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Grateful for his Resurrection.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter.
We had a wonderful church service and then spent the whole day at my parents’ house.
There was delicious food and sweet laughter shared by all of us.

My favorite part, other than my mama’s food, was sitting on their huge front porch in the rocking chairs.
There isn’t anything sweeter than enjoying beautiful weather on that porch with my family!
Our background music was the sound of my kids and their cousins laughing like hyenas
while riding my dad’s John Deer gator through the tall grass in the pasture.

No Worries.
It wasn’t all smiles and rose colored glasses.
I argued with one child about what he was wearing to church
 and another child about which service we were going to.

I would say that the arguing made it harder to focus on Jesus’ resurrection,
but it actually made me all the more grateful.

Because of his resurrection,
I have hope & faith that he is alive and well and carrying out his work in each of us until his return.
And, rest assured, he’s got his hands FULL with us.
no joke.

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{thankful for}
308. Jesus’ resurrection.
309. His faithful and steady work in our hearts.
310. my gardenia candle.
311. lunch with courtney.
312. the perfect amount of breeze on this beautiful spring day.
313. the quiet in my house right at this very moment.

Tessa - Tara!!! Look at these incredible photos with genuine smiles! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (that's one "gorgeous" for each of your children. Sounds like a glorious Easter!! xo, Tessa

Elizabeth - I would love to see that porch with the rocking chairs. Did you ever see that movie, "Sleeping with the Enemy"? I imagine it to be like the porch Julia Robert's had on that house she rented. I loved that movie just because I loved that house and that southern town.

paige - love those pictures of your sweet babies!
seriously. i love that you turned what could have been a frustration into a reminder of our hope in him. you beat the enemy with that one my friend

Sheri - i don't comment very much on here (but i'm always visiting) and it did my heart good to see that someone else's Easter involved 'discussions' with children and that it doesn't mean the day is wasted. I wanted to so much for our day here to be argument free – and i think i dwelled on the negative too much at the end of it all. Thank you for the perspective friend.

Michele - Love the pictures of all of your babies….Seth is looking so grown up all of a sudden!!! Way to keep it real and remember you are never alone!!!

Barbara - What lovely kiddos the clothing argument will never end my daughter is 23!

Shannon - my goodness- why are your children so beautiful? =) Miss yall!

Tiffini - oh friend..I miss ya:) I remember the Sundays that were so harried just to get out the door..arguing all the way to church and then walking in the doors with smiles as if….:) you know?
It all fades to sweet memories to smile at but I know right now it doesn't seem so. Hang in there:) Prayed for you this morning. Everywhere I read it had REJOICE…and then it said in ALL things..I just hung my head..I've got a lot of work to do.
Your babies are are blessed beyond measure and I am so happy you get a home. One you can dwell in for years. I am right beside you in all you spirit:) as is our Father..that word sounds so "strict" so I find myself calling Him Papa or Daddy…crazy huh?
Anyway – to long but I miss talking to everyone. At least for a couple of weeks I can
happy Wednesday

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