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Gussied up Gift Wrap.

True Confession: I have never had more fun wrapping gifts than I have this year!

It all started with that knockoff anthropologie pom-pom wreath that I made a couple of months ago.
Once I started making them, I couldn’t stop, so I made some more and some more and some more.
What do you do when you have pom-poms under every nook and cranny?
You make them into a garland for your tree, you make a wreath for a friend, and you gussy up your gift wrap!

Gussied up gift wrap-between you & me

Add gifts to a large basket next to your tree-between you & me

Pom-Poms on the tree and on your gift wrap-between you & me

The only thing you need for your gift wrap other than pom-poms is Christmas washi-tape!
I got mine from Michael’s a few weeks ago, when it was all marked down 50%.
The brown craft paper that I wrapped all of our gifts in also came from Michael’s. {be sure to use a 40% coupon!!}

This was a super simple way to add some Christmas cheer to our house.
How do you wrap your gifts? Do you wrap ALL your gifts or do you put out some unwrapped gifts on Christmas morning?
I’ve tried a little bit of everything, but for the past several years we wrap everything.
My kids love tearing into their gifts on Christmas morning!

If you need more gift wrap inspiration, visit her, her and her.

Lori H - Your packages are adorable! I have to confess that I have not wrapped one thing yet! This is the busiest week of my life (and yet I am reading some blogs, can you say stalling?) and once I get past Sunday I can breathe…and wrap :)

Barbara - Cute I need to get me some of that thing you call washi tape! Love your posts!

Dayle - Lovely new space here, Tarah. I’m so far behind, I didn’t know you had a new blog address. I hope your transition was smoother than mine, not so long ago. I didn’t change platforms, but I changed the URL. It was a real pain there for awhile.

Anyway, everything looks great. Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas season.

Jackie - I, too, have been bitten by the pompom bug. I ended up making a garland for our tree and have been adding them to some of the gifts I have wrapped so far. And I love using craft paper! That’s been my go to for years…works for every occasion. :)

paige - sweet friend xoxo

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh my gosh right? I am the same with these pom poms. I think they have created a pom pom monster inside me. LOL I LOVE to wrap presents. Gift giving is my favorite thing and I have learned that it is also my love language. Which has made me a bit miffed with God that my love language would also coincide with three of the BROKEST years of my life. Though my man laughs and says that people with the love language “gifts” are probably always broke. Haha. Cracked me up.

Now I am typing and I look over to my right and see all of these instagrams that I have somehow missed. Does your feed ever get so full that you MISS some of your favorite peeps? I don’t like that much!! So at some point today I will be like-bombing all your instagrams. Just be warned.

Happy Thursday girly!

tiffini - i have YET to make a pom pom. i have it on my to do list but there isn’t enough time in my day…not even to do for a post…ha!
this year has been a season of priority..of slowing down. of not being able to do it all…and that goes for blogging too.
i get frustrated but i also know that He knows best for me
but i LOVE pom poms. they rock:)
we wrap all our gifts. the kids are all grown .. almost:) so christmas is changing. with the grandkids and all. i don’t feel like a grandma yet. they are in FL so we are celebrating when they visit the first part of january.
PLUS..with teens and older you get one electronic and you’ve spent 500 dollars…lol right? i love kraft paper and newspaper…my two favorite. love you girl…:)

Pamela - I love that picture above your fireplace! :)

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