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Lemonade Makin’ Mama’s shop is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Sasha’s shop is now OPEN!

She always has the most amazing prints in her shop, but she’s kind of blown it out of the water this time.
{pun totally intended, since she added a plethora of watercolor prints!}
Sasha puts her heart and soul into what she creates for her shop.  You’ll love everything she has!
I’ve got one of those mason jar tea towels, and I can tell you it’s high quality.  I use it all the time.
Now, I just need to add one of her butcher selection ones to my collection!
Here’s a picture of Sasha’s butcher selection tea towel in action in her kitchen!  
I wonder if she’d let me come over for dinner?  I want whatever’s in that gorgeous cast iron pot.
Look at her thanksgiving prints!!!!!  
I’ve got the pumpkin one being shipped to me, and I can’t wait to show you when it gets here!
Here’s one last print for you to ooooh and ahhhhhh over.  
This would be beautiful on your bedside table or in your master bathroom…a reminder of what matters most.
I love all things handmade.  God has created all of us, whether we know it or not, to create.
Sasha has found her nitch.  She has found a way to create beautiful, handmade items from home for us.
It’s hard putting your art out there for all to see, so I not only love Sasha’s heart but I love that she has courage to create and share it with the world.
I’ve shown you just a glimpse of what’s in her shop…head over when you get a chance to see more!
Here’s a treat for you & me…
She’s blessing us with 10% off in her shop this whole week. {September 16-23}
Our coupon code is TARA10, and you can use it when you check out.

Head over as soon as you can…things go FAST in her shop.  No joke!
Oh! I almost forgot!!  You wanna know something else she makes that goes lickety split?
Her Christmas garlands.  
She’s got a wait list forming, so get on it, if you want one!
I’ll tempt you with a couple of pictures….
To get on the wait list, send Sasha an email at:  
Also, send her your full name, and the number of garlands you want reserved in your name.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Awww thank you sweet friend. Already got lots of orders from your sweet little promo. Thank you. :)

Tiffini - aren’t we so blessed? i mean really…this is crazy to have such an amazing group of women. there ARE some positives to this technology gig…hugs today girly. praying strength for your mind..your heart and your body….xo

Farmgirl Paints - I loved her stuff!!! Bought one of each I think.

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