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June Favorites…

1. Lydia’s personality in a nutshell.
2. The most beautiful rainbow evah.
3. And now we know why the vacuum wasn’t suctioning.
4. He’s my person.
5. My container garden is a happy spot for me.
6. Vacation was beyond amazing with our sweet friends.
7. Do you ever just watch one of your kids and fall in love all over again?  I do.
8. My morning walks at the beach were a gift.
9. God’s grace is all consuming, and staring at the ocean for a week reminded me.
10. Andy surprised me with a new painting for my birthday…I named it “Sweet Jesus.”
11. I turned 40 this year!!!  It’s a gift to enter another decade..praying for more freedom in my forties!
12. Andy planned a weekend at the lake with some friends…sweet times.

I’m reading this book with a group of friends this summer, and it’s amazing.
If you’re raising a teenager or close to it, run, don’t walk, and pick it up!


Five ways to add summer style at Inspired Room
Ever fond by Flowerpatch Farmgirl~
We’ve all had a sponsor by Edie~ {prepare yourself for tears!}

What about you?
Any favorite things from June?

Coastal Cottage Dreams - Lovely June favorites. One of my June favorites was visiting family and friends back in PA. It was wonderful. Happy 4th!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oooh girl that was a lot of good faves!! I’m loving them. I have to get that book. I think I’m IN THE RAPIDS and I need help. LOL Love your painting.

About Laura - I call you my ‘blogger friend’ who I really know in person!! :)
love your joy. peace that comes from within, because Christ dwells within.
‘Sweet Jesus’ is a comfort in all things. Rock. Redeemer. Joy!
Happy July… !

Tricia - Oh what a great bunch of favorites! I love number 7…I was just thinking about that same thing today. Sometimes I look at my kids as they’re doing just any old thing…eating, laughing, whatever…and my heart fills with love for them. Happy belated birthday to you :)

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Love seeing your IG’s all in one place like this. Great idea!
And so glad you’re reading that book–it’s a must. In fact, I should pull mine out and read all my underlines…though that probably means rereading the book! :)
Hope your time at SM is so much fun!!

Kelly Cach - Love how you fall in love with your kids all over again….me too :)
The 40’s….definitely freeing for me. Hope you find some, too!
Favorite thing in June, was that it was June :). School’s out, kids home, and I resigned from teaching….huge relief.
Blessings to you!!!

carissa @ lowercase letters - i’ve always heard so many wonderful things about kevin leman! must read him soon.

i love your ig feed – so many lovely little moments.

have a great new week, girl!

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