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Our NEW Sunshine Collection & A GIVE AWAY!

We are so excited about two of our new signs that will be part of our Sunshine Series.
All of the signs in this collection will be 2×2 signs with their custom frames.
 They are as happy & cheerful as they look, and I know you’ll love them as much as we do.
I sure wish I’d had these in my oldest son’s nursery way back when I sang him to sleep with this song!
You may remember us introducing this sign in our shop last spring.
It has been a favorite to many, so we’re keeping it and just adding the others to it to make a collection.
We think any of these would look amazing in any room of your home.
In fact, we think they’d look so amazing…we’ve decided to give one of the colorful ones away.
Just to clarify…
You’re entering to win either the YELLOW “You are my Sunshine” sign or the GRAY “You make me Happy” sign.
{This give away is for USA readers only because shipping rates are ridiculous.}
Here’s what you need to do to enter to win….
Leave me a comment telling me which one you’d pick if you won and where you’d put it in your home.
Want a double chance to win?
Spread the word about the give away and leave another comment telling me where you shared.
Pinterest.  Instagram. Facebook. Your blog.
You pick!
~I’ll announce the winner in the next couple of days~
Here’s one more look at the entire series…

{thankful for}
668. Meg’s reminder that marriage is sacred and forever and a REALLY big deal. 
669. My Hebrews bible study at CBS on Thursdays….love those wise women and the truth of His word!
670. small group tonight.
671. lamp light on a very cloudy day.
672. my pajamas.
673. the apple I just shared with Lydia.
674. a husband who diligently takes care of us.
675. a friend who called me to pray with her today…SO honored.

Jessica - Love love the gray you make me happy!! They are all awesome!

Jessica - Whoops!! I would put in my little girls room!!

Verna - Love them both, but I would pick gray and put it in my grandsons playroom :)

Debby - I like the yellow one. I would put it in my entry way . I have a big wall going up the steps that it would look great on.

The Things That Bring Me Joy - I want them both, honestly, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick the yellow sign and I would put it in our upstairs hallway. :) These are awesome!

thethingsthatbringmejoy - I shared your link on Facebook! :)

The Avery House - Hi Tara! I love your sunshine series signs! I actually would have just the toughest time picking out one as I love them all. So if I were to win I would let you decide! I know exactly where I would place the sign and that would be in oor palyroom/media room. That way the whole family especially the girls could see it. You are so creative! I love my custom sign that you all made. Hope it’s snowing in Georgia. It’s snowing here :-)!

The Avery House - Just shared on facebook!

The Avery House - ANd I pinned it too :-)!

Melissa K. - I love them!!! I would pick the yellow sign and put it in Katelyn’s room. I’ve sung this song to her since she came home from China.

Shannon - Oh gosh, I don’t know which one to choose!! I love them both and would most likely put it in my older daughters room because it’s special song between us :) Can I decide if I win?? I might just have to re-do her room if I win ;)

GLENDA CHILDERS - Hey, I won your last fun giveaway (thanks again), so I’ll sit out on this one … but wanted to hop on to say, the signs are cute and so cheery. Perfect pick me up for a winter morning.


Rachel - I am Canadian, but may I please enter and pay my own shipping if I win? I LOVE your signs, but have not been able to buy one because of how expensive it gets with the shipping. I would pick the gray one and hang it in my son and daughter’s shared room.

Sheri - I would choose the gray one – love them both :)

Sheri - also sharing via instagram :)

Amanda Everett - I would pick the yellow one and can’t decide if I’d put it in the kitchen or our bedroom.

Danette - I LOVE the gray one! I would put it on my mantel over the fireplace.

Dana - I would love to have the grey one for our master bedroom!!

Simple Rachel - This made me smile:) I used to sing this to my 4 children in the morning to wake them up for school. They are all grown now and I have 3 grandsons. I would pick the yellow one and put it in my living room so they could see it when they come to visit.

Farmgirl Paints - this makes me smile because it has been some major GRAY here and i could use some sunshine! i need some sunshine!! oh and how cool is that sign right by Meg’s bed! awesomeness right there.

Laura from Top This Top That - they both would work great in my home! What a lovely giveaway, you can’t help but be happy and sing along.

Laura from Top This Top That - sharing your giveaway on Fb right now! thanks!

Christi - Love the whole collection, but espcially the gray one! Is the CBS study you go to the one at First United? I’ve thought about going a few times, but haven’t been yet. xo

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D - I do not wish to win…but I just want to encourage you.
They are lovely.
I’m off to find the others in the collection.
So pretty.

Liz - I love the gray one! I would prop it on my mantle. It is decorated in black and white and mercury glass, and this would fit right in!

Beth - Oh my goodness! I want ALL of your signs! But since I have to pick just one, I’d love the gray one and I would put it in my kiddos playroom! Love, love, love!!!

Beth - I pinned it :-)

our little family - Oh, both so lovely for my sweet girls room. Love the yellow!!!

Brooke - I adore the yellow one!!! It would go in our living room for sure! To greet friends and family! xo, Brooke

Brooke - Shared on my FB wall!! :D

Sandy - I would pick the yellow one and put it in my daughter Sydney’s room. I have sung that song to her since the day we brought her home from China. Her nickname is “Sunshine”!!

Joni - Tara, I met you a couple of times …not sure you would remember me. My husband Lyndol is pastor of Lifesong, the church University Carillon helped start. He worked with Andy on the Wesley board while you were at UCF Wesley. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your beautiful signs. Thank you for all you are sharing! This is a favorite song of our family….Lyndol sang it to our girls when they were little! I love the yellow and gray together….. Beautiful!

Joni Loyd

Two Vintage Sisters - Robin and Pam - I would be tempted to give the yellow one to my daughter for her dorm room. I texted her Sunday to tell her that she was the sunshine in my life, given all the dreary days we’ve had lately. But since my son is also sunshine in my life, I would pick the gray one and hang it in my new gray kitchen! :) Thanks, Robin

Deborah - Imlove the yellow, you are my sunshine sign and I’d put it in my grandkids room. Thanks for the opportunity.

MDP - Love the gray! I would put it in my daughter’s room!

MDP - Pinned! :) Thank you for sharing your gift!

My side of Sanity - Either one would look FABULOUS in my family room! What a great give away!

My side of Sanity - I am sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Wanderlust - I love the yellow sign-perfect for my niece’s nursery!

faith oconnor - Wow! Those are adorable. I just re-did my daughters bedroom in yellow and grey and white so these would be perfect! The grey would look the best because her walls are yellow so it would make a nice contrast!!

April - Love, love, love them. The “You Make Me Happy” is especially wonderful!

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo - Eeek! Love love them! I want the grey one, but if I won, I would buy the match in yellow!!
So stinkin cute….you guys rock :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} - They are both so pretty! I think my favorite is the gray one and I would put it either in our hallway or bedroom! :)

Rhonda - You are my sunshine would go on the wall where the crib is for our grandchildren. Love your signs!

kimmy - I would pick the yellow one and hang it over my desk.. My Mamaw sang this song to me when I was little and I still sing this to my little “sunshine” even now …she is 20!

paige - grand slam!!!
love these. oh my.
trying to figure out how to use all three. somewhere
holy moly!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips - The yellow one would be great in my office!

Liz in Texas - You have an amazing eye and do beautiful work!
I would choose the gray one, “you make me happy”. I would take it to work with me and hang it in my office. It would be another reminder of my beautiful grown children. It will surely lify me up on a tough day!


Angelique Scott - Your signs are beautiful! I absolutely love the grey one & would hang it in my son or daughters room. Thank you for the giveaway!

Angelique Scott - Just pinned it as well!

Katie G @ sweet peas - I love them both, but I’d have to pick the yellow one over the two :) Our dining room is a sunny yellow and it’d look amazing in our kitchen to tie it all together. Who wouldn’t want to munch on breakfast looking at that pretty sign?

tootermagoo - I love your signs! So much beauty!

I am so indecisive and it is SO hard to choose between the two! I think I would choose the grey sign because I love that line of the song. I would hang it in my living room so that it would bring smiles to everyone who saw it!! :)

Lorenz Family - I would definitely choose the yellow ” you are my sunshine ” the ironic thing s is that I’m looking for new signs and unique tngs to hang in my house. Things that have a meaning to me. As we are 5 weeks out from bing into our new home and today is my daughters birthday this song brings back so many memories. I sang this to my kids from the time they were born til now. It old look perfect in my new house and mean

Melanie - This is my favorite childhood song and I used to sing it to my own children. I love “you make me happy when skies are gray”. Thanks for a chance!

Melaine - Well, you know I love that song!!! I’d choose the grey one! You guys are rock stars!

melissa shepard - Oh my!!! Love the yellow! Would put in our play room! Thx for the chance! You rock , Tara!!

melissa shepard - Ok…. just posted on instagram!!! Have a great weekend! Thanks again!

Kelli - Oh I just love this! They both are cute but if I have to pick one I would say the yellow… It would look great in our new home!

Thompson Tales - i love all of your signs! i would pick the yellow one, i love the sunshiney color of it! i would put it in our guest bedroom in the basement!

Sugar and Spice - Hello, I love the Gray sign!!! I would put it in my kitchen. I have lemons on my table so I think it would look great in that room. Also my family and I spend most of our time in the KITCHEN!! I am going to share this on my blog Sugar and Spice. BTW…I love reading your blog! Thank you for sharing you life, Mandy Barber Piedmont, Alabama

justche - I would put the yellow one in my living room! Love it

Jennifer Dell - I would pick the yellow one, and then buy the gray one to go with it. This is the song that I sing to my kids everyday. It is the wallpaper on my phone and I know these would be beautiful on my walls… <3

Jennifer Dell - Oh and I pinned it to pinterest too. :D

Empty Nest Full Life - I would surely pick the yellow one. I think my sister may be in the same Bible Study there in Athens. I haven’t talked to her in a week or so, but often she calls me while driving to the CBS. Of course as usual the signs are great!

Lauren - I love these both! hmm, if I were to pick, I think it would be the yellow one!!!!

Lauren - I just pinned this giveaway:)
thank you! thank you! - I love the gray one with just that little bit of yellow!

Scrapperdipper - I love them both so much. Not only are the sayings adorable, but the color schemes for both would fit in my bedroom perfectly. I would pick the yellow one. Thanks for the chance to win one.

Scrapperdipper - I just pinned this awesome giveaway, too.

Maca - I love the pop of yellow in the gray sign . . .I pick that one!

I am pin-ing the giveaway, as well.

Thanks for chance to win. I love your signs. It would be fun to see the sign workshop, unless you have already had a post of that but I missed it.

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Love these, Tara! The grey one is my favorite. :)

Jackie at Roots and Wings - I’ve pinned them on Pinterest for you…hope you get lots of orders!

Lisa - I LOVE THESE! I called my oldest daughter “my sunshine” when she was little and would sing this to her. She now lives in Seattle, WA (what feels like the other side of the world to me) and I would pick the YELLOW one to give her a little sunshine now!

Lisa - I shared on Pinterest! So excited about these signs :)

Unknown - I would love the yellow sign hanging in our playroom!

Tracy Hood Photography - I love the grey one! I would hang it in our living room!

Tracy Hood Photography - I love the grey one! I would hang it in our living room!

Bethanie - Love these so much Tara! After what seems like a million days of rain, I think I’d choose the yellow one…I’d put it in my breakfast room for all to see!

Bethanie - Sharing on Pinterest and Facebook!

Judy McPherson - Like many others, I sang this song to my son as a newborn baby and as he grew. The signs are beautiful, it’s hard to choose one because they go together; so, if I have to choose,I choose the yellow sign and then I’ll have to buy the gray. :) I have built-in bookcases on each side of the fireplace in the family room, I’m certain the beautiful sign has a place on the bookcase.

Heather - Love this series! I would pick the gray and hang it in the new room we’re working for our daughter.

Heather - Pinned this giveaway!

l weber - I’d choose yellow and I’d put it in my kitchen to brighten my mornings!

Sarah - I love these signs, so creative and sweet! I’d love to win the yellow sign.. I’d display it in a collage of family photos, in our stairwell that is painted grey and white! I love that contrast of colors ;-) I’ll share this giveaway on Pinterest. Thanks for the chance to win !! :-)

Carol Williams - Love the yellow one. I would put it in our grandchildren’s room to make them happy when they come to visit.

Jessica - Love these! I would pick the grey one and hang it in our entry way.

Jessica - Pinnned your giveaway :)

Mary - you are so sweet to have a giveaway!
you KNOW that your signs are on my list, right??? :)
i would choose the gray one, i don’t know why, really, i just LOVE it!
and i would hang it at the end of my hallway where EVERYONE could see it while travelling to their rooms. :)

Mary - i’m facebooking this, too!

Terry McClung - Would love them as a set, but I think I would pick “You Are My Sunshine” for my grandaughter, Mattie. She is my sunshine! Beautiful work. Blessings to you….

dmw212 - Would be honored to win you are my sunshine. New grandbaby due in July…so cute in a nursery. Please pick me ….I would be nana of the year! Thanks

rachel - Can I pick all three?? :) Maybe the home one

l8blmr - Love them both!!! I would hang it in my laundry room to brighten it up!

Hannah Parrock - Oh my!!!! Adorable:):):) LOVE this style! I think the gray one is my absolute fav! I would put it in my bedroom for now until I had a child of my own:) my hubby is my sunshine…haha! I am going to tell all of my friends,facebook,pinterest,and twitter! Cute:)

Simple Rachel - Just pinned and shared on facebook:)

bluejn - oooh!” you make me happy when skies are grey”, my favorite. i will put it over my sweet granddaughters crib, as soon as she is born, any day now!

bluejn - just pinned it, grey!

Adrienne - I love this!! And they would be so cute in my new house!!

Sarah - I just put it on pinterest. And I like the “you make me happy when skies are gray one” :) And if I don’t win it, I just might have to buy it :)

Karenrn - ohhh the grey one, the grey one. shared on facebook.

rachel - i love the grey one! i’d put it in our nursery!

Ellie - You make me happy when skies are grey! I love the color! These are so cute – and I’ve always sung this to my 3rd child – it is a special thing between the two of us! (And he’s adopted and we worked really really hard at bonding so it is really special!!)

xo ellie

Unknown - The yellow one. It’s so cheery. I would put it on the wall on up on my staircase. Love, Love , Love!!! - I love the yellow “You are my Sunshine” sign! It would be so wonderful in my college freshmans room. That may sound strange not putting it in a babys room, but I used to sing this to her when she was little – and what a great reminder of love and sweet childhood memories!

Patty O

Angela - Omgosh, omgosh! I want to win this so bad!! I would love the yellow ” you are my sunshine” sign. I used to sing this to my 3 babies when they were little. They are 12, 13 and 14 now. My daughter is 13 and will occasionally sing it to me – to show me she remembers… : )

I would put it in her room which is pink, yellow and green. When she was a baby – I intended to put the words to the song as sort of a painted boarder around her room, but never got it done as I had 3 kids ages 0,1,2 at the time.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your beautiful work!

flutterby - Love the yellow “You are my Sunshine” one – so sweet and cheerful! I’d hang it up in our kitchen/dining area.
flutterby2188 at yahoo dot com

April Taylor - I would pick the gray one and put it in my bedroom.

Vanessa - I love these work of arts. I would pick the yellow one. Just because yellow is my favorite color. Sweet.


Vanessa - I tweeted this –



Flourishing Roots - I just LOVE the new “set” of two. I would have a hard time picking between the two (yellow and gray both are too cute) so I will decide if (when) I win. hehe! :O) I would put it in our play room/tv room so the whole family will see it daily. I am going to pin this on pinterest and facebook. Love your work!

Dawn - I LOVE them both!! but I would choose the gray one for Lucy’s bedroom!

Dawn - I also shared on Pinterest!!

tessie - I would choose the grey one…it would (will! ) go in the bedroom reserved for my sweet nephew who visits often. He was born months after my dear Mom passed away, and he is what kept me going.

michelle - LOVE these signs! My youngest daughter will be a senior in high school next year, and this summer we are redecorating her room from the wild tween colors to yellow and gray. I also sang this song to her as a baby, and one of these would be perfect to add to her “grown-up” room while hanging on to my baby for me! Love your blog, too!

Sunnie Suhr - I’d choose yellow for the loft where our kids play. I love all your signs. And I love you! :) Happy weekend!

roseyc - LOVE the yellow! I’d put it in a bedroom or even the kitchen.

Monica - I would choose the yellow and hang it in my daughter’s bedroom because she is my sunshine (most days! :) ).
Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fun sign!

Kelly Ruiten - I would choose the yellow background with white letters, I’m in love! :-)

Kelly Ruiten - I pinned it and posted it on Facebook too! :-)

Meg - I would pick the gray sign with yellow “happy” but really I’d take them all! I just ordered a (different) sign from your shop today but I’ll gladly take 2! Thanks so much.

LENaile - I’d be happy with either, but I guess I’ll go with gray. I’d put it in our new nursery!

LENaile - I repinned from you on pinterest too!

Christy - I would love, love, love the yellow You Make Me Happy sign. My daughter is away at college and I would give this to her for her dorm room. Even though she’ll soon be 20 I still sing this to her quite often and am reminded of times while growing up that we sang it together.

Brad and Angie - Love your beautiful sunshine series! This is a precious, sweet song that my two year old daughter, Madalyn, and I love to sing together… I sang it to her every day when she was in my belly! I would choose the yellow and place it in her room, as we are about to make the transition to a “big girl room”!

jaecobbs - Love your blog and your beautiful signs! I found out about you from the Inspired Room. I would choose the yellow sign and hang it in our schoolroom. Thanks!
*I also pinned this :)

Denise - Love them both, but would have to pick the yellow one. It would happily go in our kitchen – the one room that everyone is in every day! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

April - I would choose the yellow one and I would put it in my entry way!I love your work! thanks for the chance to win! April

Barbara - They are all so cute maybe the grey would be my choice, that is an awesome reminder indeed about our relationships.
Have a great Friday!

Ashley Welling - These are awesome! I would choose the gray one and use it in my daughter’s nursery. What a sweet song!

Grace - gray por favor!!

Jeff Garrison - Both would look great in my entry way, but if I had to choose, ahhh it is so hard, I’d go with Yellow. Thanks!

GrammaGrits - Love the gray one and would use it in my bedroom! Great signs . . .

GrammaGrits - Posted about the giveaway on Facebook.

Naile's Blog - I like the yellow for our kids’ bathroom.

AndeM1 - I would love to win the yellow…you are my sunshine…..I use to sing this to my babies when they were babies. I would put it in the bathroom that they share…..

Unknown - I would love the yellow one and hang it in my entry.

Kelly - I would love the yellow one and I would put it in my daughter’s room:) Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Kelly - Just shared on FB

Kelly - Pinned it too:)

NLR - I would pick the gray one because my youngest’s middle name is Gray…it would go somewhere we would see it often and everyday…like the mantel or maybe entryway wall.

NLR - I also posted on my Pinterest board!

Marmee - I would choose the yellow or gray and hang whichever in my daughter’s room who has special needs. She is 25 years old and still loves me to sing that song to her. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your fabulous signs!

Marmee - I shared via Pinterest

Marie - I have adored your signs for a long time. I would love the chance to win one! I would choose the yellow sign – it’s such a special song as I’ve sung it to my kids through the years. It would be perfect in our school room! Thank you for the generous giveaway! Blessings, Marie

Marie - I shared your fabulous giveaway on my Facebook page! Thank you!

Debra Davis - I would choose the yellow one and place it where we gather for breakfast. Mom always called me “Miss Mary Sunshine” when I arrived at the table as a child, it would serve as both a reminder of her and to speak sweet things to my family in the morning as well.

lashandat - I would pick the yellow one. Yellow and grey are my wedding colors. I would love to use it in my wedding décor and then place it in our bedroom.

Michele - Would love the gray and yellow 1 getting ready to redo the girls room and it would fit perfectly.

Michele - Shared on Facebook

Michele - And just pinned on Pinterest

summertime - I would love the yellow sign, so sweet!

summertime - Just pinned it as well!

Sarah - I have always wanted something with the “you are my sunshine” line on it, to put in my son’s bedroom, as I always sang it to them as babies.

Sarah - it’s also been pinned!

Tiffini - i want the gray please:) and thank you
i just read your comments and laughed when you asked me if we had watched the one of phil and the real estate agent. we just watched it yesterday and I DIED i tell ya! it is SO true. i love how phil just speaks the truth in such a simple way.
and that he is the 911..omg!:D
love you girl…have andy squeeze ya for me…lol
xohappy weekend

The View From Here - I would love the grey one ! So happy and bright.

Laurie - I am always looking for a You Are My Sunshine sign, and I would love the yellow one!

Laurie - I also pinned it under my “You Are My Sunshine” board I use for ideas for my grands!

Carolyn - I would love either of them, and really can’t decide! I guess I would have to pick the yellow because that is the verse that everyone knows.

Rachel - Definitely yellow and for a few reasons. I am getting married in July and decorating our first house! One of our wedding colors is yellow and it is one of my accent colors in our room. Plus, he is my sunshine :) You’re signs are amazing!!!

Rachel - Your* – I hate grammar mistakes. Opps.

Between You and Me - Kimberly Chosewood would love the gray one…she’d put it in her kitchen. :)

Lee - I love these signs! I would choose the yellow, and hang it in my boys’ room. I used to sing this too them when they were babies.

Nan - I used to stand on our back porch when I was a we one in the 1950’s and sing this song as if I were on stage. We are expecting our second granddaughter on St Patrick’s Day…this would be a gift for her. Love your signs!

Wilson Falls Natural Art - You are my sunshine! Please! Thanks for the chance to win

Jenny Pietila - The yellow one!! So Cute!! I have gray walls in my kitchen that this sign would look go well with! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!! Jenny

Sheila Earhart - AWESOME! These are darling, great job! I would choose the gray one if I won. We have a bedroom here in our house for when he is here. When he was a baby, he sang this song to me all of the time, and it still brings tears to my eyes. He’d sing “you make me happy a skies are great!” Precious. I remind him every time he comes over. :) He’s almost 10 now. Still adorable!


Katie - So bummed I just saw this post! But I’m defintely adding one of those signs to my birthday list…it would look amazing in our yellow & gray bedroom :)

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