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How to add a little spook to your fall decorations…

I’ve never been the cool cat mom who decorates for Halloween, but my kids teamed up on me 
 last year and begged me to buy stuff on clearance.
I’m a weak link when all three of them start begging, so to the clearance section we marched!

I kept it super simple by keeping my mantle the same except for the few spooky-looky things I bought.
I think I spent about $12 on the paper spiders, the vinyl bats and the black gauze.
{The tree branches were free in the back yard this morning.}

It was a great $12 spent because lets face it, it’s always fun to score a few cool points with your kids.
The only dilemma now is that I’ve given them an inch and now they’re scheming to take a mile.
 I caved a little and now they’re counting down the days until the day after Halloween
when we can hit the clearance section again for next year!

{thankful for}
558. the clearance section.
559. the small things it takes to make kids happy.
560. homemade chicken noodle soup on the stovetop for dinner.

Farmgirl Paints - I’m not good at spooky. You do it with flair. Looks awesome girl. You have a gift.

Laura from Top This Top That - sounds like my kids. although we don’t really celebrate halloween now , i should probably hit the after holiday sales and store for another time in the future. I just love the signs that you do and am thinking about one of them for my husbands xmas gift. I will be in touch.

GLENDA CHILDERS - It is a fun spooky.


Sweat Is My Sanity - Love it. My kids always get on to me about not being the cool mom either when it comes to Halloween decor…and I remember being way annoyed with my mom as a kid because she NEVER decorated for anything (besides a Christmas tree). I guess I should step it up this year. :)

Tricia - I give this the thumbs up and so would my kids! I’m terrible at decorating for Halloween, much to my kids dismay…maybe I should try a little harder this year.

Jackie at Roots and Wings - I don’t do much Halloween decorating, either. That said, those bars look fantastic!!! Great job scoring some cool points with the kiddos! ;)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - You are so cute. I don’t really do halloween other than the trick or treating and candy but that’s mostly because I think most of the decorations out there are creepy… then I see how cute you make a few simple things and now I’m re thinking it. LOL You make everything pretty. - Looks really cute. I am not a big holiday decorator, except for Christmas. I just feel like I don’t have enough places in my house to make cute vignettes. I did put a white pumpkin on our coffee table, so that’s gotta count for something. Right?

Your mantel is adorable.

Kelli - Love it! My kids are really into decorating for holidays. I just did a post on how I let them decorate for was fun to see where they put everything. I did have to move some stuff around though;)

Barbara - Tara, love it your kids I’m sure are loving it! Score for Mom!

Sincerely Anna - I found your blog this week and have really enjoyed reading. The burlap wreath is really cool. I’m not crafty but you make me want to give it a try!

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