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let’s talk pins and such.

I had these high hopes of following the crowds and doing the 31 days of posts.
I was going to do 31 days of making a rental house your own home.
Except, we moved into our rental just last weekend.
And, it was PURE craziness.
If you know us at all, then you know that we didn’t stop until the house was 90% put together.
Let’s just say, we have fallen into bed every night.
The other 10% seems completely overwhelming, but we’re getting there one box at a time.
The good news is, the rental house is looking more like us.
The bad news is, I didn’t get my act together to join the 31 days of blogging about it.
But, I have managed to add some Fall touches to the house, believe it or not.
If I can ever find my other nikon lens, I’ll show you pictures of the place. 
*I really need to find that lens*
In the meantime, I’m going to attempt some of the awesome DIY projects in the pictures above.
{thankful for}
68. a sweet visit with my parents today.
69. a new washer & dryer.
70. lessons that we’re learning while living in a rental.
71. wonderful sleep in our own beds.
72.  Our kids, who are adjusting so beautifully to all the changes.

Lissa - I totally would kill myself to set up my home! I'm just like that too! Now find that lens!!! I would be freaking out! I can't wait to see what you've done with the place cutie pie!

Janie Fox - I am like that when I help move someone. We work until by the end of the first day aka early morning of the next…it looks like they have lived there for a long time. Tomorrow is the day we move my parents into assisted living. This is why I cannot sleep. So many emotions. I have been talking to God all night long. I know he is up :)
I can't wait to see pictures of your house. I just know it will be fab. And I love Pinterest!

traci - pinterest is just the best. such inspiration. i think it would be fun setting up a new home. time to try new things. good luck getting it finished and finding your lens.

Megan - So glad you guys have landed in one spot for awhile. You are the most nurturing mama bird and will make your family's nest so cozy!

paige - can't wait to see your home tara!
hopefully in person one day when i can swing a visit to you & smk in the same trip!

hometown girl - i love pinterest, so many lovely things! i hope you get all settled soon and find your lens. i'm glad the kids are doing well! susan

Tiffini - I do I know the feeling girlie! all to well but one box at a time is how you get there. There is nothing like you own things. We are doing the same thing..making a rental our home so I really understand. I can't wait to see what you are doing. I still can't get my act together and it has been one month! I still feel like I am cathing up…xo

Lulu and Co. - I'm thE same way…can't rest till my house is set up and the moving boxes are all gone! Have fun with adding fall touches to your new home!!!!!
Happy day,

Little Leslie - We're like that too. Just got home from vacation and emptied out the van, (from all the great finds), unpacked, did the laundry, got the cat from the boarder, and picked up the week's mail, all in the same afternoon.

Hope you have some time to relax.

Alicia - hey there! i'm just taking a break from unpacking too and i think it's so weird that you, me, AND shannon from flowerpatch farmgirl are all suddenly moving…and in rental homes. too funny, huh? i'm only a hop, skip and a jump from you now, so if you get done packin and wanna come help a sista out, i won't argue with ya :)

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