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Naked Windows No More.

Nester is having her home goals linky party this week, so I thought I’d join in.
My projects for this year are going to be pretty simple.
Every single room in this rental house has naked windows, so I’m gonna get them dressed.
The end.
These are the two windows in the room, and they’re going to get plaid panels on both of them.
Here’s the black and white fabric that I’m ordering this month.
I’ll add more of this fabric for a Euro sham on each bed and for simple bedskirts on each.

Our room feels pretty finished except for those naked windows.
I think I’ll put four of those prints together and take out that center one when I add panels.
If you look at the bedding, there is a pop of orange in it, so I’m thinking about some orange panels.
or maybe this?

More nakedness.
I’ll add more panels to those two windows this year, if I can ever decide what color or pattern.
I love a good neutral palate, but I’m about sick to death of the lack of color in this room.
Some color will surely wake this tired room up!
Here are some inspiring photos that I’ve saved on my pinterest boards for our windows.
The windows kind of make a difference!

{thankful for}
247. a short project list for 2012.
248. finishing the first book on my reading list.
249. color.
250. lydia’s laugh tonight at dinner.

janet - Your window ideas are beautiful..I can’t wait to see how you finish them up..

Tricia - You have great taste, so I’m sure whatever you do it will look beautiful. Can’t wait to see it all done!

GLENDA CHILDERS - It looks like you are going to have a fun time fulfilling that list.
Your place is lovely. And curtains will make such a huge difference.
We are renting,too.


Cat - I love your home! I like it naked, but love all the fabric and pics, too. Everything looks so cozy and home-y. :)

Simply Jen - Awe…your home looks SO cute! We’re in a rental, as well, and the windows drive me ca.ra.zy! Although window treatments make a HUGE difference, they’re not on my current radar…hmmm…maybe they should be!?
Anyhoo…when you get a chance, could you direct me to where you got your chalkboard (or if you made it, did you put a tutorial on here?)…and…I’m not sure if you did, but how did you paint your kitchen table and chairs? This is something I really would like to do, and I was thinking about painting all the chairs and the “bottom” of the table a cream while leaving a wood tone on the actual dining surface, just like yours. Does that even make sense…so wordy…but it needs to be bedtime ;o).
Love your site and can’t wait to see all the drapery transformations!

Janie Fox - Love your house! I am a curtain kinda girl. I love a good black and white buffalo check. I am thinking of adding it to one of my rooms. I also love all your pinterest picks. I am sure whatever you go with will be fab. You have great taste. I still covet that cow painting!

Miranda - Your house is so pretty! I love the sign between the windows in the boys’ room. That plaid print is FANTASTIC. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the windows. By the way, your blog design is gorgeous. I love the header, just as much as I love fabric covered wooden hoops. ♥

April - LOVE the statement on the chalkboard!!!!

Hettie - I love your style. That orange is going to be great in your bedroom. Be sure to update us all as you get them done. Hettie (

Pine Tree Home - Window treatments are a thorn in my side. I never can get them right. Like your ideas.

natasha - I’m with you on the naked windows! 2 of my 4 major projects involve window treatments.

Where did you get the UGA sign??? We are HUGE Dawgs fans :D Please leave me a comment over at my blog with where I could get my hands on one of those.

Elizabeth - I love a pretty window and I am sure you will do a wonderful job with yours. You have made your “rental” look beautiful. I just LOVE that chalkboard and the master headboard.

Deborah - Naked windows is one of my projects this year. I love the blue and white print and colorful print for you family room.

blondiensc - oh I love all of the choices you made for your home, especially the orange, I would go with #2, love some chevron stripes!! My windows are mostly naked too…I guess I am too lazy to finish them up or maybe I haven’t found the right fabric, either way, you inspire me to change this up asap! happy weekend Tara!

Farmgirl Paints - I need to dress a few of our windows too. It really does finish off the room. I vote orange chrevron. My eye immediately went to that pattern.

Carrie - Great goal! Simple, but should be a lotta fun and make a HUGE impact! I love your inspiration images, you’ve got wonderful taste (at least its similar to mine and I’m supposed to think that’s pretty spectacular, right? :-)

mary katharine - Love the UGA sign! Did y’all make?? :) And as for curtains for the living room … not that I have any real valued advice, BUT I love the blue and white curtains in the middle room you posted. LOVE them. Not sure if it is the lighting or what, but that is a really nice room, I think. As for the curtains in your bedroom … I suppose it depends on if you need the room taller (stripes) or wider (chevron) … right? Like I said, I’m totally an armchair quarterback when it comes to interiors:). Have fun! You’re awesome and always inspiring. Gotta get over your way before we move!!

Karena - Tara, what is great is that you are focused on one design detail; albeit in several rooms. I love the plaid for the boys and maybe that check in the kitchen/dining. I adore chevron and have been wanting to use it myself somewhere in the house!


Art by Karena

Melaine Thompson - Can’t wait to see what you do! I still have that orange print pillow and orange stool if you are interested for your master bedroom? :)

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse - Love this post. Nearly all the windows in our home are naked too…since no curtains are better than ugly curtains, right. I hope to clothe my windows & cross them of my list this year as well. Excited to see what you come up with.

monarte - Hi I love, the butterfly prints in your bedroom. I want to put some like them in my Living room… the one’s on your blog are nicer than any I have found … could you tell me where I can purchase them. I also sent you an Email . Thanks Mona

twest70 - I love, love the 2nd choice. You are so creative!

Tiffini Kilgore - mine are naked too
we have such the same taste
i really like your selections you know?
i will keep you to this for the year.
come December 31 I want to see clothed

Handbags*N*Pigtails - I did an audible gasp at this post because I have the hard copies from magazines of each of the rooms you pictured above. Great minds think alike:)
And I have the same problem in our 1860 home. Its chock full of character(& windows!) and I think I must have commitment issues or something because most of them are still naked:)

Sara - Please repost these pictures! I’d love to see them, and I have a pin that leads me here, but no other info about the picture!

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