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Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013-between you and me

It’s Christmas Eve, and all through the house…not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.
We’ve been bit by the Flu bug!! The kids got out of school half day on Friday, and by 4 pm, Seth had a fever. I raced him to the doctor’s office before they closed, and his flu swab came back positive. YUCK.

I’ve been saying all month that we were too busy and something had to give, but I didn’t want to slow down this way. Oh well, the forced rest was much needed. Without it, I feel sure we would have kept on busying ourselves right up until the very last second of 2013.

So far, it’s only been poor Seth and Andy who have been sick, so I’ve taken full advantage of the extra time at home by cleaning out/organizing/purging every closet and drawer in the house. I’ve also read a couple of books and watched Shrek 1,2,3 and 4 with the kids.  Guess what? I’m OVER Shrek.  But I’m not at all over snuggling with my kids, so I’ll watch it a few more times over the next several days, I’m sure!

Christmas looks different this year for us.  We won’t be getting a little dressed up and attending our church’s Christmas Eve service.  We won’t be gathering with my sweet parents and my brother and his crew tonight, which also means we won’t be eating all of our favorite appetizers and desserts around our dining room table.  We won’t be playing games with my brother’s crew, after we eat way too much food together. Nope.  All of that will have to wait until we’re in the clear from this Flu bug.

But we will, just the five of us, be together tonight at our house.
We’ll find something to eat that sounds half way decent to the sick ones, and we’ll snuggle up in the family room for another Christmas movie. {Here’s to hoping it’s something other than Shrek!} 
And tonight, we’ll go to bed thankful that we have each other and most thankful that Christ came to be with us. Every second of every day he is Emmanuel, GOD WITH US.

I hope you know He is with you. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, however you feel, whatever your circumstances…he is WITH YOU.

{thankful for}
838. forced rest
839. Dr. Matt Baker
840. insurance
841. tamiflu
842. family & friends who call and text to check on us
843. Emergen-C
844. Christmas cards in the mail.
845. Christmas movies {even Shrek!}
846. the energy to organize and purge closets and drawers
847. Chinese neighbors who show up with homemade Chinese food
848. good books
849. warm beds
850. sanity…we haven’t lost our ever-loving minds yet being cooped up together!

Sally - Tara, So sorry to hear the flu has hit, but good for you for keeping a positive attitude. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may the flu pass quickly with the fewest possible patients! ~Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer

Lori H - Merry Christmas, Tara! You are such a bright spot in my day :) I am sorry that the flu bug hit – hope that it won’t get the rest of you. It seems so like you to look at the bright side. You have inspired me to do some de-cluttering. I have been a little restless in this time before we head to church for the candlelight service, so organizing will occupy me just fine. That, and making a big pot of minestrone. We had warm temps all week but now I am so happy that we have cold weather back, soup is just the thing for Christmas lunch (a bridge between a big breakfast and a big dinner!)
God bless you and yours.

Becky @Farmgirl Paints - So sorry friend. A forced rest is not always a bad thing. Think of all those catering you’ll save;) Merry Christmas girlie. Praying you and the others stay well.

paige - merry christmas friend
you are loved
(praying everyone is rapidly on their way to recovery!)

Jackie - Soooo glad the rest of you are still feeling good! Praying that this morning Andy and Seth have more energy and are coming out of the tunnel. Forced rest can be such a good thing, even when it seems to come at an inopportune time. May the quiet family time be ever so sweet for all of you.

We love you all so much and wish you a beautiful, restful Christmas day!
He has come. Love has won.

Christy - I hate to hear your crew is sick. :( I hope everyone is better soon. Glad you’re getting in some snuggle time. Blessings to you and yours this Christmas. With love, Christy

Tracy - Merry Christmas Tara…many, many, blessing in the new year! Emmanuel..God with us
Amen! Praying you all are feeling well very soon!

Londen - The sickness got our little one today. Still a nice christmas but being sick isn’t fun. Sorry to hear about your sick ones….and shrek :) love your Christmas picture!
Merry christmas

Jill @ Cora Anne Designs - Tara – I just logged into Pinterest and saw you were having fun pinning farmhouses and it made me think I should pop over to your blog! Sorry Christmas wasn’t as you planned, but hopefully the downtime turned into a huge blessing for your family, especially after such a busy month. It’ll be memorable at least, right?!? Hopefully you’re all on the up and up by now, have a great day!

And by the way….someone with the flu DID come to our Christmas and now I was up with a throwing up child last night, so I’m sure your extended family thanks you for staying home!

megan - So sorry you guys have a sick family. That is just the worst feeling when you realize all of the plans you have made will be cancelled. But there is beauty in that too, and I am glad you have found it. I hope you stay well! Your family picture is beautiful – what a lovely family you are! Merry Christmas friend!

Kelly Cach - Hoping you’re all healed and healthy for the new year!!! And what a gorgeous family photo!!! We barely managed to get one taken….now turned New Year cards ;). It actually takes the pressure off, though!

Blessings to a fun family!

Amanda Adkins - This family picture is fantastic! Happy New Year!

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