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One of our Christmas traditions and Meg’s Ornament idea…

            Source: Meg’s place over at WHATEVER

When we first got married, we started a great Christmas tradition for our new little family.
We each got one another a surprise ornament every year.
I’m so sentimental that I couldn’t let myself buy a bunch of ornaments that had no meaning for me.
I can blame this on the fact that I watched way too many years of soap operas with my mom growing up.
Every year at Christmas the entire Horten family, from Days Of Our Lives, 
would gather around the Christmas tree and hang their perfect ornaments with each of their names on them.
Did anyone else watch that show?
And, no, I don’t still watch Days Of Our Lives, but my sweet mom sure does!
Well, somewhere along the way, I decided that every ornament had to be meaningful
…and not just bought from a store in order to fill up space on the tree.
Believe me..there is nothing wrong with this method…I’m just over the top nostalgic.
Needless to say, there were several years in the beginning where our tree looked like Charlie Brown’s.
The pictures of our past Christmas trees make me wish I’d bought ornaments to fill up all the empty spaces!
With the addition of each child in our family, we’ve continued this sweet tradition.
My parents also buy everyone a new ornament each year and we swap with my brother and his family.
It’s a great tradition because our kids at 10, 8, and almost 4 each have a couple boxes
…full of beautiful and meaningful ornaments to take with them into their families one day.
In all these years, we’ve never made our ornaments for one another.
Until this year.
I took one look at the awesome snowman family ornaments that Meg made with her children,
and I knew that we had to make them!!
I’ll post pictures of them after we’re finished….
What have you seen out in blogland this season that you knew you just had to emulate?

Theresa - I love the idea and the fingerprints!

I did buy the cheap-o, insignificant ornaments in the beginning, but now those rarely get put up, because we’ve collected so many significant ornaments!

Shannon - I saw this idea also and loved it although I’m thinking I will do it next year cuz trying this with a 1 year old might not go quite well!!
Can’t wait to see yours :)

ChRiS - we did this many yrs ago at t-giving gathering so they would be ready for Christmas…my sis-in-law took them home with her and finished them up (painted trees ) i am looking at mine now, we have a growing family so i will have to suggest we catch up next yr!

Lorri - I make these with my students every year. There parents LOVE getting them at the Christmas party.

Sami Jo - I’ve seen so many cool ideas on people’s blogs but probably one of the coolest was this: Carissa’s Advent buckets… Lof them! & the little elf you see everywhere what a cute idea! As much as I’m not a Santa kind of gal – I really adore the elf for some reason… I’m one of those crazy tree women who picks a “theme” and “color” and don’t want anyone touching it! Crazy girl.

GLENDA CHILDERS - I am very drawn to this adorable ornament. Such fun.

Merry Christms.


Lynda @ Happenstance Home - That ornament is adorable! I think I’m going to try these!

Farmgirl Paints - Yep that post made me want to run out and buy those big bulbs too. Rest assured we will do that craft. Probably after Christmas, but better late than never right??

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Oh, this is totally on my list, too! I’m itching to cut out a tiny felt scarf. ;)

Janie Fox - I want to do this craft with my grand kids. I loved it too when I saw it. Most of my ornaments are Shiny Brites from my grandma. She had a Christmas house where people toured the inside and the whole house was covered in lights. So much great vintage stuff… I have more than I need for the tree so I fill bowls and put into cabinets etc.

simpledaisy - What a super cute idea!!!!

hometown girl - so cute, meg is a really amazing woman! enjoy the day! susan

Pressed Petals - Thank you for stopping by my little homeschool blog. Your words really helped! Thanks!

LuLu - I have 3 ornaments just like this… one for each daughter at the same age….this week my son is making his age 5!!! So sweet,

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