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Juicing & Instagram…my latest obsessions.

I turned 39 a few weeks ago 
and it got me thinking about that blasted forty before forty list I made a few years back.
I haven’t looked at the list in a while, so it was fun to cross some things off that I’ve accomplished.
At first, I got a little overwhelmed thinking about all that I still want to do, 
but then I remembered that dreaming up that list is way more important than finishing it.
 Oh, who am I kidding?
Crossing things off a to-do list is one of my favorite things on the Earth to do.
Understand that I’ll be killing myself this year to do most everything on that list!!!

Buying a juicer and juicing everyday was one of the things I wanted to start doing, and it’s done!
It’s my new bandwagon because I feel so much better!!!
I bought the Breville juicer because it had so many great reviews.
Right now, I’m trying to juice two times a day and eat one big meal with my family
 with a couple of healthy snacks.
I had really gotten into a bad habit of overeating all throughout the day.
Overeating mixed with no exercise for the year due to chronic pain isn’t good for my closet.
*Think…snug as a bug in a rug*

I thought I’d share with you a couple of my favorite recipes…
My morning blend is typically::
2 carrots
2 apples
a handful of grapes
1 grapefruit
1 orange
1 lemon
1 inch ginger root

*this morning I added 2 peaches cause I needed to use them and it was delicious*

My lunch blend is typically::
2 handfuls of spinach
4 stalks of kale
granny smith apples
2 oranges peeled
1/2 lemon
handful of grapes
1/2 cucumber
some pineapple
*This recipe came from my from my juicing friend, Ann*

Well…I finally joined Instagram, and I’m addicted.
I’ve been a picture taker my whole life…I think I got my first camera in junior high.
But, since I got my Nikon, I haven’t been as faithful to take as many pictures because it’s so big.
Hello Instagram, you’re my new best friend.
Be warned::  You’re gonna see a lot of pictures around here.
Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend….

{thankful for}
452. weekend fun with friends
453. lunch date with Andy
454. my new juicer

Linking up with::

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Farmgirl Paints - i’m right there with ya on ALL OF IT! weird how much we have in common. i made a 40 before 40 list…cause i’m 39, i’ve been juicing like a mad woman and I LOVE INSTAGRAM! two peas…that’s what we are:)

Deborah - Hi Tara!
Oh you made me smile when you said you are a list-maker and a list-crosser-offer! Haha
I know that cant be a word…but you know what I mean. :) I am both of those!
I think a juicer would be a great idea! So many creations you could make.
I haven’t tried instagram..should I? Or will I be addicted? :)
Have a great week my friend and I love your shots!

Deborah xo

GLENDA CHILDERS - I turn 60 in five months. Tara, should I make a list … so I can have fun crossing it off.

Jodi - I am totally addicted to instagram; I love it. I never made a 40 before 40 list, but it sounds like a fun idea. I will turn 42 this year, so far my 40’s have been pretty good to me even though I was dreading turning 40!!!

Take care!

Jackie at Roots and Wings - Have been avoiding Instagram, because I know I’ll get hooked. Love your pictures. :)
And your juice recipes sound sooo good, too!

Alicia - juicing is sooo good for you! just wish i had the motivation :) and i love insta! just started following you :)

Ginger - I think I see a future Georgia cheerleader! Cute pictures!!! My closest friend here in VA is addicted to juicing. She made me something delicious a few weeks ago and it made me feel great! I’ll probably be jumping on that bandwagon soon, too.

Kim B. - So glad to see you on instagram! I have to keep reminding myself to take pictures with my phone as I’m sooo in the habit of using my camera. My husband shakes his head as sometimes I’ll have him take a picture with my camera & then my phone! Ha!

Barbara - Juice is a good thing the first time I did orange unpeeled so horrible live & learn! Darling little lady sipping tea.

Tiffini - Are you sharing this to guilt me into dusting off my juicer?….lol;)
I juiced..really ate raw and boy did my Chrohn’s not like that! ended up in the
hospital. NO kidding.
But seriously…for normal people it is WONDERFUL.
I bet I could do one meal of juice a day.
I totally hear you on chronic pain. I eat all day. It is terrible! the only positive thing
with what I have is a go to the bathroom like 20 times a day.

anyway – I followed you on Instagram:) it is addicting but fun in a causal sort of way.
love ya…

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia - OK it has been way toooo long since I stopped in, so sorry girl. How are you? These recipes look fabulous! Has it helped with your pain???

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