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Need Help!

I went to do a post today, and it looks like blogger has changed the way you upload your pictures.  Every time I try to upload one, it says…”Server Rejected.”

I’ve gone to and read about this new feature for uploading photos.  I have the most recent, up-to-date flash and I have Mozilla FireFox for a browser.  I’ve tried “un-checking” blogger in draft as a default, I’ve tried going into the settings and changing the “up-dated version” for my editor…nothing that I’ve tried works.

Wow.  This is my first real problem with Blogger, and I have to say…I am frustrated.

It’s so bizarre to not be able to switch back to an “old” way of doing things.  I like that they are trying to give us a way to upload multiple pictures at once, but I’m not sure why it works for some and not for others.

Any suggestions? 

Can anybody out there tell me if I’m doing something wrong?

**Update 7/31/10**
We worked on this problem for hours throughout the past couple of days, and the only thing that solved the problem of uploading pictures into my post was downloading the free software from Picasa Web and uploading my pictures from there.  What a total drag all of this has been…

DustyLu - I am sorry I don't know. If I ever have a problem with blogger, I try and just empty my cache! Sorry. Lulu

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} - Another blogger mentioned having a problem yesterday. Since she has a blog that has never had photos added before, it was her first time. Frustrating, I'm sure!

I would just wait it out, sometimes it's just a glitch or the server is overloaded with requests. Other than that, I'm not much help. :(

Also, make sure you back up your blog regularly. I have heard of bloggers losing everything. It's easy to do and you can save it on your desktop as a document if you ever need to upload the html elsewhere.

paige - ugh!
i wonder if its a glitch with blogger.
also, did you update to the newer format i think its on your dashboard?
have you recently ran a c-cleaner, degrag?

Farmgirl Paints - Oh no! I haven't seen that yet…YET. Good luck sweetie.

Between You and Me - I have the updated version …I've tried to go back to the older version, and nothing changes.

I've backed up my blog to be on the safeside….

Tonia Hobbs - Did you say you werent out of space? That happened to me lately and I had to purchase more from them.

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