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Life Lately and a Discount on Signs

I  hope you guys have a great weekend with your family and friends planned!  We have no plans, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  It’s been busy in all the good ways.

So what has life lately looked like?

We had one of our former students over on Monday night for dinner, and her former campus pastor and  his wife, who just happen to have also been in our small group this year.  It was so cool for us to all be together.  I think it was crazy for her that her former youth pastors and her former campus pastors are all sweet friends now.  Believe me when I say she is loved on well, and she can count on all of us being very much “in her business” pretty much for the rest of her life.

On Wednesday night, we had one of my oldest and dearest friends and her kids over because her husband is in Africa for 16 days doing mission work with local pastors in Uganda.  Our first choice is to go there ourselves, but since we couldn’t, the next best thing that we can do to be part of his amazing trip is to love on his family while he’s gone.  They’re so easy to love on…she’s so incredibly dear to my heart and so are her kids.

We love having people over for a meal.  There isn’t much anything that’s sweeter than breaking bread with others and sharing life together.  The first part of the summer was busy, and we weren’t able to have people over.  Not only did Andy and I miss it, but our kids noticed and missed it, too.

This week has also been a little extra busy because our oldest son was asked to work at a children’s day camp everyday this week.  We were so excited for him to get the opportunity to make some cash for himself and to learn some life lessons that every 13 year old young man needs to learn.  He’s realizing the importance of going to bed earlier in order to get up and do a day’s work.  He’s also working with young children, and the very first day that I picked him up, he said without hesitation, “Mom, now I know what you and dad mean when you tell us that you guys aren’t our cruise directors.  I am playing cruise director to 2-3 year olds all week, and it’s exhausting!”

Those life lessons are worth every single penny of the tank of gas it has cost me to drive him back and forth this week to his “job!”

I also wanted to share with you some of the signs we’ve shipped out recently and tell you about a coupon code that we’re offering to Heather from Life Made Lovely’s readers.

You can get 10% off your order when you order for the rest of July using the coupon code:: LIFEMADELOVELY.  Happy Shopping!

Have a great weekend!!  Tell me about your life lately….any vacations you’ve taken or special time you’ve had with family and friends?

Coastal Cottage Dreams - I love your signs. Thanks for sharing……sounds like you are having a fun summer.

GLENDA CHILDERS - I remember what it meant to me when Dave was overseas and friends invited the girls and I to dinner. So sweet.

(I also remember being asked to babysit so some couples could go out … since my husband was away. Really …)


Tiffini - well we are heading to the mall of america this friday! doing school clothes shopping for grace. finally..only one to buy for. went from 5 to 1. never thought it would happen.
although i did have to buy khaki’s and red shirts for dakota since he was hired at target…and yes 35% discount!!
that is good for him to work and understand..the best teacher!
thinking i will go have a pedi today and go to the grocery store and come home and work and maybe watch another tyler perry movie. we have seriously watched like..5 of them the last several days. we get in my bed around 2pm and watch…i end up napping for an hour or so. trying to wean off some meds and sleeping ya bunches:)xo

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I love, love, love you. And all your sweet signs. Your photos are amazing! What lens are you using these days?

Zolane - More wonderful signs! I just received my “I Hope You Dance” sign last week and I LOVE IT! Thank you so much!

Sarah - I love printstagram prints. I did my whole December Daily mini album this past year with them. I have been trying to find a frame or something else to hang them the others on like your’s. I love the paper they are printed on! So cool.

laurieg - Life lessons are priceless aren’t they?!

Your home and artwork are beautiful! Can you tell me where you got the lampshade in the 4th picture (above the table)? Or did you make it?


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