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Living life On Purpose.

Edie is hosting a party about living life on purpose.  This is soooo my kind of party, so I had to join the fun.
I love living life intentionally and on purpose, even though I’m not always good at it.
I know reading posts like this can be so annoying to us when we’re in a non-productive season of life.
Just know that I flow in and out of those seasons, too.
I was just telling a friend today that I’ve had two weeks of not getting a whole lot of anything accomplished.
But the truth is, I function better when I’m working a schedule and rocking a system.  It’s just how I was made.
Here’s the thing we all know…living life on purpose happens because we decide how we want to spend our time and then we make a plan.
I thought I’d share just a few things I would looove to do really well this year and how I plan to accomplish them!
I want to love my husband well.  
So many times we love our spouses the way we want to be loved.  Oh, I’m so guilty.
The truth is, I need to be intentional about loving Andy the way HE wants to be loved.
My man loves physical touch. 
 He loves when I hold his hand or rub that super soft spot at the base of his neck.
It means the world to him when I lay close to him while we watch a show before bedtime.
Andy loves to know that I think of him. 
 He loves when I text him in the middle of my day or when I plan a date night.
He’s so good at pursuing me…sometimes I can be lazy and leave it up to him.  
I want to read the bible through this year.
This sweet girl introduced me to the Bible in One Year app on my iPhone.
It has made all the difference for me.
Reading the word daily has always been a struggle for me.
Well, let me back up.  When I first began my journey with the Lord, I did it religiously because I struggled to grasp grace and I spent years trying to feel worthy of his great gift.
After too many years of that kind of living, I seemed to go the opposite direction.
I spent time with the Lord, but if it started to feel at all like I was performing, I backed off.
Now, I just need his word.  I’m over the guilt and the performance.
I read it because it refreshes me and cleanses me and brings my focus back to Him.
I want to prepare most of our meals at home each week.
I grew up with a mom who cooked homemade meals 6 nights a week.  
It is truly one of my fondest childhood memories.  
It brought comfort to a crazy week to sit together in our kitchen.
I’ve been doing really good with my menu plans, but it is definitely something I want to continue.
I’d love to come up with a macdaddy plan like Edie did for the whole year.  
For now, I am going old school by making a written menu every week and adding it to my calendar.
I make a grocery list from my menu and try to do all of my shopping on Friday afternoons.
I’ll admit that cooking almost every night isn’t always fun with picky kids, 
but I’m going to get an A+ for effort over here!!! 
I want to be intentional in hosting people in our home.
Andy and I sat down on New Year’s day and wrote down around 50 families/individuals
 that we’d like to host this year.
We’ve always been decent at inviting friends over for dinner or arranging double dates,
but we’ve never been great about initiating with people we’d like to get to know.
It sounds ridiculous now that I’ve typed it out, but we just haven’t been intentional in this area.
How in the world did we ever expect to get to know people we don’t know that well 
if we don’t make a plan to get to know them.
It’s January and we’ve had one individual in our home and one family over for dinner.
We’re already looking to February, so we can invite a few more from our list.
I’m also trying to remember that it can be simple.  The meal isn’t near as important as the fellowship.
I hope to blog some this year about hosting and inviting people in and the meals that I prepare or the pizza I order.:)
We can feel like living intentional all day long, but we have to decide how we want to spend our time 
and then we have to arrange our lives to make it happen.
There might need to be things we say no to so that we can say yes to the things that matter to us.
What are some of the things you’re really wanting to accomplish consistently this year?

An Inviting Home - I followed your link from Edie’s site and this is my first time coming across your blog. I love all that you wrote about living with intention and loved the four things that you picked. I think that company and pizza and heck even throw in paper plates…and you have the perfect evening! :-)


BerryMorins Bits & Tips - These are great intentions. I’m sure you’ll accomplish them.

Barbara - What great intentions, we all are in just a hurry and sometime expect the other to just know how or what we are feeling.
Have a great day.

Starr - Love the “intentional hospitality!” I have some anxiety about my cooking skills (or lack of) which has kept me from hosting friends for dinner as much as I’d like; but I’ve just recently given myself permission to do easy things like taco soup or chili. Both are crock-pot friendly, which is good for this workin’ mama, and pretty fool proof as far as meals go! Love to have the Lowry’s over soon. As long as you enjoy taco soup. ;)

Laura - Tara-
I’ve visited here many times before, but just wanted to leave a little “hello” as I jumped over from Edie’s link up.
I too am using the BiOY app on Sara’s recommendation. I don’t know what it is that makes it so easy, but I’m not fighting it. In fact, I’m diving in and giving thanks for how it’s making it something to look forward to. I still turn pages in my bible later in the day, but using this first thing in the ayem has been great!
What do I want to be more consistent about?
Less screen time.
More time with books and writing.

Jenny - Love these posts. I am definitely on that road of intention in my life too. So much so, that I finally started up a blog about my intentions. I’d love to share it soon but because I am not such a computer gal, its taking me awhile to make it “workable”. I’d love to share it with you when I do announce it to more then close friends and family. These posts you have written allow people to look with in and dive deeper….love your soul. Thank you!
Jenny Carroll

Susannah - These goals are so wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I love the practical ways you are going to accomplish them!

Grace - ditto to what Laura said! the app has totally helped me read the bible more consistently. my life theme for this year is ‘no more excuses!’ and the last 3 things you listed are on my list as well! i suppose i should add your first one to my list too! being intentional- love it, and i can’t wait to see the growth in our lives through it!

Paige - Haha, your list is almost identical to mine! My husband and I have been intentional about having the same new years resolutions this year and it’s been SO helpful. We help keep each other stay on track and so far we’ve done really well!
P.S. I’m a new reader, and I LOVE your blog! Very touching and very thoughtful!

namaste - hi tara, i’ve been following along quietly here for a few months. i LOVE your blog. & i like this topic. years ago i bought a book about living life on purpose. i forgot all about it until i read this post. i especially like the idea of intentional hosting. that’s a good one to fulfill God’s will for all our lives. thank you for sharing!

Nancy - Hi, Just found your blog today and all I can say is…wow, how refreshing. Very inspiring. Thank you for your honesty and obvious heart for others. I will definitely be back for more. :)

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