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God moments.

So, we’re finally in Athens and I feel like my head might be above water.
I have been dying to share the story of where we’re living, temporarily.
We took a trip to Georgia to look for housing a couple of weeks ago.
We spent eight hours in record high temperatures and looked at over twenty houses in one day.
God bless Justin, our real estate agent.
At the end of that looooong day, we decided that we would rent something for a while.
We were explaining our day and our decision to my parents over dinner when we got a call.
Our pastor called to tell us that a family in the church needed someone to live in their home.
They work with a mission sending agency here in Athens, and they’ve been in Africa since May.
Did I mention that they were in Africa with their three kids?
…their three kids under the age of 5?
Anyway, there has been a sweet exchange student living in their house for them since May, 
but she needed to move out at the end of August.
…pretty much the week we needed to move, she needed to move out.
God moments.
Our pastor gave us a number to reach the family in Africa, and we called them to talk details.
Ends up, they offered us the opportunity to live in their home until they return around Thanksgiving.
God moments.
You’ll never guess what happened next….
We found out their first and last names and realized that the names were strangely familiar.
Hold onto your socks!
They lived right next door to us when we lived in married family housing in Seminary!!!
…in Wilmore, Kentucky.
We haven’t talked to them since we all graduated and moved nearly twelve years ago.
God moments.
So, here we are, living in their house with their stuff for the next 3 months.
Everything we own, except for our clothes and homeschool stuff, is in storage.
This kind of generosity turns you inside out.
It is grace undeserved.
These God moments change you forever.
I’ll be back to share with you what it’s been like to have no tv in this house.
Here’s a hint….not sure I’ll ever pay for cable again.

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful - Great story! God is amazingly good, all the time!!

hawkeyejlp - I have goosebumps. God is so good!

Debby - Has to be a God moment. How else would you explain. I hope it goes well.

Brandi - amazing story. gave me goosebumps too! glad you made it home safely.

Finding Home - Goose bumps from my head to my toes. Thanks for sharing!

Jen - That. is. awesome. Only God.

Lissa - that. is. SO. cool!

Jana Miller - I love how God surprises us with things like this. There's just no way that is a coincidence.
xo Jana

Lynda @ Happenstance Home - Best Wishes to you on your move, and I love how magnificent little things happen like that!

Comeca Jones - I know that moving is hard but it does seem God has been all over this one.Your final move should be smooth sailing.

paige - this is so awesome!!!!!
what affirmation & peace it is for you to know & feel you are right where He has chosen for you.
it just helps that you already love the location!

Ruby Jean - Truly this has BLESSED my Soul today…Thank you for sharing and Praise the Lord for His hand of Providence…

Biz - God is good all the time and all the time God is good!
Praise him for providing and reuniting you with wonderful people!

Patti - Oh so cool! Love God moments. He's just always, totally got our backs! So glad things are falling into place! Been thinking about you all. =)

Stacey - Seriously wonderful story! and I can't wait to hear how no TV is working out for you…I know a tv free home brought our family closer together…our kids just get along better without it on soooo many levels.

Little Leslie - I guess you can't call it anything more than a "God" moment. Unbelievable. Good for both your families.

Laurie J - awesome. God is good!

Amy - That is so amazing! God is so good!

Alicia - how awesome is that!?! and we gave up our cable a few months ago and we'll never go back!

Rachel Noelle - Amazing! I love how God works!! :) Such a blessing for them and your family~ Your husband was in seminary? My husband is working on his doctorate at a Seminary school here in Seattle!! xo Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

LLH Designs - Totally inside out awesome!!! Isn't our God something? The detailed ways he cares for us if we let Him be in control? It's so good to hear your voice in blog land. Missed you!

Big hugs,

Brian and Staci - Looks and sounds like a dream :) Can't wait to hear more!!!!!!

kerrie of sea cottage - I just love when God does this kind of stuff! I am so happy for you. There is no questioning about 'if' you are in the right place right? We have never had cable and never will. Of course, I just had to email our Senator to fight to keep good old fashioned free t.v. They are trying to do away with it! I don't see how they can. Enjoy Athens. ox

Salena - Awesome! God works in mysterious ways!

Vanessa - What a blessing! God is good and He is always on time.
I am so happy for you all, I will pray your move will be easy for you all. God Bless.


Tiffini - To God be the glory! Isn't He so faithful? I love hearing what He is doing in your life Tara. We just had a God story with the kids and I's house as well! Different but so similar. Can't wait for the next installment;)

janis - God Moments Indeed!
How heavenly splendid♄
We will continue to keep you all in Prayer.

Janie Fox - Isn't that just like God to show up and be, well, God. I love him!

Kim B. - I LOVE reading/hearing stories like these. God truly is GOOD!!

for the love of a house - wow! your story gave me chills! congratulations on your move!
welcome (back;) home!


Erin - Tara, it is unbelievable how similar your story is to the story that God wrote for us a year ago-right down to living in the house of a family who was overseas! So glad to be catching up on your story. God is so good!

Jennifer Rizzo - I think it is so amazing when God moves mountains in our lives with out us even realizing it! What a fabulous blessing!

Empty Nest Full Life - WOW! This looks like my Mom and Dads neighborhood. I am sure it is not, but my parents and my sister both live in Athens! What church? Maybe I will have to visit when I come to see my Mom and Dad.

LuLu & Co. - That makes me all fuzzy inside!!! What a beautiful God moment! So happy to hear the move is full of wonderful surprises!!!

LuLu & Co. - That makes me all fuzzy inside!!! What a beautiful God moment! So happy to hear the move is full of wonderful surprises!!!

LuLu & Co. - That makes me all fuzzy inside!!! What a beautiful God moment! So happy to hear the move is full of wonderful surprises!!!

Megan - What a amazing start to your new chapter! Nothing we can imagine beats His creativity! Thinking of you guys as you make your start and gain footing in your new home.

Talia - Your story gave me goosebumps! What a blessing and like you said, God Moment!

Erin - I forgot to mention that we also gave up tv over a year ago when we moved and we LOOOOVE it! We can't imagine going back to cable and commericals and the general timesuck of it all!

A Shabby Moment in Time - What a great story…definitely made me smile! Isn't God amazing? I can just imagine HIM smiling as the details came together in your mind. I believe HE gets great joy from blessing us and surprising us with His special moments. Thanks for sharing this.
Blessings & Hugs,
P.S. I just sent an email tonight requesting one of your family rule signs…they are incredible!!

A Rosy Note - It was meant to be :)

Morning T - Awesome story!!!! Sounds like you're making the best out of all of the uncertainty.
Big hugs to you~

Crystal @ Ordinary Days - So cool!! I LOVE God moments. Gave me cold chills. We live on the other side of Lexington Ky and have had many friends at Asbury. So glad things are working out for you all.

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