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March Moments on Instagram and Random Information.

All thanks to Sasha, I learned how to make my Instagram collages.
 I thought I’d show you my moments from March….you know, now that we’re almost half way through April.

I also thought I’d share random information with you because random is all my brain can do this week.
I don’t know where this month is going, but it’s flying by, and I can’t slow it down.
I made the brilliant decision to schedule myself and all the kids for doctor appointments this month.
At the time that I scheduled all of them, I thought it might be good to get them all over with at once.
I was wrong.  It’s not easier.  It’s crazy and it makes me crabby.
I love spring but I hate pollen.  I’m going broke on allergy medications and saline solution for my Neti Pot.
Speaking of the amazing Neti Pot…please use distilled water if you use one.
I posted a picture of mine on Instagram and a couple of friends told me about the dangers of using tap water.
Apparently, there can be amoebas in tap water that could cause brain infections and ultimately death.
Ummm. I very much so wish I’d known this BEFORE I used tap water. 
While we’re talking about Instagram, I’m dying to know if you love it as much as I do.
Doesn’t it feel just a tad more personal than other social medias?
I’d love to know what you think about it!
One last thing before I close out this extremely thought-provoking post….
Jennifer Rizzo wrote the most hilarious post about her kids having her whole heart.  
You’ll laugh and you’ll totally relate.
I need to go for a walk in the neighborhood, while it’s still a little light outside, 
because I ate my weight in chips and salsa tonight at dinner.
The end.

Deidre - Eeeek … I need to figure out how to make an Instagram collage. So cool! I love Instagram as well. I spend way more time on there than I do other social media. I’m a visual person, so the photos seem more ‘friendly’ to me :)

Jennifer Rizzo - I love the instagram collage! I need to figure out how to do that!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I love you so much and I love that you ate your weight in chips and salsa. I did the exact same thing tonight… and I also walked my neighborhood. We SO need to be neighbors. Seriously. Let’s try to work that out. LOL

WhiteWhispers2u - I think you need a special app to do collage om IG! I love my chips and salsa too :)Good warning on the Neti pots yes you can cause infection and die.

Jackie at Roots and Wings - It’s the sprint to the end, isn’t it?! But summer’s just around the corner. :)
I’d love to add the Instagram thingy to my blog, too–I just love it!
And I totally feel you about the chips and salsa thing. I didn’t do so well yesterday, either. And I didn’t take a walk, even though I promised myself I would. Instead I watched Hannah Montana reruns with Hadley. Not my shining moment. But today’s a new day, right?
And btw–you’re awesome.

Barbara - Love you IG pic’s, last night I ate a plate of healthy sauteed spinach and tomatoes then saw the bag of corn chips plain no salsa darn it.

Mandy - Tara, I love your honesty! BTW, could you please tell me more about the fabulous bracelet in your adorable collage? Thanks.

Tiffini - you me and our chips! that has been a really hard one for me. good thing is most corn tortillas are gluten free but i have tried to stay away from tons of carbs everyday. so it has been awhile since i had chips. i did have maybe two handfuls last weekend at a mexican restaurant…i eventually need to decide what lifestyle of eating i want to adopt. the MAIN thing i can say is eliminating the processed ( as much as possible ) fast foods totally ( for the most part) and limiting carbs such as breads ( even ezekiel ) has made me feel so much better ( except for my colon ;) so i will continue with all of that…and where is this convo going?…lol! oh yes..chips and salsa.
i know one day we
WILL do that together and we will day…remember when we would say
i get like that to if my schedule is to packed. always makes me cranky. must be a personality thing or something..i had terrible allergies until i was in my mid thirties then they went away for the most part but my kids have them terrible. mainly grace! she is suffering right now too.
hope you are getting relief .. i do know how irritable it can make you..just plain miserable!
ok enough rambling…praying for you that God would enlighten and nourish you through His word…..much love

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