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Meals on Monday…week two.

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served with this:
Fruit Tray {minus the figs}
So, I started this new tradition last Monday, and I’m loving it.
I’m going to show you a beautiful, inspiring kitchen because we all seem to drool over pretty kitchens,
along with pictures of the meals that I plan to do for the week.  
Under the picture, you’ll find the name of the dish, and if you click on it, it’ll take you to the recipe.

 I kind of figured out this past week that I really don’t need to plan six meals.
For one, I never feel like cooking on a Friday night.
Whether our week has been awesome or not, we like to order pizza or make our own.
For two, there are always a plethora of left-overs in our fridge, so we need to learn to EAT them.

And, I also don’t perfectly follow the recipes if they call for something that I don’t want to add to our budget.
For example, last week I made Ina Garten’s meatballs,
and I used extra lean ground beef instead of veal & pork.
I followed the rest of her recipe, and we loved those meatballs!

I know that most of you have been printing recipes and storing them in a binder all of your lives,
but this chick just got it.
Literally, the light bulb just went off last week.
I feel like I’ve revolutionized my kitchen and our meal planning!

And, I’ll always save the best part for last…
Let’s talk about that kitchen.
What’s your favorite thing in it?
…loving the white cabinets with the white countertops with the white subway tile backsplash…
love that the cabinets up top are open and showing us all of the stored goodness….
…love the texture of the baskets against the white…
….love the colorful cookbooks and the green plants next to the sink….
~such perfection all wrapped up in one picture~

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Biz - 1st off I’d like to say I love everything about that kitchen!
2nd, I subscribe to and they send me a weekly mean plan with grocery list attached divided by sections that also keeps me within a budget! I love it, you should check it out!

Farmgirl Paints - I am forever in love with white subway tiles. One of these days soon I hope to take a class on tiling at Home Depot. I want to do half my powder bath and eventually our kitchen backsplash. That first pic of the potpies literally made my stomach growl!!!!

These Are The Days - I do like that kitchen, the white subway tiles, the recipe bookshelf and the plants! That minestrone soup looks good, think I’ll make it!

Megan - I want that chicken pot pie for lunch!
My favorite thing in that kitchen – it’s all beautiful, but I love the books!

Bette - I love the pictures of all the food! minestrone is on my meal plan for next week for sure. I love the subway tiles in that kitchen!

LLH Designs - I’m very impressed with your meal planning and love the idea of showing a kitchen each week. A little extra inspiration is always a good thing when it comes to gearing up for good cooking!

I love the fixture (faucet).

Happy cooking!

Lindalou - Beautiful kitchen. I love all white kitchens and those books set it all off for me.

Pot pies sound wonderful. Off to print the recipe.

Hershey's Moma - K. First, I love love the pics you post. Second, I so wish I was coming over for dinner… tonight. Yum!!

Martha (MM) - beautiful kitchen but the food is what’s really impressive here! :-)

Patti - I love the line of books along the top..and the white cabinets. =) oh and the light and airy little plants she has on the counter. Were we supposed to mention just one? lol….

Lisa - I’m very excited for Mondays over here!! AND I’m saving that photo of the kitchen above…..gorgeous….it’s going in the inspiration files!

Jennifer - Oh my goodness! At first I was overwhelmed thinking “you’ve got it all together, why can’t I be like that?” then I realized I can if I just stop in every Monday….can’t wait. The best kitchen is a useful, tidy, clean, organized kitchen…oh and it has to be bright or it feels like a dungeon.

Thank you for my meal plan!

Tiffany - What would we do without the Barefoot Contessa?? I just love her and her food! White, organized kitchens are my favorite. There is absolutely NOTHING in that kitchen that I dont like!

DustyLu - Great idea! Love this! Keep it coming! Hugs lulu

Lissa - I always love a white kitchen! I thought you seemed incredibly ambitious with your meal plan last week! I love cooking every other day and then using leftovers when it works out!

Hailey - Seriously. Are you TRYING to make me FAT?? lol. I’m SO CLOSE to losing all of my preggo weight!! The last thing I need is Chicken Parmigiana and Chicken Pot Pie! But OH would I love some! :)
That kitchen is gorgeous. I’d be afraid to cook in it! It’s so clean and white and pretty! Love the greenery they added for color.

meg duerksen - this just made me soooo hungry!!!
it’s too late to go eat something.

how have i never been here tara!? i recognize your name but i don’t think i have visited.
it’s lovely here!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home - Your meals for the week look so good! I love that countertop. It would be my number 1 choice.

Pam - major kitchen envy. And those chicken pot pies! I’ve made her chicken stew with biscuits before and although it’s a lot of worth while. I need to try her pot pies!

TheUnSoccerMom - Saw your comment over at “whatever” and had to come check your blog out. So glad I did!!

I love that kitchen… I’m a bit obsessed with kitchens right now. I need to give mine a total make over. I love the open cabinets, but it gives me a bit of a panic attack… my plates are all mixed-matched, I think I would feel the need to go purchase newer, matching plates! ha!

Those pot pies look awesome… Thanks for sharing!!!

Deborah - Gorgeous white kitchen!
Mmmmmmmmm everything looks scrumptious! Im making chicken parmesan tonight..its a favourite and filling meal around my home.
That fruit tray….yum!
And the french toast with apple..I LOVE french toast!!!
This is a fabulous idea Tara and Im so thankful for the photos and recipess…thank you dear!

Have a great supper and bon appetit!!!!

Deborah xoxo

Alicia - melanie from pretties and posies sent me to your lovely blog and i love it! i’m your newest follower and i can’t wait to read more :)

Paula - I am so excited for Monday’s! I’m lovin’ your recipes!

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