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It’s a GREY day….

Grey’s Anatomy.
two hour season finale.
Who will the shooter in the hospital take down?
Will Lexie choose McSteamy or Alex?
What will McDreamy say when Meridith tells him that she is pregnant?

Yes.  I do watch brainless tv a few nights a week.
No.  I don’t feel bad at all.

It’s no secret.  He’s my favorite.

He is married to her. They got married on a post it note. 

This is McSteamy and Lexie. She is Meridith’s little sister. They used to be together.  He still loves her.

This is Alex Karev.  He is a troubled soul, but a really good guy…deep down.  Lexie is dating him, and if you must know…I pray for him.

This is Callie.  She has been with McSteamy, among others.  She wants a baby.  bad.

This is Miranda Bailey….she is a firecracker. She is a single mom..divorced this year.  She’s kind of the heartbeat of the show.  

This is Christina Yang and Owen Hunt.  She has a hard time giving herself away since she lost her dad when she was only nine.  She really likes him.  

This is Owen with Teddy.  They served in war together and now work at the same hospital.  Miracle, right?
He is a little confused about his feelings for her since they went through so much in war.  He’s pretty sure he loves Christina. 

Okay.  Now that I’ve finished telling you all about the show, I have to admit that it all sounds extremely crazy.  They put the fun in dysfunction, don’t they? 

As a small disclaimer….if you’re judging me for watching such a warped show, just know that I also read a boat load of books each year!  I’m well rounded.  Seriously.

Lynda - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Grey's….I love it!!! But maybe it's better if I don't read this…because I think the episodes that are on overthere are coming here after summerbreak….:D
We had our last episode last monday:(…….now we have to wait….and watch private practice….o well;))



Claudia B. - I just love GA! Like LYnda I watched the last episode last Monday and then we have a whole season after the summer :-) Sometimes lives is just great!

Sarah - Thanks for the update! I haven't watched GA since the end of season 2 I think. The whole Izzie/dead guy thing kind of did me in. But, I did really like the show. Now I love The Closer and Castle. Mindless tv is good every now and then!

paige - you did a bang up job on that review girlie!
love it
now, do you also do some literature reviews? i'd love to see them :)

blondiensc - No judging here, I will be watching it too, so please don't call no one will answer! :)

the lady of the house - -okay- I'm confessing… I fastforwarded through your post today because I, the crazy woman I am, totally have been out of touch with Grey's for a while so about a week ago I decided to order all of them in order through netflix and watch them one by one. How will this work, you ask? I have no idea! I'm hoping I can watch them at night when the boys are in bed…
My crush is on Karev – I've loved him since Wedding Planner… he's such a stud muffin.

Happy Day, The lady

KarenSue - I got away from it, but I think I will be watching tonight. I don't feel guilty for my shows like Dancing with the Stars. There is nothing wrong with it.
Enjoy your show!

Kristi - I am SOOOOOOOO behind on Grey's (like a year or two) but I'm watching it tonight for the sheer reason that MERIDETH is pregnant!! WOO HOO! I love McDreamy, always have! And Callie, I can only see her with George so when she is in the gay storyline I can't see it, lol. And I really miss Dr Burke, I loved him. I don't care what happened behind the scenes. We are all human and do things wrong :(
Nothing wrong with a little warped tv. Helps us see how NORMAL our lives really are! :)

Megan - Thanks for the update. I watched Greys years ago and gave it up. It just got too embarrassing to watch in front of my husband. But it's good to know what the gang is up to. McDreamy is my favorite too!

paige - 930 pm thursday night…commercial break..
HOLY C*(&%(#)*)%
are you believing this?

LuLu & Co. - I have my laptop on lap wathcing…. i'm with paige holy c**** and after the day i've had i really needed a more relaxing show… but i guess I love torture.

LuLu & Co. - I have my laptop on lap wathcing…. i'm with paige holy c**** and after the day i've had i really needed a more relaxing show… but i guess I love torture.

LuLu & Co. - I have my laptop on lap wathcing…. i'm with paige holy c**** and after the day i've had i really needed a more relaxing show… but i guess I love torture.

LuLu & Co. - I have my laptop on lap wathcing…. i'm with paige holy c**** and after the day i've had i really needed a more relaxing show… but i guess I love torture.

Becolorful - I love Grey's but have just let them pile up on my Tivo. I have 17 on there right now. I'm sensing a marathon coming up at our house. I appreciate the quick character synopsis so I can bring my mom up to speed if she decides to join us.
I'm convinced by your blog that you are well rounded. :)

fiberdoodles - Oh it is such a must see weekly here. And wasn't tonight such a nail biter! The girlfriends came over for dinner and dessert and two hours of sitting in awh and screaming "run" (ha). I just love my trash tv ;)

ZAIRA - I'm HUGE fan of Grey's anatomy. Just think that I'm watching the series in english because we still don't have the new season translated in Italian…I just can't wait. So the last episodes uh?? Aaaaah, I can't wait. Mcdreamy is my fav too, but I also like Owen a lot. I'm really curious to see what happens between he and Teddy…. ;)

{The Classy Woman} - It was one crazy episode last night! I was actually on the edge of my seat, what a roller coaster ride.

I had started to drift away from the show. After a few major characters leave it always changes a program so I missed a couple episodes.

You're too funny, I sometimes feel bad for dropping shows into my blog because people only know you for what you write about and as you mentioned may not see the intellectual books you read the majority of the time. ;)

I think it's good to watch some 'mindless' TV now and then. Actually, some shows have given me great ideas for posts in the past. Shows with grief and pain like last night remind you of how precious life is and who/what is important. Sometimes we all need a little reminder.


Lorri - Listen……..The only thing that would make you warped is if you didn't watch this show! I am about to watch it now. I couldn't watch it last night because I needed to be able to fast forward through the commercials and pause when needed. Thank heavens for DVR!!!!

Between You and Me - all I can say for sure is that my husband laughed his can off at me during that last show. I have never been so nervous over a show. Thank God they didn't leave us hanging and we know for sure that McDreamy and Meredith are okay and Christina, Teddy and Owen are okay…and Chief Weber is okay and Alex and Lexie and McSteamy are okay. whew~ I feel much better now.

GlowinGirl - Was it exciting enough for you last night? It about killed me! Glad at least that McDreamy is alive!

Playing Sublimely - I love that you pray for Alex…I so like you!

Shannon - Thanks for the comment on my balcony. I love your blog layout and Grey's. I watched this show on Friday night and thought I might need some therapy. It was so intense!

edie - I have to confess, I love the show too—often a source of my newest favorite music!

robyn anne - i can't let it go. i love it. despite its ridiculousness! i will say when izzie was saving the deer i started to get irritated by it. but i hung in. and ht season finale gave my a moderate panic attack and i can hardly believe its over for the season!
cute blog!

Vava (aka Virginia) - Cute post indeedy! LOVED the finale…cannot believe The Season is over. What an exit…glad to see other chicks love trash-TV too. It's my outlet. Blessings!

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