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Our Birthday Boy

My sweet middle child….how are you this old so soon?  Eleven already?
Being your mama is my highest calling.  Oh, I pray you know that deep down.
God spoke to my heart about you while he was forming you, and I have proof in your prayer journal.
He said you’d be full of life and joy, and you are.  You are my joy boy.
You’re funny…hilarious really.  Everyday you make me laugh.
 Take for instance last night, when we were going over your spelling words, and you got to astronaut.
You divided up the syllables as you were spelling it, just like you do with all of your words.
You thought that first syllable was spelled A.S.S., and you nearly died from laughter when you said it out loud.
I’m so glad I chose to laugh with you, and I’m glad you know the correct way to spell astronaut now.
You’re inquisitive, you love details, and you love people.
I don’t know what you’ll do one day, but it’ll be loving people and caring for their stories, I’m sure of it.
Every morning you ask me how I slept, and every night you ask me how my day went.
I am blown away by how well you’ve adjusted to being in school this year.
You’re doing phenomenal.
 You are flexible, kind-hearted, hard working and you persevere well.  These things will serve you well in life.
Your teachers love you and your new friends adore you.
I’m proud of you Seth.  I love who you are.
I love the way God has gifted you, and watching you become a young man delights my heart.
I celebrate the life God has given you, and I pray I will love and serve you well.

Corbie Baugh - This made me cry. So sweet. I am blessed to be a mom of a ten year old son and we share so many feelings. BTW, great idea on dividing up the syllables for spelling! I will be trying that trick for the spelling words tonight. I love new ideas. xoxo

carissa @ lowercase letters - all i can think about are his eyes. handsome!

Barbara - What a sweet boy, you are blessed as well as he.

Jackie at Roots and Wings - This teacher sure loves him. He is a treasure! Handsome, sweet Seth.

Robyn - Happy Birthday Seth! We hope it will continue to be a wonderful year in school for you. Your jokes and fun antics are often remembered around here. Gracie isn’t one to forget something funny!
Blessings to you and your sweet family!

LLH Designs - Love that you heard God speak to your heart while He was forming your boy in your womb. Love that you listened and believed. Love that he is your joy boy! Happy, happy birthday to him!

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