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It’s so easy to visit our favorite bloggers and assume that the pictures we see of their homes clean and beautifully decorated are the realities of their everyday life.
I’m learning more and more to embrace the everyday(ness) of our home.
It’s proof that we’re actually living here.

I believe there absolutely is an addiction to perfection and control, and I’m willing to admit that
 I’m in recovery.

I remember the days when friends would pop by for a surprise visit, and I’d secretly be
breaking out in hives if I had dishes in the sink or a basket of laundry in my living room.
I would go into “disclaimer mode” and give out a hundred reasons why it wasn’t all done.
The ridiculous thing is that no one ever asked me for my excuses.

We try to give our worth to just about anything and everything, don’t we?
Like a perfect house or what people think of our homes can truly, deeply satisfy.
Geez, Louise.

Thank GOD for growth.

 I present to you what our house looked like until about thirty minutes ago….

Visit NESTER for more beautiful imperfections!!

Hailey @ Me and My Boys - Love this. One of the bloggers I follow started doing a “Messy Mom Monday” linky party where we all posted about real life. How our homes/kids/lives aren’t perfect. It’s been fun and freeing. :)
I do the disclaimer thing too. As if people really care that much.

Tessa - funny, b/c i know i supposed to zero in on the “imperfections” but instead i see so much loveliness. i think there is a big difference between clean and clutter. your home is clean, the bed is made, i’m sure that pile of clothes was probably clean too and about to be folded…just a little everyday clutter which has to exists if we are going to live, as you say, in our homes rather than pretend we are in a magazine. right?! :) as i type this, my bed is made behind me, the picture frames have been dusted, but next to me on my desk is a Nerf gun on the left and a bag of clothes needing to be returned on my right. {maybe a plate that has a few cookie crumbs too. } now i’m off to catch up on some more of your recent posts. i haven’t been reading much lately and i’m missing my blog friends!! happy tuesday, sweet tara!! xo, tessa

paige - i’m the same way…but thankfully trying to get a little better…but still most definitely in recovery. i’m honestly the same way about how i feel I look most of teh time.

Jill@Barnes Yard - You are my new favorite girl! Thank you for this!

Tricia - That’s how my house looks right now…I think most people’s homes do at some point or another, especially if you have kids. I’m the same way about liking everything nice and neat when people come over. I don’t really feel that’s a bad thing though, I do it for me, not for them, just because it makes me feel good. When everything’s clean I can focus more easily on the people who are visiting rather than feel distracted by all the stuff I have laying around.

Maureen - Ah sister, that ain’t nothing!! Thanks for keeping it real…I needed that.

Elizabeth - Your house looks good even when it is messy!!!

Megan - Amen sister!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig - You are amazing and my new hero!!!!


Ginger - I’m totally impressed that your bed was made under that pile of clothes!

Rie - looks like our house!

Beth - Thank you. Truly. Thank you for being so transparent and honest. I need to hear that others have the same struggles as myself. Your words could not have been more perfect for me.

Lulu and Co. - Big hugs to you!!! My home has little piles here and there…needing my attention…but curling up with my kiddos for bedtime stories was more important…I’ll get to the never ending house stuff later!
Btw your home still looks amazing with laundry piles!!!

Vanessa - Hi, Tara

How funny, I wrote a post yesterday about this very thing. Its hard work to be a blogger, wife, mother, friend and keep everything organized.


blondiensc - Love this! I am working on this, as my house is a disaster lately….I need to embrace it and love it and not hide from my neighbors when they knock on the door! ha! Thanks Tara for the reminder! I hope that you are well~ xo, T

hometown girl - super sweet, mine looks just like that except for my living room which i prettied up for some photos! thanks for sharing and keeping it real! hugs, susan

Kelli - Love this! I am just starting my blog and this it something I have thought about….will I always have to make sure my house is clean before I take a picture of something? If I want my blog to be about our real everyday life then I think the answer is no not all of the time.

Jamie-lee - my house looks the same ( lived in ) i love looking at blogs and pinterest and dream the day away thinking how great it would be my house looked like this. its good to see that you keep things real. thanks for sharing :)

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