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New Signs and Spring Break.

This sign reminds us to live a little…to have some fun.

Someone customized this sign, 
but we wanted to offer it in the shop because we know that someone else out there needs this reminder.
Hello. Me.

Courtney ordered this sign for her home, and we loved it so much, we decided to list it.
You can order any of these framed 2X2 signs in our shop.


We’re on spring break this week, and our family is headed into Atlanta this morning for a couple of days.
We found a great hotel downtown on priceline, and we purchased some city passes.
I think most major cities have city passes that let you explore some great sites for a fraction of the normal prices.
I hope you have a city near you that offers them because it’s a great deal!
Anywho, our family is going to see the World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium today.
Lydia is excited to taste coke from China, and Andy and the boys are just excited to drink coke.
They don’t really need any excuse…they’re all {how can I say it?} addicted
I think it’s safe to say that I’m most excited about the aquarium, since I gave up soda about 7 years ago.
What is it with kids and hotels?  
They are MOST excited about all of us cramming into one room together tonight.  Go figure.
Tomorrow, we’ll head to CNN {Turner Broadcasting} because supposedly, the world’s largest escalator is there.  
We’ll also try to squeeze the Atlanta Zoo in tomorrow, if it stops RAINING!
Whoo Hoot….Rain and Spring break go so well together.  
One of our kids asked us if we bothered to check the weather before we made these plans.
Ummmm. No, why no we didn’t.  He gets to make spring break plans next year!
{It’s always fun when your kids are smarter than you.}
I don’t know about your family, but we’ve struggled to make consistent vacations a priority.
The vacations we’ve taken have been amazing and wonderful, but we’ve never committed to taking one every year.
This past Christmas, when we all went to Washington, DC for a week, it hit us that time is going by fast.
These kids are growing up, no matter how many times we tell them to stop having birthdays!
Luke will be 13 next week!!  We’re on the 5 year stretch with him!!  Okay, pass the tissue…I’m crying.
We couldn’t make a big trip this spring break, but we sat down and figured out a way to make this trip happen.
Is it just us, or do families have more fun when they take a trip together?
We sure do.  Our fun factor goes up twelve notches when we leave home.

What’s your take on family vacations?

Sara - Love the signs! Since we range in age from 15-3 vacations are still hard. I’m not wishing the days away, but ready for me to feel comfortable enough to pack the kids in the car and go while Jeff stays home and works. Maybe next year? Then again, we are into the 2 year stretch with our oldest! Maybe she’ll want to come back to do family vacations after she’s left home? Yeah, right. We do take a family beach trip each summer and wouldn’t miss it for the world! Have fun in the ATL!

Megan - They will love the Coke museum, but I thought it was so expensive. They really just loved the taste testing room, so I told the kids next time I will buy $50 worth of Coke products and we will have our own taste test! The Aquarium is amazing though. We could spend all day in there. Haven’t been to the zoo yet…it’s on our Georgia list! Can’t wait to see what you think! Happy spring break!

Blondie's Journal - I never heard of city passes, I have to check that out the next time we go to a big city. I live in Chicago so I think I’ve seen everything here! lol!

Enjoy your trip!


Dayle @ A Collection of This and That - We discovered the world of RVs and camping when my daughter was small and were blessed to enjoy many amazing family vacations. Of course, having only one child has its perks, but there were times she got lonely for a “friend,” so we took along a cousin or two. Those were the busy, but fun years. Enjoy them while you can, and it sounds like you are.

The Man and I have an empty nest now and still enjoy our RV travels, and alone time, so very much. Life has seasons and there are things to cherish in each one.

Have a blessed day, Tara.

Laura @ Top This Top That - Oh good for u. I love the aquariam! We are heading to gatlinburg. We just love that cheesy little town and go up every year. Enjoy every min with yout hubby and kids just like I will be doing.

Christy - Sounds like fun! Hope the weather clears up for you. I love your signs. :) Will you stop it already with the whole 5 year stretch thing!? I can’t stand it! (sniff)

Barbara - Sounds like a great plan, we went to the Coke museum in Las Vegas holy smokes our kids came out bouncing off the wall but it was so much fun, I so LOVE soda but have cut back just on a special occasion.
Love the new signs.
Have a fun Spring break!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Have so much fun!! :)
(And I might just need that It is what it is sign. I’ve been known to say that a time or two…)

Tiffini - vacations? so need one:)
we are planning one for august..down at the lake
love the
and i smiled at the sign..i say that all the time
it is what it is..and i sigh.
i helps the stres for some reason..reminds me i can’t control most
just myself
loved seeing snippets from your outings yesterday..frame the one of andy
cracked me up
have a beautiful weekend…xo

Kim B. - I LOVE family vacations! We have a motorhome and thankfully live only 30 minutes from the beach where we camp in it. Our oldest son who is in college makes sure he plans his Spring Break plans around our beach trip so that he can still come. It is GREAT bonding time w/o all the outside distractions. So glad you guys got to get away! I’m enjoying your pics on Instagram :)

Lil Light O Mine - I LOVE MY SIGN!! Thank you Tara. It makes me so happy – still trying to find the perfect spot for it You are so talented.

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