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organizing like a madwoman.

This is not my pantry.
I have no idea who it belongs to, so if you do, let me know.
I started out organizing my homeschool stuff, which led to organizing our family games,
which led to organizing my cleaning supplies, which led to organizing our medicine cabinet,
which led to organizing my spices, which led to organizing the pantry.
None of my newly organized spaces look magazine worthy.
But they are organized and I am happy.
Tired and Happy.
My goal is to take pictures of all it and post it tomorrow.
Surely, I can do it.

chris - that looks pretty magazine worthy to me!! it’s so orderly!!

Alicia - don’t you just love days like that?! way to go, tara :) excited to see!

Crystal @ Ordinary Days - Good luck!! I’m doing some of the same here. :)


ohyouprettythings - Good luck with your organizing!! :] I find it to be a lot of fun! When I actually work up the courage to do it! lol

Lorri - Please come organize my house!!! Or at least send some motivation my way!

Janie Fox - I love to organize. I detest having my cabinets and closets in disarray yet I am the one who always messes them up again!

Lissa - Now doesn’t that just feel fantastic! I think that a freshly organized house is the best feeling!

LLH Designs - Wow, that pantry is perfect…almost creepy perfect! Cant wait to see your real photos!

You and I must have the same bug. I love it when organizing one space leads to another. The trouble comes when I get so lost in one space (kids closets) that I never make it to my own spaces!

Happy weekend!

janis - Did you sneak over & take a picture of my Pantry?
That is very nicely organized♄

Farmgirl Paints - why does looking at that make me go numb with euphoria? i need to get organized. i love that feeling:) happy weekend to ya.

Jana Miller - Such a pretty picture…thanks for sharing.
xo jana

Tammy - You know, this must be the weekend for it, ‘cuz I just found myself up until midnight last night doing the same sorta things. Mine turned in to lots of painting the pantry and then lots of organizing too! Fun!

Megan - Summer always makes me want to organize! That is a great looking pantry with a color scheme!

Tessa - Hiiiiiiii dear Tara!!!!!! Where have I been??!! I just had a cup of tea and had a little Between You and Me catch up session!!! I’ve been organizing like a mad woman too, so much so I thought I was pregnant (I am not)! I adored your summer list and want to make one myself!! And the baptism pics of your boys were incredible. Such a different experience from the baby baptisms of my boys! I’ve missed you!! Sorry I’ve been away!! xo, Tessa

LLH Designs - I’ve got the bug…big time! So. Much that my knees are sore and red from so much kneeling on the floor to organize and clean places no one will ever see! Nothing I’ve done would make a pretty photograph, so not sure I’ll blog any of it, but I’m glad the organizing big finally struck!


Shell in your Pocket - I wish it was mine!

sandy toe - I loveee organizing like crazy!!! That sounds exactly like me…once I get started organizing, I can’t stop until everything is spotless!
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