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Now see who’s three!

Our sweet daughter Lydia turned three recently, and we celebrated in the fanciest of ways…a tea party!

After having two sons, the words “pink” and “fancy” were no longer in my vocabulary. I have to say that our whole family, even the boys, love that we have been overtaken with as much pink and fancy as your mind can imagine.

We kept busy reading Fancy Nancy books, coloring Princess color pages, drinking our tea, ahem…pink lemonade, and eating as many pink foods as we could find.

Happy Birthday sweet Lydia. You are growing into such a big girl. Or, as you tell us, a big, little girl.

Kim - Hailey decided just last night that she wants to have a Fancy Nancy party too. Which came as quite a surprise since she’s been talking about a Tinkerbell party since before Christmas (her birthday isn’t until April!). I need to get some tips from you for a Fancy Nancy tea party!

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