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Meals on Monday

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Since my husband is on a Spring break mission trip with the freshman students at UCF,
I decided to let my kids pick out their favorite meals this week.
Homemade Pizza
{I’ll make our own pizza dough and give everyone a personal pan size of their own to “decorate”}
Blueberry Pancakes
{My kids love breakfast for dinner, and I do, too, because it’s easy!}
Cheese Quesadillas
{I add sauteed vegetables & black beans with Guacamole, Sour cream & Salsa}
Spaghetti with homemade meatballs
I’m also going to have my kids do most of the cooking.
Each of them love helping me in the kitchen, but usually, it ends up being cutting up fresh fruit for everyone.
I think it’ll make them feel special & “bigger” if I let them follow my instructions and make it 
all by themselves.
To make sure that an argument doesn’t break out, I’ll let each child have a turn at being lead chef.
that kitchen…..
the ceilings…
the light fixtures…
the farm sink and skirt….
those ginormous windows….
the island and the plants…
the clear glass canisters with flour and sugar…
{I just added these to my counter tops this weekend}
the bead board backsplash….
the glass cabinetry….
the wide-planked wooden floors…..
Well, I’ve lasted about ten weeks at these “Meals on Monday” posts.
It definitely has helped me get into the habit of making my weekly menu plan on Sunday afternoons.
It’s also helped me get into the habit of only buying what I need for one week at a time.
I think we’ve saved some  money in our grocery budget this way.
But, I’m bored to tears with these posts.
The best part of them for me are the kitchens that I showcase each week.
How sad is that?
With that said, I’m moving on.
I’m still gonna make my menus each week and try my best to follow them, but no more weekly posts on them.
Thank God we’re entering the grilling season.
I imagine that we’ll be visiting the farmer’s market just about every weekend to pick up fresh ingredients.
And, we’re even going to attempt to do another small garden.
The last one we did was when we lived in Georgia, and my dad came over and regularly helped us.
{and by “helped” …I really mean that he did most of the work}
We stood and watched and took a plethora of pictures to document all of it.
Happy Monday~

Janie Fox - Love your header- Bring on the spring. It is so dreary and rainy here. I need some sun and some green! Love the kitchen picture. Who wouldn’t want to cook in there!

Hershey's Moma - Aww. A little disappointed you’re finished with this series but I understand. Hope your week of letting the kids do [most] of the cooking goes well. Does this mean you’ll do all the clean up…?

Cha Cha - This looks very much like what our menu would look like if our kids picked the menu. I have enjoyed this series so much. Thank you for always sharing your life.

Cha Cha

haggen family - Love your blog. I am sad you are no longer doing the Meals on Mondays. I’ve wanted to make menus for a while and you helped me get started. I was happy to get some recipes and new ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Alicia - making a menu is such a “must!” on the weeks when i’m lazy and don’t do it, i can definately tell the difference :)

Kait - I love new adventures!!! :) Can’t wait to see what is next.
Looking at the pictures of food is making my hungry!!
If you have not already, Please check out my blog for the giveaway I have going.

Transparent Mama - Oh.. I just can’t wait for grilling season.

Farmgirl Paints - It’s gonna be a while for us with the grilling. I can’t wait til the snow is melted off the deck. That’ll will be a good day:)

Lisa - OH – I’m so sad you’re done with this series! I enjoyed it so much, especially the kitchen eye-candy you featured each week! Thanks for all the inspirations.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia - I love love love that kitchen, exp with the dog bed :)
Sorry to hear you wont post the meals but we all understand :)

Traci - Love the kitchen. I’ve been going back and forth with adding big glass jars with sugar and flour. I’m not sure I have the counter space, and worried it will look to cluttered.

kerrie of sea cottage - O swoon over that kitchen! Your meals look like our meals. We eat very similar. I buy homemade pizza dough at Trader Joes to make pizza. T.J’s also has the best meatballs…we like the mini party size beef ones, but they have good vegan ones too. I’m looking forward to planting our veggie garden soon. I can tell you that tomatoes are the easiest to grow, so plant at least four of them.

Becca - Great menu planned for sure! And, I love that you involve your kiddos, too. I’m a huge fan of “for the love of a house,” too! Have a great day, Becca

michelle - I will be over for the week for dinner! These look so good! ;) I think I need to start doing that otherwise it is breakfast every night for us!
I love that kitchen, so open and airy and OH that ceiling and island!!

Tiffini - Pancakes…now that sounds good! I am all in on the grilling. I can’t wait.
I’m thinking of a garden also…I’m hoping Lissa does some posts on planting herbs. I’d like to try planting some of those too. Tulips?:)

LLH Designs - Dang, that kitchen is good looking! Good for you for feeling free to let go of a regularly scheduled post. (I’ve never been good at those kinds. Defeats the free-spiritedness of blogging for me!)

We make homemade pizzas almost every week. I just went to a cooking class and got a greet tip: zest a lttle orange or lemon peel on top just after you pull it from the oven. It was so good! Especially with goat cheese!


Debbi Beverage - Love your new look for the blog! I also love the kitchen!!! What a great inspirational room! I will miss your meals on Monday’s! They have been inspirational as well, but I understand:)
Debbi @ the beach

Julie Harward - I think favorite meals like this should be for every day…YUM! ;D

hometown girl - that kitchen is fantastic! i love your menu’s gives me ideas!! my hubby was out of town and we had pancakes for dinner! kids love it here too! take care, susan

BearShe Cottage - It all looks yummy.

Simply Me - Hi There, i just found your blog, LOVE IT!!!! everything looks yummy.. I also live in Orlando, well really Saint Cloud.. Love your house..

These Are The Days - I love those meals too! Oh and that kitchen…to die for! Anxiously awaiting my bag, I’ll let you know when it comes. :)

8520381e-4acd-11e0-8df2-000bcdca4d7a - Hi,

my son is a junior at UCF and I think you will understand when I say we celebrated GOTCHA DAY at our house today. I have been loosely following your blog and enjoyed how much we had in common. When I saw the UCF affilitation, I just had to chime in. Olivia is 8, from the SuiXi province and we are hoping to go again in July for “Paige” age 6. Two boys, 22, & 20 and daughter 16. I love your recipes and wish I had your drive. God bless, D in Crestview FL

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