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Laundry Room Makeover Design Board

Our laundry room is builder-grade boring.
 Up until now, it hasn’t been on my list of “rooms to improve” because well, it’s a laundry room.
I thought I could live with it, since no one ever sees it, but then a certain truth dawned on me.
  I see it…every day.
No amount of “prettyfying” this room will make me like laundry more, since it’s the chore that’s never finished.
But, I’m all about making this home function better for us, and this room ain’t functioning to it’s highest potential.
Clearly, as you can see, it’s the “catch all” room in our house.  
When a space in our home isn’t functioning well, I get a chaotic feeling that comes over me.
We all have a low threshold for something…lack of organization and non-functioning spaces are my something.
I set out on Pinterest to pin every laundry room I could find that had an element that I was drawn to.
We don’t want to sink a ton of hard earned cash into this room, so this’ll be done on the cheap.
Cheap and custom cabinets don’t go together, so I love the idea of adding shelves all across the back wall.
And, speaking of the back wall….I’m painting it black!  I told you I was going black somewhere!
We’ve got a mud sink that isn’t nearly as cute as the one in my design collage, but I’ll cutesie it up with bunting.
{and maybe a skirt around the bottom?}
And, I’m totally adding the wire shelving system to the back of the laundry room door for cleaning supplies.
{thank you Melaine for that genius idea.}
Here’s my design collage that’s serving as my punch list for this project.
I’ll be back {hopefully sooner than later} with updates!
Andy Lowry, if you’re reading, and I know you are, pretty please lets do this project soooooon.

In other news….Check out Sasha’s Christmas sign!!!
You’re gonna want to turn a back flip.  

Jackie at Roots and Wings - LOVE the new sign!! The Kirsche home may need one of those!

Rhonda - Good morning, Tara! Your Christmas signs are simply amazing. I have one and and have given one as a gift. Your laundry room makeover caught my other eye and I have a few suggestions. You might see if there is a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area where they sell used items that people donate when they are remodeling. I’ve seen some AMAZING things come out of there. Also, Craigs List or other area online community resale place. I do home organizing and see time after time how dusty and “fuzzy” things get in laundry rooms. With that being said, wire shelves scream “lots of fuzz” since they are open. To me, solid shelves would be easier to keep clean. BUT, if you can find some pre made cabinets on sale or used I think you would love that even more….especially with black walls. Dust and fuzz cling to laundry room walls! Also, baskets collect dust and fuzz. If you end up using them the best way to clean them is to take outside on a warm sunny day and hose them off. Be sure to leave outside until they are good and dry. Just my two cents worth this Monday morning. I’m off to organize!!! Blessings!

Tiffini - oh girl!! i hear ya!!
you will get it all done a little at a time:)
i have had to just let a majority of that go in this old house and
focus on only so many things. little steps and letting all else go
or i would go cray up in my mind…lol
and i LOVE LOVE that sign but sadly i can’t do a back flip but if i could..i WOULD!
much peace and grace your way today

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I have lived in my house for ten years and wanted to do something with my laundry room storage wise. It drives me bananas. I know what I want too… and it’s costly so it just sits… because I don’t want to get something in there that isn’t just what I want, so I end up with nothing. Bah! I HATE wasted space.

LLH Designs - Just had to say I’m loving all of your signs! Love today’s. I think your laundry room needs a sign. Something lovely to think upon while you do the dreaded laundry. (Phil 4:8!) xo!

Barbara Nelson - Thats gonna be pretty, you’re right Sasha’s sign looks pretty awesome.

Life with Kaishon - I really want to paint a room black now too! That is gorgeous. : )

Kimber-Leigh - so excited to see your inspiration for your laundry room! we recently moved to GA and we’re renting but the laundry room has nothing but a sink (and our washer/dryer). we are also looking at adding some economical upgrades to make it usable (and pretty!) i look forward to seeing what else you share about your project! :)

Beth Yarbrough - I am right there with you. Our laundry room is a replica of yours, except it has a LOT more junk and an unfinished paint job I started probably 2 years ago. I love the black wall idea. We are about to remove all the white metal shelving and stack our washer & dryer, then put up wooden shelves with bins & baskets. I am so tired of our dysfunctional space. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anne Marie - I really know what you mean…when someplace in my home is not functioning for us; everything else stops in my world and the focus is on that…(ah-em…that could by why there are a bunch of different projects here ;-)

btw: wondering if you could do a Christmas sign using Latin?? do you do custom??

Kelly Cach - Seriously…GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Just kidding… I like being understood ( now if my hubs could just figure me out;). Your 3rd paragraph defines my brain to a tee!!!

Aimee - Oh how I love a good room makeover. It makes me get all giddy and way too excited. Can’t wait to see what you do with it! I’m loving all the inspiration ideas. It will be just lovely, I’m sure of it.

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