious 96 year old Dad. I would be thrilled to win!

Heather Ackerman - This week, I am working on making things for Christmas and my etsy shop :)
Thanks for the chance to win! Love this sign and all of your signs!!!!

Kim - This is a three day school week, so I will be spending extra time with my girls and our exchange student. Have a great time at the Country Living Fair! Wish I lived closer!!

Kim - I just pinned the give away to my Christmas board!

Maureen - We have the usual busyness going on this week….school, homework, soccer, soccer, soccer BUT I am making time to enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

Rachel French - My daughter is having a sleep over and we are making several Halloween projects from Pinterest.

Love this sign. I’m crossing my fingers.

Lauren Kelleher - This week is all about getting things in order for me – talk to me next week and I’ll probably say the same thing! I pinned this gorgeous sign about a month ago and would love to have it greet my friends and family during the Christmas Season. Thank you for the chance!


Have a lovely day!

laurie curtis - HHHEEEYY tara! yay! love you … this week: I am getting my act together from being OOT for weekend upon weekend… cleaned my shower, doing laundry, date night w matt… this weekend i am going to see YALL on friday at the CLF and then hannah harte and I are going to paint furniture for my awesome house updates which i cnat wait for you to see! visiting todd smith to check on my MASSIVE antique armoire today…
you know my email :)

Susan Crilow - Love your décor, ideas, and your signs! :) This week’s plans have fallen by the way shore due to my 5 year old coming down with extreme croup. :( My work and plans have been put on hold, and we are trying to just “roll with it”

Amanda E - This week I’m recovering from a fun-filled weekend reunion with my old college roomies, rearranging furniture, and preparing for my in-laws to come visit :)

Athena - Spending the entire week getting house/yard ready for colder weather! Love your blog :)

Susan Crilow - I thought I commented, but didn’t show up. :( our plans for the week have been altered due to my 5 yr old coming down with extreme croup! We learn to just “roll with it” the work and plans can wait!

Susan - Love your signs! Thanks for the chance to win one!

Amanda E - I also shared your giveaway on facebook!
p.s.-I was also super stoked to be the first person to enter the giveaway! haha, its the small things in life :)

Kim Walker - Would love to win! I have been following for a few months now. Just signed up today through email. Love what you share about your kids. I have 2 boys ages 7 and 9 and it is hard work.

Jennifer Bloom - TARA……I am in love with your blog, so glad I found it! And now I am seriously obsessed with your signs :) I cannot beilieve you want to know what we have going on this week….get ready… goes! Monday – work, Megan play practice, Tuesday – work, Megan play practice, Julia riding lessons, Wednesday – work, Small group at our house, Thursday – work, Megan play practice, Julia riding lessons, Friday – work, Megan play practice, Julia riding lessons, Saturday – helping someone move and our small group socials, Sunday – church and my moms birthday party! AUUGGHHH seriously crazy week!!! Here’s hoping I win one of your signs!LOOOOOOVE THEM

Lulu - Big week… In the final stretch for early action college applications with my daughter!!!! OMG I am twitching from nerves, her stress, my own nervous stress
Making sure we are in task & she gets everything postmarked… Plus piano lessons, horseback lessons, spirit week for homecoming this weekend! Taking a deep breath & feeling blessed!!! Excited for your giveaway!!!!

Leia Cooper - Just spending time with family. Enjoying watching football & reading the word. I’m so thankful I live in a free country we I can talk about GOD. Y’all have a good week & may GOD bless you!

Lori H - If I win, Tara, just pick the next person, because I OWN THIS SIGN. AND LOVE IT! So I will post on Pinterest and FB, but won’t be leaving extra comments. :) Good luck with the CL booth, and take lots of photos!! And be ready for all the orders you will be handling between now and Christmas, oh my!

Melissa Shepard - My husband and I are attending a marriage training conference this week. Have fun at the Country Living Fair. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Courtney Duncan - Love your signs!!!

Courtney Duncan - I am a NICU RN and have been working all week! We are excited to take our little guy to the pumpkin patch this weekend. Would love to win this sign and will post on instagram

Courtney Duncan - One more for good measure and will post on Pinterest!

Wendy - I’m celebrating my daughter’s 11th birthday this week!

Thanks for the awesome give-a-way! I love all of your signs!

Katie R. - This week is a crazy one at work- but finally a relaxing one at home! We’ve got chili on the menu and lots of hunkering down under blankets in the evenings as the weather cools way down. {}

Katie R - Pinned!!! {}

katie R - Instagrammed! {is that even a word?} {}

Janet - I’m working on a DIY yarn wreath like yours! My comments haven’t been posting that I leave, but hope this one gets through!

Jennifer hill - My hubby is coming home from Maryland this week because we are closing on a new house!! Your beautiful sign would be perfect in our new home!

Jennifer hill - Pinned on Pinterest!

Jennifer hill - Putting in Instagram!!! :))))

Laurie - Hi Tara! I love your signs. What a fun business The Lord has blessed you and Andy with. :) This week I am busying teaching my kids and driving them to piano, ballet and flag football. I am also getting ready to leave town for a CBS leadership retreat at the beach.

Melissa - I love your signs! Im holding down the fort this week as well. We are decorating pumpkins and making all sorts of pumpkin recipes!

Kimberly - Big Weekend Here! Friends And Family In And Out FOr The Alabama Tennessee Game! Grandsons Halloween Party Too! He’s 4 And Loves Halloween. Excited!!!

Tara - This week we have dance, soccer, family coming in from Kansas, more soccer and work two nights. Love my life!

Sarah Coleman - Hi there – I adore your signs!!! We’ve got football games, homework, work, and ACL reconstruction surgery for our 17 year old. Thanks for the chance to win one of your signs. :)

Tara - Sorry My email posted wrong its

Michelle - What a beautiful sign! I’m gonna be doing the usual around here this week. School drop offs and pick ups, after school activities and this week I get to (saying sarcastically) drop my car off at the dealer so they can fix it. So I will be running around in a rental. Ugh can’t wait to see what they give me.

Debbie Canfield - Don’t pass me up, cause I don’t have the sign and I’d LOVE it!! :-) Not a whole bunch planned this week, which is really nice, but we’re headed out for a quick trip on Friday! Yay! I will repost on IG which is where I found you

Bebe Dance - This week is busy! My husband is out of town too so I am holding things down like you! Cross country practices, math meets, insect projects due, a special needs little boy not feeling so good… Life is busy and life is good!

Sharon Nullmeyer - Hoping that you will be at the country living fair in tarrytown this year – would love to win this sign but if I don’t I am very happy that this led me to check out your blog and follow you on Instagram ! Have a great week ! Sharon

Alison - I agree, October has flown by! Yesterday a friend mentioned Halloween and I exclaimed, “Wait, that’s NEXT week?!” This week for us is filled with homework, hockey practices and a fun cookout on Saturday night. The usual, but it’s cold here in Nashville now and at least homework can be done by the fire with hot chocolate!

Thanks for the chance to win–and I hope your first show goes well!

erin - Trying to enjoy the last of October this week :) We have football, soccer and parent teacher conferences..

erin - Shared on my FB : )

chris from midwest cottage and finds - funny you should ask..I have a major paint demo thursday night and a HUGE painting project starting saturday for a customer in her house…because the piece is too big to move!
thanks for doing the contest!!

Christina - Oh October…My absolutely fav month if the year! My kids start fall break in approximately 1hour and 14mins & we are headed out of town to the farm for a week of rest, relaxation and four-wheel in’ family time!! ;) Oh how we need it!! No practices, no school, no everyday life to get in the way! It is going to be memorable, where God’s blessings are fully evident!! I LOVE, LOVE your signs! Thanks for chance! Happy October!

Martine Simonis - This week I have a retreat planned for Wednesday and then hopefully this weekend my daughter comes home from college to spend some quality time together! Thank you for the chance to win one of your signs!

Lacie Rowell - I love this sign:) I have got our church Trunk -or -treat party this week so we are busy trying to finish up our Halloween Costumes:)

Ann - Just have life going on–you know–work, school, church and fall festivals…

inkannstamp {at} yahoo {dot} com

Amy - I’m planning for our new baby’s arrival :)

I’ll share your contest on my own blog as well!

Lacie Rowell - I posted about the giveaway on Instagram!

Jason Addis - I love this sign! My fave Christmas song, too! The Judy Garland version! This week started off with fun times with my beautiful daughters. Out of school again today. We’ll bake pumpkin bread and enjoy the cool fall day.

Megan Bollman - I’m getting ready for my husband to come home on Sunday. He’s been working in Afghanistan (for 2 1/2 years) and is done and coming home for good! Woo-hoo!

Courtney - Love this! I am spending this week with my 1 week old baby girl snuggled in my arms!! Thx for the chance to win!

Jessica parten - Love this sign! My plans are to begin my crafting in preparation for the holidays so this would be a great start!

Denise - Tara – Best of luck to you guys at the Country Living Fair. We have a pretty quiet week for once. I am hopeful to finish my Anthro knock-off pom-pom wreath (thanks for the tutorial!) and enjoy some beautiful October weather.

Janet - Trying again as my comments are not showing up — at least that I can see. Anyway, I am working on a DIY yarn wreath like yours this week!


Kathy - First of all, that is super cute!! I just returned from the beach, leaving my three boys here…..soooooo…..I will be cleaning for a while I’m sure!! Then this weekend I’m having girls over so i will be getting ready for that!! I hope I win!!

Janelle Barrett - Hi Tara, you are so generous to give away one of your beautiful signs! We purchased the large “love…1 corin. 13″ sign a while back and we love it! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your signs. Happy Holidays. – Janelle

Lisa "peach" - i’m going to Kansas this weekend with my 19 year son, benjamin to watch the Baylor Bears beat the Wildcats. we will be traveling with the Baylor football team….very exciting
would love to win the sign…
have fun at the country living fair!

Christi - Oh how I love this sign! I’ve admired it for quite some time and would love the addition to my home. This week is a recovery, yet busy week for me! I was in charge of all the decor for my roommates wedding on Sunday and now I get to put everything away, decide what I’m going to sell AND work on top of that! Thank you for all the fun ideas on your blog! :)

Heidi Woodruff - Oh my! To say what I’ve gotgoing on this week would take a book! Painting, Bible study lesson prep, cutting/splitting firewood, work, crafts, grandkids, gifts, and so much more. Oh, and more work… LOL Happy Fall! Good luck at the show!

Shar - I have coveted this sign for ages! Fingers crossed…This week I am trying to get my Halloween decorations up (o.k., at this point I’m just calling it ‘fall decor’, as I’m running late). Lots of school stuff keeping us busy, busy…

Cassie G. - I have been following your lovely blog for sometime now and just love stopping here to be inspired! I love your signs and would LOVE to win!! You asked what we having going on this week: well work, play, loving on a toddler, grocery shopping, bible study, coming up with Advent activities and watching The Biggest Loser!

Shar - Pinned this fab giveaway to my Xmas board!

Cassie G - I put the give away out on Pinterest!

Cassie G - I liked the give away on Instagram!

veronica guajardo - I am packing my college student for her departure to the Disney Spring Advantage.

Katie - Work and work this week – but gearing up to refinish a new dresser for our bedroom this weekend! Also love the sign:)

Rene Schmidt - I love ALL of your signs!! My schedule this week?? Work and cleaning my house! The last few weeks have been crazy .. so now it’s catch up time!

Diana Thompson - I love all of your signs!!!! what do i have going on this week??? hmmm, just got back from washington from visiting my daughter and granddaughter, now i have to get caught up with life here in colorado!!!

Pam - I LOVE this sign. Pick me! Pick me!

Juli Elgin - This week I am having my family room and entry painted since the ceilings are 20 foot high I know better than to attempt that one myself. I am also anxiously awaiting the weekend so I can go to the Country Living Fair, here in ATL. I have lived here 10 years and had no idea there was even such a thing. Excited to check it out. Oh and thanks for posting about it. Who knew!

Juli Elgin - Added you to my Twitter feed! Thanks again for this chance to own one of your beautiful pieces.

Juli Elgin - Did a little name or site dropping on Facebook!

Juli Elgin - Of course I added this beauty to my Pinterest Holiday Board!

Anne - I, too, am holding down the fort while my husband is away for work. Doing my best to find the beauty in the ordinary moments of laundry, cooking, cleaning, packing lunches, etc. LOVE your signs and would LOVE to win this!!!

Anne - Oops… forgot to leave my email address.

Kimberly Chosewood - We have a Fall Festival at our elementary school this weekend. Lots to do!!

Amanda Hoyt - this week is busy at work! nothing out of the ordinary planned O_o
would love to win the sign :)

Kimberly Chosewood - I posted on FB :)

Kimberly Chosewood - I pinned it :)

Rachel - Work, Soccer, Church, Short Business Trip, and Fun/Fall/Football with my little family!!!!

Rachel - Posted to Facebook:

Rachel - Posted to Pinterest:)

Amanda Hoyt - I shared on instagram!

Amanda Hoyt - I shared on twitter!

Amanda Hoyt - I shared on FaceBook!

Amanda Hoyt - I shared on Pinterest!

Nanette R - I have 3 young boys and this week we are making our Halloween costumes! Would LOVE to have this in our house!
Thanks and good luck!

Rachel Gillispie - Love this sign! I can’t believe we are talking Christmas already, but IT’S ALMOST HERE!

Rachel Gillispie - Oh, and this week is full of yard work and getting the outdoors ready for the winter.

jodi - What a fabulous giveaway! I love this sign and have always wanted one…and if I don’t win this one,…I will hope to get one this year. :)

This week….I am on my own too…my hubby works 2 weeks in Wyoming. So, I am taking care of parent/ teacher conferences and meals and homework and cleaning/laundry.

Have a great week! :)

Brittany Thoms - Whew! This week I am visiting my sister in DC. She has an almost 2-year-old and a newborn. I’m also working on communications strategies for 2 new stores and new business opportunities. I would LOVE to go to the Country Living Fair, though, and know you’ll do just fabulous!!! Merry Merry!

Korie - Such a cute sign! I just moved into a new house with 2 fireplace mantles and I can’t WAIT to decorate them. With a little craft/decorating skills in my back pocket I hope to be able to make some of these myself soon.

Melissa Dubbs - I am working on new products to be listed in my shop. I attended the country living fair in Columbus, oh and loved it! Good luck?

Julia - College applications for my youngest!

Deanna Cozart - This week’s a fun one – dinner with friends on Thursday night, and then a trip to the mountains with some other friends this weekend. Looking forward to getting out of town for some quality family time and to getting to see the leaves in North GA! Plus, the sign would look fabulous in our entryway for the holidays!

Kelli Taylor - I love love love this sign! This week I will be enjoying lots of time with my two boys! I’m a stay at home mom and there is never a dull moment! We will be doing Halloween crafts and getting outside as much as we can before the winter comes!

Kelli Taylor - My email is

Deanna Cozart - Really trying to win this one! Posted on Facebook!

Deanna Cozart - And pinned!

Kasey White - We are heading to the Georgia-Carolina State Fair tonight! And, then I’m heading to Women of Faith this weekend!

Tammy Kelley - I have got a week full of meetings at the pediatric cancer center where I work. It sure would make my week a lot better if I won a Christmas sign! Also, where will you be for the Country Living Fair? Anywhere near Atlanta?

hanna - this week my mom is coming to visit!! we miss her so much so lots of family time for us!!

Danielle - Love this sign!! So excited for this giveaway. My husband travels too so I am taking care of dance class, football practice, teacher conferences, meals, and all the other household stuff as well! Busy, busy!! Fingers crossed I win! :)

Deidre - I get to go on a business trip with my husband. Without kids. I’m a little giddy :) Thanks for the giveaway! I NEED NEED one of your signs!!!

Athena - Pinterest! :) Next stop…Facebook!

Deidre - I shared it on instagram! (@deidregl)

Deidre - I shared giveaway on Twitter! (@deidrelail)

Dina - This week my daughter is teching a play and getting ready to go to Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween party!! Love, Love your blog :)

Kim - I’m waiting to become a 1st time Nana!!!! :0)

Denise L - Cleaning house, gardening, laundry, family dinner with extended family, getting hubby ready for a quick business trip, then traveling myself for ministry that I work for. Love your signs!

Sally - This week? Wednesday I’m rocking babies at church while their mommies go go Biblestudy, and on Saturday, we’re going to a family dinner party. In between that? Laundry! =) Thanks for the chance to win!

Rebecca C - I have the usual…taking my little one to preschool, juggling errands, and starting gymnastics with my four year old. I would love to win. My email is radurr (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Michelle - School, bible study, soccer games, and a visit to the pumpkin patch!

Debbie w - All I want for Christmas is a beautiful sign! Really!

Debbie w - I shared on Facebook!

Kathy R - I can’t see my first email!! I really love this sign!!

Kathy R - I posted on Pinterest!! I want/love this sign!!!

Jessica - I’m just doing my usual. I’m caring for my kids and a couple other extras :) housework too. It’s never ending.

Katrina - Our kids have off school on Thursday and Friday so we are taking them to Chicago for a a long weekend. katielech at uwalumni dot com

Katrina - I already follow on Instagram!

Katrina - I already follow on Pinterest!

Rachel French - Shared on my Pinterest page. Email address

Rachel French - Shared on my Facebook page – my email is

mary katharine - Hmmm, my endless list is nowhere near as exciting as my Olivia’s list of tea parties and gathering Fall leaves! Five is a glorious age, is it not?! :) Hope you have a blast at the fair!! Praying for it to be a huge blessing to you!

Tara - Sick kid, crazy busy at work, but hopefully closing on selling our house on Friday! Fingers crossed on the closing. Beautiful sign! Good luck with your first vendor experience. Taratseng at gmail dot com

mary katharine - Okay, I’m an idiot and I don’t know how to link that I shared it on facebook, but I did. Sigh!

Rachel French - Just shared on IG. Email

Katie Garrett - My husband & I are getting ready to celebrate our 3 year anniversary this weekend! (It’s really October 28, but a day early never hurt, right?) This sign would make a sweet early Christmas gift/anniversary gift, since we combine the two each year into 1 great gift.


Terri Jones - Hey girl! Praying for you this weekend!!! Love you guys!

sheila - work and class.

Jaice Wooten - I am getting ready for my nephew 1st baby shower his weekend. Lovew your prints. I am going to try to make the country living event.

Abby - It’s the norm this week for us, swim practice, homework, tball,work….
Abigailgb at snet dot net

Kah-Mei - Wish I was close enough to attend the CL Fair! This week it’s all about getting better from an MVA, getting kids to/from their activities, and counting down the days to Christmas. :)

Christina - This week is all about laundry and decorating our house. We just got back from vacation and have loads and loads of laundry to do. We are working on a couple house projects and making new decorations.

Katie Garrett - I also facebooked it!!


Katie Garrett - I also pinned it, too. Good luck at your first vendor event this weekend!


M Stewart - We are preparing for some days in the mountains!!! Love your blog and LOVE your signs!!

Diane - Work, work and work and looking forward to babysitting my beautiful granddaughters for a weekend sleepover. ;-)

carissa - this is so gorgeous! your work is inspiring and i just love it. and i must really love it to enter considering we just about sold our whole lives for our cross-country move. this definitely makes the cut though – and i’d love to take it all the way to san fran with us. : )

Kelly Angel - LOVE your signs Tara! I know you’re busy being a wife, mom and getting ready for the weekend! This week is filled with work, homework, projects, leading a group of 6th grade girls, a school fall festival, a church fall festival and we were hoping to do some camping but it may be too cold!

Kelly Angel - Shared on my Facebook status!

Kelly Angel - Pinned on Pinterest

Zolane - Working, crafting Christmas pillow covers, making snacks for our son and his good friends at college, and excitedly preparing for our eldest granddaughter’s eighth birthday traditional weekend visit. It’s a weekend full of spending time alone with her (without her brother and sister :)), doing things she loves to do. I can hardly wait until Friday!

Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! I LOVE the “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” sign. Just makes me want to sing!!

Kelly Angel - Instagram too!

Jenna - I’m helping build our set for the fall play!!

Stephanie - Parent teacher conferences! Bringing in all my pumpkins and mums because of the first freeze overnight.
Love your site!

Zolane - I’ve pinned the giveaway on my Pinterest “Giveaway” board.

May Paraiso - I love this sign! My friend, Lori has one and it looks great in her house at Christmas time. I would love to have one of my own!! I’m busy this week working, teaching piano, driving my daughter to dance classes and cheerleading, and watching a play with my family on Sat. I really hope I win!!!!!

Beverly - Breast cancer awareness luncheon to celebrate friends that are survivors!!

jen caron - this week my sister in law is visiting from the east coast. we are playing tourists!
love this giveaway…thanks!

May Paraiso - I also pinned it!

jen caron - just tweeted about this fab giveaway!

Kelly - Work, taxi service, loving on my girls, making my husband dinner and trying to help him through seminary!

Andrea - Our week is crazy…my mother in law is recovering from a major surgery and we have swim practice, a wiener roast, a birthday party, parent teacher conferences and a fundraiser! Whew. I would LOVE to win your sign…

Gretchen - I’m living the dream! Working,cleaning, and cooking til I scream. Practice,homework, husband, and prayer. Hold on tight..I’m almost there!

amy griffith - packing the house to move back to the USA.

Beverly - We are packing for an out of town baseball tournament this week with our oldest son! Looking forward to a great trip with him :)

Erin - Loving on my hubby and my son, in addition to, teaching four-year-olds! Very blessed!

Ashley - Fall fest at church this weekend!!

Ashley - Pinned this give away!! :)

Marilena - I’m excited about our church retreat, but for now I’m going to give my emotional week away & try to rest in the love of my Savior.

Jeanne Manning - My main priority this week is helping care for my aging mother-in-law, finding areas for my special needs daughter to volunteer, keeping a friend”s two little girls, preparing my home for all of my family to under one roof for a few days…and praying for your upcoming wish that I could attend. Best of luck!…

Verna - Love your signs. I get to watch my 18 month old grandbaby this week…so fun!

Sherri Ernst - Hi, Tara! I will spend my week teaching Kindergarten children how to read and write and do math! And they will spend their week teaching me about love and patience and finding joy in the little things. I am blessed! -Sherri

Verna - I pinned it :)

Katie Garrett - I also shared on instagram!

(username) katieg89

Wendy - This week is my part-time job, coffee with a girlfriend, haircut, and church small group for hubby and me. The beautiful and ordinary. ♥

Dandy - I’m in a last minute craze of crafting for my boy’s birthday party! Why do I leave it to the last minute? Because the more I get done, the more detailed things get.

Sharon - This week I’m going to try to take a breath and catch up on putting my house back together. For the past several weeks I worked like crazy for my youngest daughters wedding which was the other day….then I saw my eldest son off to Australia where he’ll be helping a church out for 3 months. 3 weeks before the wedding my husband and I took a Missions trip to the country of Moldova….so my house is in DIRE need of some attention. I LOVE your signs and would enjoy using it!!!!

Brenda - I am working on finishing two small quilts, bringing flowers in for the winter, studying God’s Word, running errands and trying to clean house!
Bveinotte at Juno dot com

Martha - I wish I was going to the country living fair, then I could meet you. That would be awesome

Tiffany Foley - I have been home this week with my four week old newborn :). I have two older boys, 8 & 10, that are in school so I spend my days inhaling my sweet baby. Not much gets done, but I couldn’t ask for anything better! Thanks!! Tiffany (….and I also repinned your link on pintrest.

Traci - Whirl Wind Week ~ 1/2 days because of conference week, social coordinator for my 8 yr. old (many wild boys running around my house and outside) everyday this week, lacrosse practice, lacrosse games, birthday parties, pumpkin patch and hopefully some sleep. Facebook post-check, Twitter post-check, Pinterest post-check. Love, Love, all your ideas! -Traci

Sara S - I love your signs! Thanks for a really great giveaway. This week I’m teaching 2-year olds at preschool, and riding herd at home! Friday I’m hosting my ladies Bible Study for a fall soup dinner, and I’m baking and cooking away to prepare, with lots of joy and anticipation. Best wishes for the Country Living Fair!

barbara n - Planning on visiting some friends who are in town and enjoying a few drinks and laughs

Julie Woods - Pinning to my Christmas board and re-post on Instagram.
My weeks are always busy with 3 kids, a husband and a German shepherd…. My son turned 6 on Mon, there is basketball at 6:00 in the mornings, bible study on Tues night, basketball game on Wed night, band practice and soceer practice on thurs night, son’s bday party on fri night, basketball game and soceer game on Sat, church on Sun….. Wow! Seems like so much when I write it out…ha!!! Thank you so much for the give away….I love your signs! Have a great time at the country living fair. Look forward to hearing about it.

Julie Woods - Forgot to give u my email….
Julie Woods

Laurie - Shared on FB :)

Wendy Clark - Schooling the kiddos!

kaytrenia - This week my girls and I are on fall break. My oldest daughter is playing in the regionals with her soccer team and I am catching up reading all of my favorite blogs and pinterest of course.

Amy Walter - LOVE reading your posts. This week is so busy with preparations for a trip to the Great Wolfe Lodge with the family and some friends to celebrate all three kid’s birthdays. When we get back, UVA is playing Georgia Tech on Saturday (Brad will be in heaven), and then our church is having a TRUNK or TREAT on Sunday. Lots of fun and loving going on this week and weekend! Can’t wait to hear about your Country Living Fair experience–I’d be there if we still lived in Georgia!!! FUN TIMES!

Rachel - This week is full of school, soccer, Bible study, and fall decorating! I just discovered your blog:) Love your signs, style, and perspective on life! Fingers crossed;)

Cassie G - I didn’t leave my email in the comments,

April - This week I’m set to deliver my first orders of homemade play dough, just in time for Halloween. It’s exciting to be in the birthing stage of a new business for our family. That’s in addition to dance, costume parties, family night, etc. Full, happy life!

April - I pinned this to my Crafty Ideas board on pinterest! :)

Katherine Bryant - this weekend I am going to go the A&M vs Vanderbilt football game. So much fun and energy to be around 87,000 screaming fans.

Julia - Shared on Pinterest! Love the sign and was happy to pin it on my Holiday board. :)

Julia - Just shared on Facebook! Yay! Upping my chances. :)

Marty - Thanks for the chance at your give away! Nothing exciting here…We have an abundance of apples so I’ll be putting up apples for pies, cobblers, and apple dumplings.

Bretta - Going to celebrate my most special friend turning 40 — horse back riding, cave exploring, wine drinking ….. very much looking forward to it! Good luck at your show!

Jackie - This week I have been painting furniture, and preparing for a Barn Sale that I will be participating in with a friend. A daring adventure for both of us. I will be headed to the Country Living Fair on Friday, and hope to see you there.

Nancy - Love your work! I am getting ready for an exciting weekend of family and a birthday celebration for my granddaughters first birthday!

Catie - Typical week filled with work, gym, cooking dinner, and time with my sweet hubby watching football and some of our other favorite shows. I am also attempting to make the knock-off Anthro wreath you posted last week.

Acres of Hope Pike Road - I posted on Instagram

Acres of Hope Pike - I posted on Pinterest

Vickie - I have started a new job this week!! I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 18 years and loved every minute of it!! But the baby is off to college, and I have too much time on my hands. Thanks for the great giveaway!! Have fun at the CL Fair!

Mary Jane Miller - i have gone into a fall makeover mode……i am painting the dinning room for a whole new Thanksgiving Look! It will be amazing!

Erin - My week is full. we have had to have our rental, repiped, new drywall, wallpaper removed and now, they are just finishing up the painting. My middle boy his having a swim meet. So, a full week. Love this sign. Hoping.!!

Stacey - Got going on this week, dealing with a breakup which is hard, attending hip hop dance classes, and having dinner with two friends. Love the sign! Are there more out there in case I don’t win?

Gretchen N. - I was just in Atlanta the last 2 days for a conference! Now I’m at home recovering :)

Gretchen N. - I posted about the giveaway on facebook!

Gretchen N. - I posted about the giveaway on instagram!

Gretchen N. - I posted about the giveaway on Pinterest!

Melinda - Love your signs Tara and Andy. In fact, the one we get the most comments on is the big one with all of our favorite locations across the world and places we have been. Love your Christmas sign. This week. Crazy as ever but Rick is in town. YAY. Working, doctor’s appointments. Emily has tryouts for another musical and got a call back for main part. Dinner guests tonight. And the new little kitten became a woman. LOL.

Rhiannon Goodbread - busy week for me…homeschooling and caring for my little family. :) That is my life! Love your blog and your signs!!

Rhiannon Goodbread - posted on my FB page :)

Rhiannon Goodbread - and my pinterest board :)

Dawn - We are wrapping up our 1st season of water polo for the older son (so bummed!) and flag football (so glad!) for the younger son, getting ready for a week off of school next week…and just life in general. Thanks for the opportunity and best wishes at the fair! daunboyle at yahoo dot com

Jennifer - I have my first ultrasound for our second child on Friday!! I am so excited. I love all of your work!

Jennifer - Pinned! Thank you for the giveaway!

Heather Roberts - We are remodeling our upstairs and trying to get done by the 31st! Spending time with my kids, and having some fall fun are also on the list.

Heather Roberts - I posted to facebook!

Shannon Sloan - I will be cleaning and caring for my kids this week. Oh yea! And loving it!
Thanks for the opportunity to enter in.

Jodi - Finally feels like Fall in Texas! Pumpkin patch here we come.

Christy - I just love your blog and new site. I’m working on mine as we speak…LOTS to do. This week is as full as all them seem to be lately, with the addition of a sick little one the past couple of days. :( We’ve had a choir concert, soccer, dance classes, homework and school projects, church and choir practice tonight, planning our charity’s fundraising event, working with a designer, trying to find a venue, etc., etc. I’m ready for a nap…or two. :) Thanks for the the chance to win. I’ll be back with my other chances. Have a wonderful day. xo

Christy - Just pinned it! :)

Christy - I just postes on Facebook. :) I think I forgot to give you my email address…christydunnam{at}gmail{dot}com

Beth P - Studying to teach my Sunday School class this week.

Beth P - pinned on pinterest :)

Bethany - Oh. You know. Taking care of my two babies plus the sweetest but neediest golden retriever on the planet. React petting the Basement because it flooded. Getting Halloween costumes ready. And fulfilling all my photography orders. And did I mention the never ending piles of laundry and dishes? ;) still…I would change a thing.

Bethany - Posted to Pinterest!

Christy - Well, shoot. I don’t know if I did the right thing for Instagram or not, but I liked it and commented. I’m not real Instagram savvy. ;) christydunnam{at}gmail{dot}com

Rachel - We have a weekend full of celebrating birthdays. My little boys birthday and my grandmas. We will also attend church on Sunday. Should be a fun weekend!

Debbie Maloney - My week is filled w/ homeschooling my 4 kiddos, packing to move, and all other usual home making duties. Going to a Getty’s concert tonight! And hopefully going to the local farm market tomorrow w/ the fam. =)

Emily - For Christmas this year and in the future, my family and I are making “homemade” gifts together! Not just stuff to buy! Plus its a great opportunity and blessing to work with your husband and kids on these special projects!

Emily J. - This week has been business as usual for me! I own and run a women’s boutique – so we’re gearing up for the holidays here too :) Love this sign…darling!!

Emily J. - I pinned on Pinterest for an extra entry! Thank you!

Emily J. - I shared on Facebook for an additional entry :) Thank you!

Emily J. - I posted this to my Instagram for an extra entry! Thank you!

Lindsay - Thankfully, I don’t have much of anything going on this week. Tonight I’m making grilled cheese & tomato soup for supper!
My email address is Hope I win!!!!

Lindsay - Shared on Facebook & Pinterest!

Christine Shearer - What does this week look like….. Full of anxiousness and prayer! My husband is having major surgery, we are listing our home and juggling 2 very busy boys with school and church activities. Christmas is our favorite holiday. It just reminds us to be still and celebrate the one amazing gift! Love your blog and website. Christine

Hannah L - not much going on outside of the house as i have 2 sick kiddos. :(

Hannah L - pinned to ‘Christmas’ board

Hannah L - liked and commented on Instagram

Hannah L - posted to facebook. hannah{dot}lange{at}gmail{dot}com

Matt - Great sign!

Jessica - with 4 kids every week is busy. this week have curriculum night, parent/teacher conferences, short week at school and winterizing everything outside.
thanks for the chance to win one of your signs.

jessica - pinned it also :)

Barbara - Let’s see working, getting ready to leave for the weekend so that our 23 collage son can have his annual Halloween party! Trust & lots of Prayer! And I can not wait to see how your CL Fair went, I’m sure it will be fantastic! Great giveaway!

barbara - Hi, just pinned it, cute!

Brenda - Trying to catch up from the past 10 days. Might do some salsa canning or sewing. Would love this!

Kim K. - This week is filled with mundane momma duties – dr. appts., food shopping, cleaning and homework!!

Stacy Derogatis - What I’ve got going on this week is Country Living Fair!!! Can’t wait to be there on Friday and I’ll sure be looking for you!Cute stuff

Beth Miller - LOVE your work!! Our week is full of kids’ activities: Ballet, Soccer end of year party, Kids WOW at church and volunteering at a trunk or treat. I would not trade it for anything!!

Jan - Bible studies, caring for grandkids, enjoying fall!

Lee Anne - Taking time to just “enjoy” the Fall…our children…and
grandchildren. Will make sugar cookies this weekend with the grandchildren…lots of mess…but oh so fun! Love, Love your signs!

Kelly - Love your beautiful artwork! Busy with work and preparing for the most wonderful time of the year, can’t wait!

Becky J - Our baby – age 14- got her first pair of pointe shoes for ballet today and tomorrow gets braces…big week for our family!! Becky J

Jerri C. TN - Busy week as usual; soccer game, soccer practice, youth group, Young Life…. all which require our taxi servicing, after a long day at school (school counselor) myself. Exciting week too, my baby boy comes home from college for Fall Break & my parents are driving down from Chicago to watch my youngest play in a soccer tournament. I am also proctoring the ACT this weekend. :)

Jerri C. TN - I pinned this awesome giveaway on Pinterest.

Christina - Put the give away on pinterest. Good luck at the Country Living Fair. We love ya’ll.

Kristin - This week has been all about getting things off the to-do list: dropping clothes off at Goodwill, recycling soda cans (I realize most people don’t “get” what I mean), vacuuming up the corners of the house where the spiders are gathering, clearing off the piles that have gathered on the kitchen counters, and putting the garden to bed for the season. Not especially fun, but rewarding in it’s own way. Would LOVE to win one of your signs!

Lee Ann G. - Oh LOVE that sign! I have a great place to put it if I win. I just popped over from Lemonade Making Momma’s blog where I saw your comment and decided to come over and meet you. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Now I’m off to check out more of your blog goodies.

Lee Ann

dian uncapher - I am enjoying time with my grand-grand daughter, Myah:)

rachael montgomery - I hit the 34 week mark with baby #4 this week so…in between homeschooling my oldest and breaking up quarrels between my 4 and 2 year old, I am cleaning out clothes, toys, etc to prepare for our new little one! :)

rachael montgomery - Just left a facebook update with your blog address. :) facebook name is edwardandrachaelmontgomery

Julie H - Love the sign! The normal is happening around here….school and children’s activities!

CHARLIE BENEDICK - Tomorrow I will continue to work on setting up our basement as we have just moved. Hopefully, I get to watch my grandson so my daughter and son-in-law can go out to eat in peace and discover together the sex of my new grandchild (written on a piece of paper and given to them awhile ago- they haven’t had time to even look at the paper together)

Sandy Lindberg - Pinned it to my God Jul board!

Vickie Munton - I’m shopping and shipping Christmas presents to my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter living in Madagascar! <3 LOVE your stuff! :0)

Vickie Munton - AND… I’m pinning on Pinterest! :0)

Sandy Lindberg - This week my inlaws have come and gone from out of state, we packed away our outdoor summer gear, watched snow flurries fall today, I’m helping in my son’s classroom tomorrow and hitting the last Farmer’s Market of the season on Saturday!

Thanks for the opportunity to win!!


Amanda - Still unpacking, cleaning and painting our new (to us) house. That sign is so beautiful! Amanda_henninger(at)hotmail

Danavee - Watching the Cards win the World Series………and a teacher meeting day with no kiddos at school on Friday!!!

Danavee - I pinned it on Pinterest!!!!!

Danavee - I posted it on Facebook!!!!!!!!

Ashley Springer - Man I love this sign… our plans for the week… pumpkin patch was today, bible study/grocery shopping, MOPS, couples group, date night, and then three birthday parties this weekend! Busy week! xo,

Breanna - My family will be coming down this weekend so I’ll be spending time with them!

Nicole - Nothing to exciting taxing the kids around to football practice and games, housework and getting orders done for my etsy shop.

Tammy Weimer - I’ve been painting and blogging today! Planning to start some Christmas crafting this weekend. Love your blog!

Maryann - Too many things… Fundraiser, volunteer in a class… Planning thanksgiving menu, planning a cookie party for Christmas… Dance lesson for kiddo, horse lesson for kiddo… Thank you for opportunity! :)

Maryann - I pinned it! @mamamusthaveit

Tammy Weimer - Facebooked!

Tammy Weimer - Pinned it too!

kasey - do you know that for 3 years i set up at the country living fair in ohio back when i used to have a shop. Not for the faint of heart but so fun and many memories later. This week i’m trying to get ready because my mom comes in to see us this weekend. I can’t wait to show her that last sign i had you make us. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your amazing sign. I will pinterest and twitter this for sure!

Michelle - This week is working, wrangling my 2 yr old son, and getting ready for my mom to come visit!

Lisa Podritz - I am finalizing my costume for our 13th annual Halloween party this weekend.

Anne - Stressed and working like crazy, put in 12 hours at office today and I’m 8 months pregnant with my first! Keeping my spirits high by looking forward to spending time with our baby on maternity leave. I love your site so much and really hope luck is on my side for this give away! Have Youself a Merry Little Christmas was my me and my husband’s wedding song, we are celebrating our 4th anniversary on 12/20 this year so that sign would be so special to us. Hope you are having a great week. Good luck to everyone entering!

Stephanie - Today I finished rearranging my living room … to accommodate my Christmas tree and Christmas Village next month. Too early???? Maybe. Can’t wait for my favorite holiday of the year!!

Stephanie - Pinned it!

Anne - Just pinned it to my “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” board :). Posting to FB now.

Lisa - Sadly, attending a funeral.

Tyran Sorenson - I don’t want October to end because it is my very favorite month! But somehow it always seems to fly by- every year, a little faster than the previous year. Is this a sure sign that I am getting older or does time pass more quickly to everyone now days… ? Halloween costume party on Friday and I am still thinking of dress up ideas. Pumpkins on my porch are getting a little mooshy looking because of the warm weather. But hopefully they will last through Thanksgiving. I wish there were 4 months between October and Dec because Christmas comes too fast when October is past and I want the Fall to last forever….

Sara - I just started reading your blog and love your signs! I’ve seen them on pinterest :) Anyway, nothing exciting here, just working on my little online shop and working nights to keep it running :)

Sara - Just shared your giveaway on Pinterest!

Sara - Just shared on my business facebook page!

Cynthia R. - This week my husband and I have been closing up the beach house. :(

Jenny R. - This week I’m giving extra love to our two boys with colds. Jenny at

Haley - Well, on top of taking care of my two year old twin girls and 11 month old son…I’m preparing for a booth at the state science conference tomorrow, sewing/no sewing Halloween costumes, finding bday invites for 1 yr party (mustache theme), helping finish the basement Reno in time for the party and today was the day the girls decided two m&ms were worth trying the potty…so I guess we will also be spending some quality time in the bathroom. Fun! Fun! Hope to win the sign to erase “find cute Xmas sign” off my future to do list hahaha. :)

Haley - Pinning

Cynthia R. - I pinned this giveaway!

Haley - Fb-ing and would insta if I did that!

Vickie - Hi, This week I am so excited about coming to the Country Living Fair! Hope to see you there. I love your signs and your blog and would love to win a sign. Thanks, Vickie

Rachel Hughes - Soccer and work!

Rachel Hughes - Pinned. Plus, this is my favorite Christmas song!!

Kolbi - I’m trying to finish a hundred projects in my home so I can just enjoy the holidays!

Kolbi - Just pinned it.

Mary Elizabeth - HI! My sister shared this on facebook and I had never seen your blog before! So excited about finding you!

Mary Elizabeth - shared on pinterest:)

Kathy Stewart - I am waiting patiently for our plans to be completed for the house we are building and we are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary on Sunday!

Kristy - I am trying to finish a bunch of projects and tie up a bunch of loose ends at work before I go on a long-awaited vacation next week! We aren’t going anywhere fancy, just staying home together, but sometimes those are the best ones. :)

Jennifer - I’m homeschooling my sweet girls this week! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing sign!

Tracy - Frist off…i think that is one of my favorite signs!! ; ) This week…well, I’ve been helping my poor dad who has had the shingles for 6 weeks now. :( ( prayers for healing would be appreciated ) I also spray painted two lamps we’ve had in our living room for…wow, more than 10 years. They’re ceramic, a cream color with a country quilted heart painted on each…NOW, they are updated with a silver metallic finish. I started out using Glass/Mirror paint…( which is not cheap ), wanted a mercury glass finish but realized part of the heart was done in a matte finish…never noticed it before. So, I had to use a primer spray to take care of that little problem. Using the glass paint again on top of the primer was not giving me the look I wanted. So, when I went back for yet another can of expensive glass/mirror paint…I found a silver metallic spray paint for $3.77 and thought I would give that a try instead. Worked great! Not the mercury glass finish I was thinking but I Love them…looks like they’re from Pottery Barn!! Advice…when painting glossy ceramic…glass/mirror paint will work well…if it’s a matte ceramic…use the cheaper metallic paint…works just the same.

Pamela - What a wonderful sign! Thanx for such a great giveaway and good luck to The Country Living Fair.

Pamela - Just Pinned!

Karen - This week is crazy busy as we prepare carnival games for the children at an event at our church! So much to do so little time:)

Melissa Shepard - I pinned it on my pinterest.

carmela - I LOVE the sign…! My week is the usual……school..laundry! :)

Mia - I pinned it! So cute!

Mia - I get to watch a group of 4 year olds practice and play soccer! They’re all so sweet, I love it!

bonnie holley - I am bundling up to go to the Country living Fair tomorrow!!!!!

Ginger - My husband is working out of town this week, and I am doing all the regular: getting 5 kiddoes to school and back, and volleyball, and choir, and buying groceries, doing laundry, etc. So thankful to have these little (and not-so-little) people in my life. Your signs are beautiful!

Jill @ Cora Anne Designs - Hmmm…my week is pretty uneventful (which is totally ok!) How about this, I WISH I was going to the Country Living Fair! Hope it goes incredibly well for you!!

lisa - Love it! Shared on pinterest.

Kathy - I love this Christmas sign. I saw it first are Holly Mathis. That lead to ordering a Love sign. Your work is beautiful. I would love to win and gift it to my sister. It would be perfect in her cottage home. I am headed out to a routine dental check up. No fun. But, the rest of the day is full of fun and life of a family with teenage boys! Best wishes this weekend. Wish it was closer, I am sure I would come home with another sign!

Jerrica - This week I am doing the usual: homeschool, house work, errands. After a few weeks of health crisis’ I’m happy for normal.

Heather Ackerman - Shared on Pinterest! :)

Andrea Belfry - Wow, what a week and its already Thursday! I have 2 more days of work as a pediatric nurse and then I have 3 papers to write this weekend as I am back in school. I will also be helping my 2 boys with their homework and cleaning the house. And hopefully… Carving our pumpkins! Love your sign!

Donnetta - love your signs- pinned your give away to my Christmas board.

Donnetta - I’m enjoying the beautiful fall weather and getting ready for my annual Halloween Party with the grandkids. Enjoy your weekend at the Fair.

monica - I am getting ready to head up my daughter’s 2nd grade fall party today! Shopping with the church ladies, some basement organizing, and Sunday lunch at my Grandma’s are all on the agenda! I love the sign!

Lila Smith - I just found you from one of the pinners that I follow! This weeks chalange will be to finish the wool sweater I started for my 7 month old. I had started in plenty of time before it got too cold, and I will be finishing up in the warm house with cold winds blowing outside. Which is the perfect recipe for thinking of Cristmas!

Lila Smith - I PINNED it too!!!!

Lynn - This week involves choir, tutoring, dance, children’s choir, Cub Scout field trip, fall festival at the kids school, and fall festival at church. Whew! Your signs are beautiful!

Linda - Watching my granddaughter – such a joy!

Linda - Just pinned on my Christmas board.

Morgan T - Busy preparing for tests at Auburn University this week before the Auburn/FAU game with my family this weekend!

Stephanie guzardo - Love this sign everytime I see it! Would love to be able to put it on my mantle! Our church is having a craft show so I’ve been busy busy working on crafts and taking care of my six month old son:)

Cristi Houtman - LOVE this sign!!!

Jessica - Awesome giveaway! Love your work! I am launching a new line of holiday spoons and working on a new business my hubby and I are starting!

debra myrick - This week…today is my hubby’s birthday and I’m baking a cake after work. Dinner at Five Guys with the kids to celebrate. Leaving Friday for Atlanta for a wedding. Any suggestions for breakfast places and dinner/drinks places…unique to Atlanta.?

Thanks for the give away! Would love the sign for Christmas!

Debra Myrick - shared on Pinterest

debra myrick - shared on facebook

Athena - Shared to Facebook too!

Dianne Dahlin - Prepping a 16 year old hutch for repainting (black)!

Julie - Trying to get the feeling of fall in our home this week……making pumpkin muffins to put in lunch boxes, buning fall scented candles and decorating with pumpkins. I live in Arizona and it is supposed to be 90 degrees today….eeeeek! I need all the help I can get making my home feel festive for the holidays since we don’t really get to experience the change of seasons. Would love to have your sign in my home to bring Christmas to life!

Amanda - This week I am in charge of our high school football senior night. My husband coaches at an inner city high school, and we moved to this community to make a difference in these kids lives.

I am running around like crazy trying to make this night extra special for our 24 senior young men.

Pray for me! :)

Amy - We are getting a dog!

nicole - I’m so in love with your signs. I saw you on pinterest…so your giveaway is working. I spread the love on pinterest and will comment for another entry.

Nicole Stern - I’ve got a few things to do around the house but my major project for the week is organize the room i just put all the kid’s stuff in for a “new” kid’s room. It’s the first room you see when you walk in the house so I’m trying to make it a little of my style while having my boy’s stuff take over.

Renee - I really like this sign and know right where I would put it! This week is full of teaching high school, getting my kids to school, daycare, and tumbling class, and fun pumpkin carving and fall crafts this weekend!

Courtney - This week I’m busy working to build my pampered chef business and off to whip up something yummy at a cooking show tonight!

Thanks for an amazing giveaway! :)

Sarah Gleason - I’ve got a full week of work, planning the holidays, cooking for my med school husband, dinner with friends, and getting ready for a little weekend mountain biking getaway! Would LOVE to win this sign for our little fireplace mantel!!!! xxx

Courtney - Posted on IG :)

Sarah Gleason - Just pinned it!

Sarah Gleason - Just shared on FB!

Danielle - Just the usual school and church. We always look forward to Sunday evenings when we get together with our small group. Lots of good fellowship and refreshment for the week ahead:)

Danielle - I pinned it on Pinterest:)

Juli Elgin - Love these. Still working on putting my house back together after the painter finished. What a mess but so much fun. I forgot to give you my email address earlier.

Can’t wait to see you at the Country Living Festival in ATL this weekend.

Heidi Houghtaling - My Daughter, First Granddaughter and I are flying to visit my sister in Denver, Colorado this weekend! We haven’t been to visit in a very long time. Looking forward to getting away and spending time with these very special girls!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

My email address is

Jennifer Norrell - Busy week…work, work & work, homework, church, church tailgate party, church youth 5th quarter gathering, church Fall Festival & pumpkin patch trip! Your signs are gorgeous!

Shelley H. - This week I am working on planning my WEDDING! I would LOVE to have this piece for the new home I will be decorating with my husband.

Shelley H. - Pinned it!

Shelley H. - Posted on twitter as well. Really hope I win this!

Shelley H. - Posted on Instagram as well. I guess it’s not too early for Christmas decor in Ohio, it’s SNOWING right now!

Kimber-Leigh - i’m looking forward to the Country Living Fair this weekend…and stopping by your booth! :) so excited to finally live close enough to go! hope it all goes well!!!

Libby Pritchett - Wow! I love this! Thanks for the chance to win! This week, I’m working on a big deadline, chasing an almost 2 year old, and trying to find time to go buy groceries. LOL

Dayla - That sign is perfect!

This week I’m finishing up painting my fireplace bricks. Goodbye 70’s ugly red brick, and hello soft white fireplace!

Corbin - LOVE this sign! Sharing on my “Chripmahs” pinterest board and i am sure I will get lots of repins bc it is so fabulous!

carissa fox - i’d like to say… i’m headed to your booth… to scoop up some gOOdness!

loving your new site! lots! oodles!!!

we’re in birthday celebration mode over here… ice cream… cake… sprinkles…
i can feel my rear already growing… :).

thankfully… Lord knows we need it… it’s an “off” weekend from sports. phew!!!
it feels like it takes over sometimes.
though there is still lots going on… it’ll be nice to be in weekend mode soon too.

yall are gonna rock that CL fair!
pray you feel lots of “peace” and “happy”!
and sell lots!

:) + hugs

brooke bryant - Love your signs and love your blog. You post such cute things that go with the season. Thanks for sharing. I plan on working on Christmas shopping in this great weather this week!

Courtney Jo - Taking independent study course and planning ward Halloween party!

MaryHLovesLucy - Getting ready for my parents to get here from the west coast. It’s been a year since we’ve seen my mom!

Deb A. - Love this sign!! Thank you for this giveaway. As a new empty nester and two boys playing college football, I am spending the week looking forward to traveling to Dekalb, IL Saturday to cheer on the NIU Huskies! Love your blog.

Jennifer Adamson - I’m glittering some pumpkins for our mantle… although I wish I was decorating it for Christmas!

Melissa Ree - Always fun teaching music! Choir concert, All-Region tryouts, and general music classes with 6th graders. ;) It is always an adventure. I love this sign!! Lyric art always makes me smile.

Pinned on pinterest!


Kate Luxon - I am the “wedding planner” to my friends wedding this weekend!!

Your sign is so cute!

KELLY - We are busy, busy, busy! Fall parties at the preschool, Cobb Heart Walk 5K on Sat., birthday party, Dr.’s appts, my own birthday festivities and some Halloween fun thrown in there too! This sign would go PERFECTLY on my mantle!:)

tammy @ tinselshop - Your signs are wonderful! This weekend I am hosting a Halloween dinner party.

Christie Otts - We’ve had a pretty quiet week which has been nice!! And we had our first snow!! Which was crazy!!!!!

Christie Otts - Shared on Facebook – Christie Otts

Christie Otts - Pinned on Pinterest!

Carrie - We’ve had a busy week of school, homework, and gymnastics, but I did enjoy a nice trip to the local pumpkin patch with my daughter and her preschool class. Love this time of year!

Carrie - Pinned on Pinterest! :D

Kat Hamilton - I am heading to Savannah this weekend with my parents. We try to go at least once a year. Just me and them. It’s our special time together. They live in Canada so I don’t get to see them as much as I would like so we make the best of it when we have the opportunity. (This is my favorite Christmas sign of yours!!! Xo)
Katmackham at yahoo dot com

Kat hamilton - I pinned it to my Christmas board on Pinterest!

Kat - I shared it on Instagram.

Kat hamilton - I shared it on IG. Xo

Katmackham at yahoo dot com

Tammy Christian - I am getting ready to welcome my daughter home from college for her fall break this weekend. I’m busy baking her favorite things and stocking up the fridge. Super excited to see her!!

Tammy Christian - pinned to Pinterest :)

Christi Kurtz - My favorite part of my week was scrimmaging my son in a parents vs. kids soccer game.

Christi Kurtz - Pinned it!

Jaime - Taking care of my two year old and newborn. So lots of hugs and kisses.

Heather Luna - This week I am busy prepping for my husband’s final deployment homecoming! And because that’s not enough to fill my time, I’m potty training my 2 year old son and his new big boy bed arrived, so we’re making the bitter-sweet transition out of a crib. To say it’s a full week would be an understatement. I wouldn’t have it any other way because I’m blessed with such a wonderful family that makes every moment worth it. Thank you so much for this give-away! It’s my favorite one to date. I hope I win! :) And have fun at the Country Fair. I might be just a little bit jealous of your weekend adventure.

jill boyce - My 2 boys are home from college so I will be cooking and enjoying every moment

kacie - got homeschool goin’ on and lovin’ your signs!

kacie vw - pinned your awesome sign!

Amy Ramos - This week we have ballet, AWANA, library day, helping a photographer friend by letting her play with my girls with a new lens, finishing up a quilt for my best friend, some mending, and sewing up some felt food for another friend in addition to the regular household stuff. And since this wasn’t enough to do apparently, I locked myself out of the van on Monday morning and had to walk my son to school at the last minute with his sisters in tow. I can’t believe we were only 5 minutes late. Wow…I’m glad this week is nearly over ;)

ellie - love your cute sign :) i’m guessing you know about trick or treating ;) we also had a national honor society inductee ceremony for our oldest (YAY) and my birthday is tomorrow! (50 – yikes, and yay – I made it this far!) so that, a few parties that our second born social butterfly will attend, a football game friday (oldest again) and a party for moi at a great restaurant and it makes for a busy (but normal for our family of 6) week!

I hope your week is fun! and I hope I win!

xo ellie


Friday Favorites

I saw these stacked pumpkins with the hay nestled between each layer, and I knew they had to find a way to our booth at the Country Living Fair next weekend!

I saw these stacked pumpkins with the hay nestled between each layer, and I knew they had to find a way to our booth at the Country Living Fair next weekend!

At some point this fall, these guilded beauties will take center stage as place settings.
At some point this fall, these gilded beauties will take center stage as place settings.

If I ever get that farmhouse, I want a clean and simple mudroom just like this one!
If I ever get that farmhouse, I want a clean and simple mudroom just like this one from Country Living.



Nothing says fall like a pile of fabulous quilts stacked on a gorgeous chair.

Nothing says fall like a pile of fabulous quilts stacked on a gorgeous chair.  If you live in Europe, you should definitely order them.  Me?  Surely target carries something similar.


I love this table setting.  It

I love this table setting. It’s one my favorites from the season floating around on Pinterest. There’s even a really cool tutorial for that Pumpkin Carving sign!


I made these this week.  And these and these. I

I made these this week. And these and these.
I’ve got a thing for apples in the fall.  Apparently, I go to the gym so I can eat dessert.


























































































































Worthy reading for your weekend::

Meg shared some memories.  Her oldest just left for college, so she’s in a new season.  I’m learning from her, while I’m in my new season, and she doesn’t even know it.

Alicia is sharing very vulnerably this month.  I love her transparency. I love that she’s writing for herself. He uses our transparency and honesty.  I love that she’s blogging in real time and not looking back.  I’m learning from her, too.

My kids are all in school now, and you’d think I would have more time on my hands than I know what to do with….not true.  I went into the year scared about too much time on my hands, but the opposite has happened.  I’m busier than I want to be…I long to be home more, and I’m determined to make it happen.  Edie wrote a great post about knowing when to stay home.

Deidre - I loved that post of Edie’s too! I can’t get it out of my mind. People think I should have so much time on my hands since my girls are in school but I don’t. I’m starting to schedule days at home and it’s working for me!

paige - love it all! hate that ya’ll will be literally around the corner from me and i’ll be far away.
hoping to scoot over there sunday. when sadly all the good stuff is gone gone gone ….sadness…

Alison - Hi Tara! I love your blog, it’s the perfect combination of design, inspiration and practicality. Thanks for sharing your life on the internets! I know you have a new site, so I wanted to let you know that I can’t click through to the links in today’s post. I really wanted to see those gold place setting pumpkins, but none of the links work for me. I’m reading on my phone, though, so maybe it’s a problem on my end? Just thought I’d let you know. Have a great weekend!

carissa - those quilts are screaming photo sesh!!!!

Beth - So glad you like my pumpkin stack! I needed something to go on top of an old porch column at the City Farmhouse show I was in and this was perfect ( and easy to do!!)Best of luck at your show!