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Giving Away TWO spots in the Creatively Made Home {Holiday version}

I’m so excited to help announce the launch of creatively Made Home. {HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS}
Jeanne Oliver is the genius behind this rapidly growing creative network.  I’m sure you’ve heard of her!
She is an amazing clothing designer and purse designer, and she has the most sincere heart for home and family.
I love when someone lives out of their passions…it’s so inspiring!
Jeanne and her husband, Kelly!

Check out this ROCKSTAR line-up!

Here is some of Jeanne’s heart about this holiday course being 
Join eight of my friends and me as we celebrate loving on your home, friends and family through the holidays.
You will be encouraged as you hear honestly from each woman about the times things 
did not go as planned during their holidays.
 You will hear honest discussions about their own journey of hospitality.
 You will walk away inspired as you hear about the traditions and special moments from their childhood and how they create special moments with their families today.

You will be able to watch beautiful videos with gift giving ideas, decorating projects and favorite family recipes.
 We all want to create authentic moments with our friends and families.
 We all desire for the ones we love to leave our homes knowing that they were welcomed and loved.
 My hope is that this course will help you slow down and find the joy and beauty in the holidays.
 *There will be 30+ project videos
 These will be incredible videos that include everything from cooking, gift giving and decorating
 *Tons of beautiful house photos from each of the nine women
 *Supply Lists and PDFs for each project
 *A digital recipe book of the recipes shared in this course
It will go to the regular price of $58 on 8/26/13.
 This course begins October 15 and is available for over one year from date of payment.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…fa la la la la, la la la la.
Did you see that line up?  I love that Jeanne has so many creative women joining her endeavor.
I think the best and most exciting part is that they’re all so uniquely gifted at homemaking.
No matter what your personal style, you’ll find inspiration in this course with those fabulous ladies.

Anne Marie from Na-Da Farm  will be teaching us how to decorate and use nature in our holiday decor as well as some of her famous recipes from her farmhouse kitchen.
I know you’re as excited as I am about this course….SO, leave a comment telling me your favorite Christmas tradition with your family or your favorite way to decorate for the holidays.
Anne Marie is offering TWO of you free spots in the course!

Remember::  You can sign up now for the early registration price.
Once you’ve paid for the class, go HERE and register for it with Jeanne. {It’s free to register}
Purchase the class by clicking on the paypal link below…

Susan - My favorite holiday tradition is making all of our favorite candies, cookies, and quick breads for family and friends. My daughter and I enjoy the cooking along with putting together beautiful packages.

slip4 - 21 years ago, my daughter was born on December 23rd. The next day, her dad read “The Night Before Christmas” to her in the hospital :) They read it every Christmas Eve (her brother came on the scene 3 years later and joined in) ever since then. I love watching the three of them snuggled up on the couch together as they read it each year.

ErinD - My favorite holiday tradition is decorating our family Christmas tree. We buy a round ornament at all the places we travel. As we’re hanging them on the tree each year we’re able to recall so many fun memories from both recent travels and those a bit more distant. Passing the tree during the holiday season always makes me smile.

Kim - My favorite family tradition, is eating subs on Christmas Eve, when we are by my parents. We have been doing this since I was a little girl. We purchase the subs from a local place. They have a special secret oil, that makes them so good. Having subs on Christmas Eve, is simple, since we have all the preparations for a big Christmas meal.

Wanderlust - My favorite family tradition is turning on the Christmas carols the day after Halloween! We start listening to our favorite Christmas CD’s and records; these are the same records my parents listened to as children, and we know every word to every verse. Now, whenever I hear one of those songs in a store, radio, or elsewhere, I am instantly returned to my childhood home and feel surrounded by my family’s love.

Tracy - My favorite Christmas tradition is our Christmas eve dinner…it goes back to my great grandparents. And my favorite way to decorate is putting up 5 Christmas trees ( 2 of which are small in my kids rooms…even though my daughter has moved out on her own I still put it up). We go hunting for the perfect tree which goes in our living room and it is filled with Old World ornaments we’ve collected while on our vacations. It also has keepsake ornaments…every ornament on our tree has a story. We put up an Old Fashioned Silver Tree in our dining room which has antique ornaments which I’ve collected from grandparents, parents, flea markets, yard sales etc…LOVE collecting them. We have the color wheel and the base that turns the tree. The extra antique ornaments get put into glass bowls and containers on our table and buffet. The last tree is downstairs in our family room which is a fake tree…very country with hand made balls…foam balls wrapped in strips of calico fabric..with a garland made the same way with mini foam balls and smaller balls of yarn in between. My daughter and I made the ornaments after buying the tree and seeing the same kind of garland for sale for $20! We ran right over to Joanns and bought what we need to make it. It also has some country wooden ornaments and rusty metal ornaments. Thanks for the chance to win!

Lindsay Firzlaff - My favorite Christmas tradition dates back to when I was little. My mom makes a special-recipe coffee cake, but only once a year, for Christmas morning. Every single year, after opening our Christmas presents, we would all sit around and enjoy the coffee cake together. And that tradition continues today. Though I don’t have any children to pass this memory onto, I steal a slice from my mom so that I can have it myself, and my sister, who does have children, has made it for her family every year. I love that it will continue through the generations.

Kristin Thomas - For years I loved decorating for Christmas and had the routine down. Over the years, though, the decor collection has grown to a point where it’s now almost overwhelming. I’ve noticed that I dread dragging it all out now. Doesn’t that sound awful? Maybe I’m just tired of it all and need some fresh inspiration! I love that this class starts in October. By the time I’m looking at blogs of holiday ideas, it’s almost too late to implement any of them!

Denise - I actually have two favorite traditions. The first is going to the community candle-light Christmas Eve service. I especially like when it is held later in the evening. After all of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, this service brings it all back in to perspective. My other favorite tradition is making home-made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. Yum! - Jeanne’s Creatively anything-at-all classes are always amazing. So many great teachers! Our favorite Christmas tradition was inspired by my Grandma long ago. On Christmas Eve, she would load up her car with cookie trays that would be delivered to all the relatives. When we moved out of state in the early 80’s, I didn’t have any relatives nearby so we made cookie trays and gave them to new friends and strangers going through hard times. Another year in a new town, we took 23 large cookie trays to the homeless mission downtown. My grown children now bake too and say the joy they receive from giving away a tray of cookies is what makes the season rich and full. I agree! And thank you so much for a chance to win the Holiday class!

Liesl Botbyl - I have learned to let go of some of the decorating and let me kids get involved. Now that they are 10 and 13 it’s their turn to decorate the tree while the Christmas music blares!

Alicia - I love Jeanne. She is too cool.

Also I love decorating for Christmas with natural elements…pine, pinecones, holly, greens of all kinds. Love that.

Deborah - My favorite Christmas tradition, one of many, is playing Christmas music beginning in November 24/7 and start making homemade gifts and homemade goodies. Of course the putting up of the trees after going to the tree lot the day after Thanksgiving is a close second. Really we have lots of traditions so it’s hard to pick. Thanks for the opportunity. Ive taken several of jeanne’s classes and I’ve really enjoyed them.

AndeM1 - My very favorite Christmas Tradition is putting up the Christmas tree with my children the day after Thanksgiving… husband does the lights and he’s “out”….. I haven’t take a class, but would absolutely love to!!!

mysteryhistorymom - My favorite Christmas tradition is watching It’s a Wonderful Life and opening family presents on Christmas Eve. We all dressed up and had a fabulous dinner- then it was time for presents! Christmas morning was the time to open gifts from Santa.:) Thanks for this amazing opportunity! I’m ready for the holidays!:) Lori

Shannon - I don’t even know how to choose one favorite tradition from Christmas, I love everything about the holiday so that’s hard. Pretty much any tradition that we do as long as we are all together as a family is my favorite!

Wendy - Our favorite family tradition is to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. My daughters and I deck the halls inside our home while my hubby and son decorate the outside with lights. We all have leftover Thanksgiving food for lunch together. :)

Barbara Nelson - Wow what a line up. I’ve taken a couple of her courses they’re awesome.
My favorite decorating for Christmas is simple and natural with greens and nuts and fruit.

Ellie - favorite christmas tradition . . . christmas eve – go to church, come home and have appetizers for dinner around the christmas tree with a fire burning. leave out cookies and milk and get the kiddos to bed!

Beth - My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the Nutcracker Ballet with our girls; I find myself watching their faces more than the ballet sometimes!

Sarah - My favorite holiday tradition is the time with family. Baking with my kids, pulling out recipes that only/mostly are used in December and sharing with my kids who the recipe came from, why I love it & the person who gave it to me. Really trying to help them know family that they hardly get to see or who have already passed. For me as I prepare & enjoy these foods, I feel connected to family & special friends and am reminded of what they mean to me.

Me - My favorite tradition is going to the “Behold the Lamb of God” show at The Ryman each year with my husband. Such a simple and deep reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.

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