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Looking back.

Last January, I knew that God was going to do something special in my heart and mind.
 I knew that my word for 2011 was HOPE.
There were a few areas of my life that needed to be infused with it.
We were living in Orlando, and as much as I loved it, I longed to be near my family.
My mom has a lung disease and I honestly just wanted to be with her as often as possible.
We adored our college students, but we began to genuinely miss ministering to families.
My husband missed working on a team.
We really needed our house in Georgia to sell…it had been a long three years.
As much as we loved the weather in Florida for six months out of the year, we missed our seasons.
There was a hurt place in my heart that I needed Jesus to touch and make whole.

When you don’t know the answers and you know you aren’t in control, 
you need HOPE in the one who does and is.
I had no idea when I typed that post last year how much one year could bring so much change.
We moved back home to Georgia in August.
I’m an hour from my mom and dad and see them every single week.
We’re serving at a wonderful church in Athens, GA, where we met in college.
My husband is part of a phenomenal team in ministry with similar hearts and passions.
Two weeks after we moved to Georgia, our house sold.
We moved just in time to experience our favorite season….fall.
Jesus touched and healed the area in my heart in ways I can’t even explain.

The year was a blank canvas, and God filled it up with every color that he ever created.
I wonder what this year’s word will be?
What theme will He weave in and out of every piece of my life?

Don’t you know it’s killing me that I don’t have my word.
Killing me.

Maybe, it’s WAIT. {ha!}
We’ll see!

{thankful for}
229. HOPE in Christ.
230. watching seth play basketball today..fastest feet ever.
231.  a new hair cut that makes me feel a little like eddie van halen.

232.  a great visit with my parents on friday.

 233. pioneer woman’s chicken tortilla soup tonight.
234. the notebook being on again.
{I never get tired of that movie!}

Brooke - I’m definitely going to have to look up Pioneer Woman’s Tortilla soup! And The Notebook is by far mine, and even more so my husband’s, favorite! So thankful for all God has blessed you and your sweet family with!! xoxo Brooke

Farmgirl Paints - What a blessed year. Hope is such a good thing. Your word will come. Love how He worked out every detail for you. He’s so good!

melody-mae - loved reading this tonight…may more blessings rain down on you this year.

Barbara - Looks, like you are n the right path. Tortilla soup nothing better.

paige - i love a little blessing reflection! He truly orchestrated so many detials to bring to fruition your dreams & desires!

can’t wait to see your “rockin” new do!
camped by my mailbox

Elizabeth - So glad you are continuing with your “thankful for” endposts because I love them. God always have a plan for us and when we step back we see his wisdom.

Sarah - I love reading your blog posts, you are an inspiration! I think that people sometimes think things just work out in life or its all about timing. I believe in God’s plan! You are meant to be where you are in that moment for a reason. :)

Megan - I has been so neat to watch your story unfold. Isn’t it amazing to see how much the Lord can accomplish in one year?! As always, thanks for putting your story and your heart out there!

Deborah - He is so good all the time!
I love what He is doing in your life!
The notebook? Love, love, love that movie so!
Happy New Year!

Deborah xoxo

Tiffini Kilgore - I just read in Jesus Calling this morning about HOPE
that we are to hang onto is the golden chord connecting us to heave..and that we are to hang onto that chord, He bears the weight of our burdens..thus we are lightened.
I want to squeeze you. I know you needed that and our Father knows doesn’t He?:)
WAIT…is a word that He is teaching me too..
might be;)
praying your Monday dawns bathing you in JOY friend

theelizabethhighsmith - i really needed this today-hope has been my long standing word-i saw part of my hope fulfilled in 2011 and got out of the giant, monster, 1980, blue shag, mildew house, that was in and of itself a gift. still hoping for a mr. to see your list gives me tiny tears at the goodness of our father!

and i promise you this! to me hope and wait go hand and hand. do you know wait means to twist yourself onto God. it’s active, and no matter how many times we fall off we get up and tie ourselves back on ever closer because even in our letting go, falling off, he hold’s on. he is our hope so we wait! and he never changes we can’t lose hope when we have him. i feel like i should say amen due to this now sermon lengthy comment (and tone) and a genuine amen to your year. he is FAITHFUL! you’ll get your word, i know it!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) - what an awesome message. i love how REAL you have been since all of these changes have happened in your life. you have revealed to us how to trust in God. so beautiful. hugs, cathy

Kim B. - I LOVED this post as my word to start off 2012 is HOPE! My word for 2011 was BELIEVE & it is amazing to go back & see how I truly had to believe to get through my journey of 2011 & what God had in store. Your post gave me hope when I read how God brought you through your year of hope :)

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse - Yes…what a difference a year can make. I want my word this year to be ‘joy’ (hope that’s what God wants too…*smile*) because last year was emotionally trying. So GLAD you were able to go home.

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