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Laundry Room Before and Afters

This is what our laundry room looked like up until this past weekend.
We could have kept it like this forever, and it would have been fine, but I knew I could make it function better for us.
When Andy and I talked about what we wanted to do in there, we both agreed on a couple of things…
          A.  The project needed to cost no more than $100 &
B.  It needed to take us no more than 3 hours.
I made my own version of a design board with pictures I have pinned on my laundry board.
I have found that this is a great way to narrow down all the ideas I gather from Pinterest.
As you can see below, I even have a list of the elements we chose that we knew could work in our space.
In a perfect world, I would have every detail finished to show you today, but this ain’t no perfect world.
We did manage to get everything done that we set out to do, but the space above our mud sink still needs love.
I’ve been crushing on black walls, since Edie showed us her bedroom walls.
I wish I was as brave as that woman, but since I’m not, I decided to test the black wall waters in our laundry room.
I am in loooooooove.  No regrets!
My close friends might need to remind me of my love for light and airy walls,
before I smother all of our walls with black paint.  I’m kidding, I think.
I feel like I need to insert a drum roll…..but since you wouldn’t hear me, just pretend there’s one.
Here she is!

She has to feel better, doesn’t she?!  I know she doesn’t have feelings, but if she did….
I’m enjoying doing laundry more already.  Okay, that’s not true.  
But, I can tell you that I love going in there, since laundry is inevitable.
And more importantly, this room is now working for us instead of against us!
I consider all the baskets my friends.
A few of them store craft supplies and a few of them store essentials, like batteries, lightbulbs & sponges.
I decided to put all of my daily laundry supplies in my handy-dandy bag from thirty-one.
It’s on top of my dryer for easy access!
The only things we have left to do are::
     1. Add a colorful rug to the floor.
2.  hang hooks for backpacks.
            3. Put something above our mud sink.
Oh, and we did add the wire shelving rack behind the laundry room door for all of our cleaning supplies.
If I figure out how to angle my camera just right, I’ll snap some shots of it for you.  
It’s super helpful for storage.  I was ale to get all of our cleaning supplies out from under the kitchen sink.
One last shot at the before and afters….

*I had four of the baskets already, but the other ones all came from tjmaxx & marshall’s.
*We had the corbels, but we bought the shelves from Home Depot and used the stain we have at home.
*The rack on the back of the door {that you can’t see} came from Home Depot.
{if you’d like to know what it looks like, just look up above at my design board.}

Dawn - this looks amazing tara!! i am wanting to tackle my laundry room this fall, and i might just be a total copy cat!! love the black walls…and love our thirty one tote..i became a consultant not too long ago!!

Tracy C. - where did you find those great baskets? I love the texture they bring!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - Beautiful! Love the wall color!

paige - LOVE it!!!! honestly as much as i love white, a black wall is seriously the perfect compliment to a light airy home. it grounds it. even if only the laundry room.
give george a virtual high five.
oh & i heard the drum roll.

The Domestic Fringe - Love it! Looks wonderful. I just painted a wall black with chalkboard paint and I’m in total love. I can’t believe how much I adore the black. Who knew? White is my default, but now I’m rethinking everything (about paint) and my husband is getting worried.

You did an awesome job.


slip4 - The room looks fantastic, Tara!

Jboo - Wow — love it!! My laundry room desperately needs help! Call me a copycat!! :)

Katie - So crazy how simple changes can go such a long way! It looks amazing :)

GLENDA CHILDERS - How fun to have a quick project that has so much impact. The dark walls with the beautiful white appliances … perfect.

You would laugh (or cry) if you saw my laundry room. It is down three flights of outside steps (think winter) to a dirty grungy basement. But the laundry is free and that is very unusual for Chicago.


Barbara - Love it i need a pretty laundromat of my own!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - It looks great, Tara. And how satisfying to be able to tackle a room project for little $ and time. Can’t wait to see it in person. :)

Lindsay Firzlaff - Ooh – LOVE the black paint and the white brackets – what a contrast!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - It’s SO cute. I am with you I love the airy walls but ever since i got brave and painted my bedroom that deep dark gray/blue color I’ve been less afraid of it. I think as long as the main rooms like the kitchen/dining/living rooms are light and airy I can turn other rooms cozy with fun paint. And Edie (my total blog crush) inspires me like crazy too. Such an amazing woman.

So basically I love what you’ve done here and it’s FAB. We need to hang out. And shop. :)

Sheri - girl…..that’s all i got… LOVE. now come do mine. :)

Tracy - Love it…simple and beautiful!

Tracy - Love it…simple and beautiful!

Megan - Great before & after! That black paint is awesome. I had been searching for a rug for my laundry room too and just found a great one and very inexpensive at Homegoods. Do you have those?

Kelly Cach - Your shelves are amazing! Jim is making one for our office (except it will be a hanging shelf….darn lath and plaster!), and I showed him yours for inspiration :)

So classy and fun….can those two words be used together to describe a laundry room?!

Kelly Cach - Your shelves are amazing! Jim is making one for our office (except it will be a hanging shelf….darn lath and plaster!), and I showed him yours for inspiration :)

So classy and fun….can those two words be used together to describe a laundry room?!

Wendy - It’s beautiful! (She’s beautiful, sorry!) lol If Edie’s bedroom can be sultry, then I think your laundry room is too. :D

Leeanne Dyson - Pinterest is an awesome place to find inspiration and ideas! And I think it’s a good way to keep within the budget because you get an idea of what things to look for before heading to the store, so you’re able to narrow things down to must-haves rather than “I think this will look good” pieces. Anyway, you did a great job! -Leeanne @ Master My List

T - Tara, I love this. So gorgeous — My inspiration for MY laundry room update. It’s SO BAD that I am embarrassed to even think about posting a “before.” Yours works because you have white trim, however. I have oak trim all throughout my house, and husband won’t approve of painting it. Wonder if I could pull this off using a neutral warm being/white/khaki color on 3 walls, black on the one with the W/D and shelves? I’m in a never-ending love affair with black! (and neutrals!)

T - … make that “beige/whitish/khaki,” not “being”

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