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I think I see some eyes rolling…..

I know some of you out there just got your summer sunshine, but I’m ready for FALL!
I wanted to tell you a couple of weeks ago, but the last time I tried to do it in August, I got hate mail.
You really can’t blame me.
I’ve lived in Orlando, Florida for the past three years and we didn’t get crisp weather until December.
I’ve got a ba-jillion pictures of fall clothes and fall wreaths and fall centerpieces and fall porch ideas.
But, I’ll just start with a few fall fashion finds from Pinterest.

This brand is “Butter London” and the color is All Hail McQueen.

15. lunch with Marybeth…just what I needed today.
16. being able to shop at Trader Joe’s.
17. dinner with our new small group at Trans Metropolitan.
18. living in Athens.
19. the first signs of Fall.
20. seeing the bumper sticker that said, “it’s all gonna be okay” right after I finished whining to God.

LLH Designs - My eyes aren't rolling, but I did let out a big sigh. Just wishing for a slight change in temperatures. 90 degrees sounds cool to me at this point! Can't WAIT for the first day of jeans weather! (Though in Houston, like Florida, we might wear jeans one day and shorts the next!)

I thought you might be up to something fallish based on your pins!

Help me remember that my day will come!

Janie Fox - I am on the same page…bring on the jeans and hoodies and falling leaves!

Kellye - I am right there with ya!!!! We are bracing for Tropical Storm Lee here in Baton Rouge and just the breeze makes me want to start a fire!!!! Its like 85 and you would think it was 20 below the way Im acting!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR FALL!!! By the way, I am loving your pinterest finds for fall fashion!!

Jocelyn - Oh I am with you 100% on this! I cannot wait for fall to get here and stay! Last week it was in the 70's and I was lovin it, but now it is back to the 90's! I am burning all my fall scent candles to get my fall on:-)

Biz - Do you know what color polish that is?
I think I'm in love!
I never paint my fingernails, but with that color I just might!


paige - no eye rolling here
after the last couple of intensely hot weeks with nary a cloud in the sky…i would love for it to cool down

love all your pins

jerri - No eye rolling here. We've lived in Memphis for 7 years, where it goes from 95* to 45*, somewhere in the month of November. I miss my Chicago autumn, which is the greatest. I have my nails painted grey and I'm going for fall scented candles today, even if it was 98* yesterday at high school football game. A girl can dream.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt - I am not sure i am ready for sweaters and jeans. We are soaking up the rays on the beautiful California coast this weekend. Its hard to imagine fall! Hum, homemade soup does sound good!

Farmgirl Paints - i need that bumper sticker. loved cameron's look. i've become a little frumpy lately…fall is just the pick me up i need. have a great weekend girlie.

janis - Living in Indiana I am BLESSED with four seasons. I love them all & open arm my lovely Autumn♥ Our trees will soon be beautiful, cool crisp breezes… allergies will vanish. Football tailgating with the college daughters… IM IN! Especially since this has been a rather cruel hot summer! Sweater & jeans… here I come!

Pedaling - fall here in utah is gorgeous, and i'm looking forward to it too!
absolutely love that fingernail polish color!

Megan - I am so going to miss fall this year. There are only two seasons here: winter and summer. Winter is beautiful and so nice, but I am sad to see all of the beautiful fall inspiration out there. I love pumpkin bread and decorating my doorstep! Enjoy every last leaf and cool breeze!

Rachel Pallas - I sooo agree with you!! LOVE the fall clothes you showed and love what you are thankful for!! xo Rachel

Rachel Pallas - I sooo agree with you!! LOVE the fall clothes you showed and love what you are thankful for!! xo Rachel

Rachel Pallas - I sooo agree with you!! LOVE the fall clothes you showed and love what you are thankful for!! xo Rachel

Vanessa - I feel the same way too. I live in Florida as well and I am so over this hot weather. I so miss the change of season. I wish I lived in a different state with cooler weather. Love the pics you posted.


Brian and Staci - Sooooo ready for Fall here too!!! Oklahoma has had one of its hottest Summers on record this year :( uggghhhh!!! This morning, we were in the 60's!!!! Felt amazing!!! Crazy how last night while watching my Sooners…sweat was pourrrrring off of us at the game :) Wouldn't trade it for anything though!!!! What a difference a day makes :) Oh yea, and by the way, I'm just not lovvvving your new uniforms??!!!! Just wondering your thoughts?? You are a classic….just don't think they need to be messin' with the classics :) I missed your big "G" on the helmets!!! Oh well, it's still great….favorite time of the year ;)

Tiffini - to breathe deep of the air..fall is like breathing in some bit of God to me. I'm a fall girl through and through!
Yes to all of the above AND I just got the biggest smile on your thankful…the bumper sticker…yeah doesn't God just have His ways? Oh how I love Him…our mornings have been in the 50's!

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