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Meals on Monday & A Winner!!!

****************Edited to tell you who won the Love me Knot Give Away***************

Can you tell that I haven’t fully recovered from my vacation?
I forgot to tell you who won my give away from last week! chose Comment #47, and it just happens to be 
Jessica from These are the Days
Congratulations, Jessica…I’m so, so glad you won!!!
I’ll give your email to my friend, and she’ll get that adorable Love me Knot bag to you!

                  source: justine taylor

 Well, we got back on Saturday from our week long Disney Cruise with my whole family.
It was so much fun despite the fact that my husband and kids all took turns with a stomach bug.
The second day at sea Luke got sick, then Andy, then Seth, then Lydia.
Somehow, I managed to escape it.
I took care of all of them, so it can only be the Lord that spared me.
The good news is that it was short lived with each of them…only lasting about twelve hours.
We didn’t let it keep us down…we had the most wonderful time with my brother’s family and my parents.
It was so much fun watching our kids laugh and play together all week.
In true Lowry form, my husband & I were unpacked by 8 pm Saturday night.
We managed to finish two of the four loads of laundry,
and each person in the family put away what belonged to them.
We love going away on vacation and we love coming home.
Another thing I did as soon as we got home was clean out my fridge and go grocery shopping.
After a week of eating and eating and eating some more, I couldn’t wait to 
fill my fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables.
I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to going to the grocery store as I did after that cruise.
We’re all exhausted, so my meals this week will be e.a.s.y. and full of super foods!
And, we will be coming off the sugar high with absolutely no desserts this week.
Grilled Hamburgers with all the veggies & fresh fruit cups instead of chips!
I’ll be eating mine without the bread because I way over indulged on the cruise.
Grilled Chicken Kabobs with cherry tomatoes, zuchini, squash & mushrooms
Taco Salad with all the fixins’
Might use chicken instead of ground beef…
Grilled Chicken and pasta with cherry tomatoes & feta cheese

About that kitchen….
the light fixture…
the blue chairs…the barn table…
the thick molding…..
that huge white pitcher full of fresh blooms…..
those peaches all sprawled out on the table…….
and those gorgeous wood floors up against all that creamy white goodness.

I can’t wait to show you some of the 800 pictures that I took on our vacation…..
and I hope you like sailboats and flowers because I took pictures of them like it was my first time seeing them.

Lisa - So glad you had a wonderful trip but sorry to hear about the stomach bug. That has happened to us on vacation before too.
You’re inspiring me to eat a little more healthy this week…..starting with a fruit cup instead of chips! Hope you have a good re-entry to coming home.

Alisa - I LOVE filling the fridge with superfoods….ahhhhhh.

Blondie's Journal - Other than the stomach bug, it sounds like you had wonderful family fun!

You sure had a lot of energy when you came home. My suitcase rarely gets unpacked for a day or two! But I can see you wanting to get away form all of those sugary, high carb meals. Hope all of you get back on track!


Sheri - that kitchen – wow – just wow.

Woodard Gang - Great menus! I might have to try a few this week after our vacay too! Can’t wait to see pics and you know the funny thing…I took alot of pics of flowers and boats too!!

Laurie J - I can’t decide which inspires me more–the taco salad or the pasta with feta and tomato. YUM! that helps this meal-planning mama!

Janie Fox - That menu looks great… I am off to the store with those ingredients on the list!!
Glad you had a great time. I love sailboats and flowers!!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} - In LOVE with that first image!!!! WOW. Glad you had a safe and fun trip despite being with sick ones. I have always wanted to do one of those Disney cruises.

Susan R - Love that kitchen…I’ll be redoing all the woodwork in our home white. I think it will brighten things up a lot.
I love when you post a menu plan because I can never come up with new ideas for dinner and I can shamelessly copy your ideas. Thank You.
Off topic here…I was reading a friends blog and she showed a picture of a “Family Rules” sign that you had made for her.
Are you totally backed up on requests for these? There’s no way I’d attempt this myself, so I was wondering if you are still taking orders for thses beautiful works of art?
Let me know…

michelle - So glad that you had fun but so sorry about that nasty stomach bug! I am glad that you could still enjoy some things though and I can’t wait to see pictures! The food looks so yummy and fresh and that kitchen is so dreamy!!!

Rene - So glad you made it home safely. What a treat that must have been, but there is no place like home. Your meal line-up looks great. I will certainly be adding a few of those to our week as well.


Tessa - welcome back! we missed you! glad you made some wonderful memories with your family, tummy bug and all! :) Yummy food and extra yummy kitchen! xo, Tessa

kerrie of sea cottage - Isn’t God good when he keeps us ‘moms’ well to take care of our family? I think my four kids and hubby have caught every type of flu that has gone around this winter and I have remained well to care for them. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your vacation still. Thank you for the support and encouragement on my return to homemaking/mothering as priority and stepping back on blogging. I have already found a restoration of His promised peace. I understand the need for an outlet especially when homeschooling. I began blogging in my last year of homeschooling. Blogging has been a place of refreshment and encouragement as well as true relationships that bless me. But homeschooling/mothering/homemaking are full time 24/7…and it is a job/career that goes unnoticed. You are doing something that is treasured by God. It is so precious to Him. It is far more valuable than I can comprehend. Remember on the difficult days that what you are doing matters and stay the course…keep going…stepping gently in love.

Life with Kaishon - I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! Welcome home!

Kimberly - I’m glad you had a great time. Vacations are wonderful but it’s always nice to come back home, isn’t it? Thanks for the menu idea … I just may duplicate the whole thing! ;) Welcome home!

These Are The Days - THANK YOU SO MUCH TARA!!!

My jaw is on the floor…no kidding! I am shocked! I’ve never won anything before. :) I am so happy. I’d like to thank the academy, the director, producers, stylists, my publicist, fellow nominee’s and most of all Jesus. Thank you baby Jesus! :) OK I’m being kinda silly but I’m seriously SO EXCITED. :) Love that bag. EEEEK!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH! WOOO HOOO!!!!

I hope I read my name right or this would be really embarrassing. :) I’m triple checking before I hit ‘post’.

These Are The Days - K, I’ve calmed down now. I love that kitchen too, everything about it. The color scheme reminds me of my last house…but that one’s way more fabulous. Your menu look SO good, I think I’m going to copy several of the items. I love all those dishes, I don’t eat red meat but I use a lot of veggie stuff and chicken & ground turkey. Have a great week.

Tiffini - Happy your home! LOVE that kitchen btw! just screams spring!! We too..are having hamburgers tonight. welcome back friend:)

Traci - Glad you had a good time! That darn stomach flu!

Your menu looks great, and I know what you mean about ready to eat some fresh good food after a vacation :)

Hailey - Yay for a fun trip! Glad the bug didn’t last long! Those meals look amazing. I’m currently on a weight loss/get healthy kick, so I may use a couple of those. :) I love kabobs!

LLH Designs - Welcome home! Missed you while you were gone, but you hooked us up with some amazing blog friends. Every single post was wonderful!

I think you bring out the best in people, Tara!


Transparent Mama - We always get sick at the worst times too. I call it mother hazing. Looking forward to the sailboats.

Polly - joyful to have found you! Lovely blog, can’t wait to read through and get to know you

Julie Harward - I’m glad you had such a great’s always hard to come home and get back into the routine of things..have a great week! :D

Stacey - Hey Tara…I had to run and look at my calendar b/c I forgot when we returned from our cruise…we just got back from a Disney cruise too! We missed each other by a week. Too bad you had sick ones : ( I hear ya about the food…I think my kids ate pizza for the whole week. and did you happen to see the amount of fat in just one of those mickey ice cream bars???? eeeekkk. I too adore that kitchen!!!!

LuLu - SO happy to hear you were spared from getting the bug. Welcome HOME and can’t wait to see all the pictures. YOur meals look wonderful, happy week!!!!

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