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How to dress up a five dollar trunk.

Does anybody remember Minnie Pearl?
She was the lady that wore the hat with the price tag hanging off of it, just in case you don’t know her.
Anyway, I was raised to never discuss money, but people, I can’t help myself when I find a great deal.
I feel obligated to tell the world so they can get a deal, too!!
Okay, so we picked up this trunk for five stinking dollars at a garage sale in Orlando last spring.
And, I swear it’s made a home in nearly every room in our house!!
Don’t you love a good versatile piece when you find it?
It’s a keeper in my book if it can be moved from room to room.
So, we moved in to our house over the weekend, and somehow it got placed next to the sofa.
After looking at it there for a few days, we decided it should sit a spell, which is southern for stay put.
But, after looking at it in the pictures from my post earlier this week, I realized it wasn’t quite tall enough.
Easy fix.
We went to Lowe’s and picked up four round “feet” for it.
Andy stained them to halfway match the trunk, then he painted them black and distressed them a little before screwing them into the bottom of the trunk.
Better, huh?
Those feet look like they’ve been with this five dollar trunk all its life, right?
I spy a dirty floor.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.
I swept them, but I refused to take new pictures. 
That’s what we are gonna call GROWTH.
And, for all of you out there who want me to talk about the money…..
The “feet” were $8 each, so we now have $37 invested in this trunk that we’re calling our end table.
Not bad.  Not bad at all.
{thankful for}
371. whoever came up with the original idea for adding feet to furniture to make them taller.
372.  testing being OVER for my boys.  yippee for summer!
373. easy dinners.  grilled hotdogs to be exact.
374. fun night with the staff wives tonight.
375. more unpacked boxes.


WhiteWhispers2u - What a grand treasure you have there.Looks awesome~Cheers Kim

Megan - I just looked at a trunk like that at the antique store – for $150! You got a gem there Tara! And good for you for posting a dirty floor…that’s the real deal!

Sharon - perfect!! I need to remember that option when I am out thrifting. Looks great!!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios - Great execution… both in trunk and cleaning!!! GOOD for you!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity - Well done. The feet give the trunk good proportions – and of course the needed elevation.

Sheri - hey – very sweet!!! still envious of your locale. Heading north tomorrow for Richmond Hill. Can’t wait :)

GLENDA CHILDERS - What a great end table.

How is the settling in going? Are you taking lots of breaks and remembering to eat? :-)

Anita - I’m so impressed that you can get settled into your new abode so quickly…looks great!

Alicia - the fact that you’re having time to stain things and blog about it is amazingly awesome to me! so glad it’s going smoothly for you!

Michele - love it!!! good job.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Man I’ve gotta go thrifting soon. I’m hitting an antique mall on Sunday (bliss) and hope to score a few good finds!! You did great and I love the way it looks- the feet DO look like they’ve been there the whole time!

Gypsy Heart - Great deal and it looks perfect in that space. I need to find a few bargains I think!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rhonda@restoredtreasurestoo - That’s exactly what I do! If a trunk is too short go to Lowes and buy feet! Easy fix and it looks great! Love it!

theelizabethhighsmith - I just love you and your distressed feet!!! How’s that for a mildly fun awkward sentence! Big Smile!

Salena - I love it!

hometown girl - it’s perfect! love that you added the feet! hope all is well! susan

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