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No naked countertops for me!

I have all these pictures of kitchens on pinterest that have bare countertops, 
and as clean as they look, they just don’t’ work for me in real life.
We live here and our kitchen is used all day everyday.
I have my coffee station, my basket full of the things I use everyday, and my big jars of flour & sugar.
On the other side of the kitchen, I’m still trying to figure out the best use of my space.
My most favorite thing in my kitchen is the little girl up there enjoying that watermelon.
And, her most favorite thing in the kitchen is that wooden milking stool that we picked up at a yardsale.
Lydia uses it to help me cook meals and fix snacks.
She doesn’t really watch cartoons because she prefers food network.
…Giada’s Everyday Italian, to be exact.
Her latest obsession is making sure that I press my garlic like Giada does.
I’m telling you…this girl can already cook, and she’s only five!
So, are your countertops naked or not?

Brandi - OMG, the picture of Lydia on the stool with her cute little toes…I die!

Briana - My counters are so not naked, and I find myself swiping things off when I go to take pictures! So, I appreciate your honest post! Your counters look great!

Miranda - Love those pics of your Lydia. So pretty! My counters are not naked at all, though I wish they were. If I had a great butlers pantry, that would likely solve many of my counter problems. But for now, I have a coffee station, fruit, knives and serving stuff on top of my counter.

Farmgirl Paints - Uh no. I’ve got my 2 coffee areas. The pot and the Keurig. I’ve got my toaster/butter area. My fun yellow canisters and my bright orange bread box. Woo hooo:)

Vanessa - I love the subway titles. They are lovely in your beautiful kitchen.


Jackie at Roots and Wings - That picture of Lydia’s toes on the milk stool is my favorite. :)
I love how bright and white your kitchen is. I’m dreaming of a white kitchen…
Happy day!

slip4 - Your countertops look naked next to my cluttered ones! I absolutely love your kitchen. I try to keep my countertops reasonable clear but it seems to be a losing battle. You have inspired me again :)

Sheri - I love how crisp your kitchen is :)…and i have a lot of stuff on my counters, it’s very hard to get away from that. And i know i said it before, but i’m loving the slim profile granite counters. I think that’s what we’re going to do in our house.

Kim B. - Hi Tara! I LOVE your basket that “hides” your oils & such! I have never seen that & think it’s such a GREAT idea & looks nice on your counter. I too like having my necessities on my counter. I think you nailed it in the fact that you CAN have what you need on your counter as long as everything has it’s own place & is displayed pretty when possible :)

Nicole - love your beautiful home. it’s so dreamy.

i would love to have my counters MORE clear than they seem to always be. too many dirty dishes :)


Maureen - Thank you, thank you, thank you! So glad to be seeing your new house…Love it! I am so happy that you guys are in a place you can make completely your own.

Tiffini - are you kidding? mine are wearing 3 layers of clothes!
No lie!
I have stuff laying EVERYwhere…
and your girl..can I say how sweetly adorable she is?
I mean seriously! I could steal her..those toes are precious
big hugs today! I need to go to BED!

Talia - Like you, I have stuff on my counters. I have to – we live there and it is one busy room! I’d constantly be opening cupboards and getting things out. I have my coffee station and another station filled with easy to reach snacks, as well as the station next to my stove with spices, oils and vinegars. We USE our house!

Thank you for such a great post! Makes me feel good about having stuff on my counters! :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Yeah my counters are CONSTANTLY used… cute but useful all the way baby… no empty counters in this house. :) (I LOVE your sweet kitchen.) - Any one that cooks could never have completely clean counters. I love your basket with your oils, etc. right next to the stove. What a great idea.

Cat - love the basket with your cooking oils in it! such a great idea. your kitchen is beautiful!

Janie Fox - I love decorated counter tops. I can’t do the sparse look. It just doesn’t feel homey to me. I havem y oils in an old metal pan and my trivets in an ironstone tureen. I have a doll’s hutch on my counter just because I LOVE it. I always love a little lamp on the counter too.
I love the photo with her eating watermelon. Adorable. Those little feet are my favorite. I have a frame with all 5 of my grand kids’ little feet. I need to get one with 6 holes now because baby 6 will be here in August. I guess I better get to TJ!! I never need an excuse to go though!!

Alexis Jasek - As much as I would love to have decorated counter tops, I just can’t do it. My mother is a decorator by trade and hers always look straight out of House Beautiful. I, however, have a very small galley kitchen. We updated last summer to increase storage space (as it is about 1/3 the size of my former kitchen). Our boys, both over 6 feet tall consume huge amounts of food including daily smoothies made with the vitamix. Between that, the Kitchenaide stand mixer and our coffee pot, there isn’t any room. We worked it to our advantage as much as possible with a contemporary clean lined feel. The side of the frig keeps it from feeling sterile as it is loaded with pics.

Dayna - I am SO thankful to have found your blog! So thankful! I love this post, too. My countertops could never, ever be naked. Seriously. We are consumers and cooks and bakers and… well, we use our kitchen almost constantly. Thanks for helping me to accept that naked countertops overrated. Besides, my kitchen is more likely to be dusted with flour than photographed for Pinterest. ;-)

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