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Meals on Monday

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Grilled Steak with grilled vegetables and twiced baked pototoes

Hi friends~
I feel kind of out of touch with blogland after taking a vacation the week before last 
and being gone this past weekend.
We had a retreat with our college girls, so I feel like I need a day just to catch up with your blogs!
My dear friend, Michele, came in for the weekend and shared her life and  heart with the college girls…
it was so refreshing to spend time with her, and all of the girls loved her from the start of our time together.
I took her to the airport early this morning and then came home to make my menu and grocery list.
Hopefully, you’ll get a couple of ideas from it for your families.
Okay. And, while I’m here, can I just tell you how tired I am.
I stayed up ’til midnight both nights of the retreat, and you’d think I pulled two all-nighters.
Michele & I played two of the college girls in a game of Mad Gab on Saturday night.
Have you played this game?
Our team names were “little chicks” and “mama hens.”
The old gals won by one.single.point.
Can you even imagine the victory dance that we danced?
Happy Monday!
I hope that Kitchen makes you as happy as it makes me today.
Why do I never tire of looking at beautiful kitchens?
Love the fresh flowers….
Love the painted wood floors even though I doubt I could ever be so brave….
Love the white washed boarded walls….
Love the door open for the fresh air and sunshine to flow through the house…
Love the bowl of vegetables…..

GLENDA CHILDERS - So glad your retreat went well. One of my favorite parts of planning retreats, is that I always invited my great friends from around the world to come and speak. Rest well.


michelle - What a fun weekend! I love being with my girlfriends and just laughing and letting go of stress! That kitchen is gorgeous, so bright and fresh and the food look so amazing!
I hope you get to catch up on sleep and blogs! :) Have a wonderful day!

ziondreamer - That kitchen does make me happy. I have big plans for the kitchen in our new house here in Alabama.

I’m curious – what does your kitchen look like?

These Are The Days - Two all nighters? How’d you do it? :) Fun weekend though!!

Tiffini - bless your heart…I can almost feel your tiredness. What fun though..what memories. That is what makes life worth living. Your dinners look delish, I am so busy this week we are reheating the chicken noodle soup I made last night tonight…and maybe tomorrow…lol! at least it is food. Love ya:)

Lissa - Hi Sweet Tara~ Neal and I have had a BUMMER day! (long story) and now we’re sitting next to each other on the couch- each on our computers- and when you’re blog popped up I looked to neal and said, “now this is a blogger I LOVE!” :)

We have very similar taste in food and kitchens. LOVE white kitchens! It would have such a hard time living with a kitchen that wasn’t. How is your weather? Is it warm for grilling? You should REALLY try my steak recipe I posted recently. It’s so completely delicious! I just forgot to take a picture when I was done cuz becky was here and we were chatting.

Tiffany - Hi Tara! Sounds like you had a great time! I have been looking for a good chicken enchilada recipe and I think I will try that one. They look so good! Hope you had a great day!

Michele - It was a great weekend, but have such a “retreat hangover”!!! I love the meals and put a few into my rotation for next menu planning. I had a great time, and wish it could happen more than every 6 months or so :]

Hershey's Moma - It was the painted floor that caught my eye. I’m like you though in that I don’t think I could ever paint my floor. Maybe one day when they get to the point of needing sanded down…
Grilled ham, muenster and spinach sandwich is my favorite recipe that you’ll be making this week-
Have a great week!

Tessa - hey there, busy lady! that kitchen might be one of my all time favorites! that floor! have a great week!! xo, Tessa

Playing Sublimely - I want those chicken enchiladas right now!!!

Life with Kaishon - I didn’t want to make you cry : (
I DO want to have you invite me over for dinner : )
You are such a good planner and organizer Tara. You inspire me!

Rene - It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! What fun to stay up late playing games with a friend. These meals look yummy and I have been trying very hard to stay on track with my own meal plans each week. Everything runs more smoothly with a this way. The kitchen is gorgeous!

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