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Growing Kids with a Growing Business.

Growing Kids with a Growing Business

My kids will be my greatest work here on earth, but they aren’t my only work.
Talking today over at Courtney’s blog about a big life lesson I’m learning while growing my kids and our business.

I’d love for you to go join the conversation with me.:)

Lori H - I tried to comment over on your post but had some trouble with the comment form (usually those kind give you the option of signing in as a guest). Anyway, here is the comment I couldn’t leave:
Such good points, as always, Tara. I am older than you and still wondering what plans God has for me…Edie from lifeingrace has written some good posts that made me realize that sitting on the sidelines waiting for God’s plan isn’t what I should be doing. I need to jump in the pool and figure it out as I go! Your signs are awesome and if we could figure out what we want it to say, we are going to order one to switch out with the wonderful Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Donna - You are so inspiring !

Juli Elgin - I totally understand your need to step away for a bit but I do hope it is only a bit. I just found your wonderful blog last fall and instantly fell in love. First with your beautiful home decor, then your signs and that drew me in and I started reading. I have even found several new blogs to read from your posts. Some of it was very inspiring and some was like talking to a sweet friend. I now look forward to a new post so while you feel a need to step back and move your focus to the front and center I do hope you will pop in every now and again to share some of the things that speak to you or touch your heart. So until then…

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