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Garage Sale Finds Reinvented….

Remember when I told you that we scored pretty big at last weekend’s garage sales? I shared in an earlier post this week about our old chippy white tool box that we got for $3 that now sits on top of our computer desk and about our globe that we got for $2.  Well, another one of our finds was a gold frame.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t spend more than about $2 on it, if that.   He brought it home knowing exactly what he would do with it!  Since we are so inspired by farmhouse style, we’ve been slowly adding more and more of those details to our home.  We put it over our Eddy West half-moon table in our entry way, and we love it!

Here is a shot of the frame before he reinvented it! 

We also found this old wooden desk chair.  We’ve had one of these on our wish list forever, so it’s awesome to cross one more thing off that long, long list.  It was in pretty sad shape, and it was missing the wheels on it, so we cleaned it up and added some polyurethane and wheels to make it as good as new!

It’s so encouraging to be able to make small changes to each of our rooms in order to have the things that surround us also inspire us with the style that we love and appreciate.  It’s even more encouraging that those small changes are only costing a small amount of moo-lah plus the labor that we put into it.

I’m linking up with Mustard Seed Creations and The Inspired Room today!  Check out all the things that have been reinvented out in blogland and all the things that are inspiring everyone this week!

Happy Weekend~

Rene @ cottage and vine - Of course you had to snatch up that frame and I love what you did with it. That wooden chair was a great find too!

It's me - Wauww that wooden chair !!! so pretty !!! i like it very much !!

Have a nice sunny weekend relax !! enjoy hugs from Ria

DustyLu - Perfect finds and I love what you done with them! Your photography is fantastic. Me likey…all! ~lulu

Melanie - Beautiful photos!!!!

The desk chair is incredible!!! I have one on my wish list, too! So far, no luck. But I keep looking! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

chair up - What a remarkable transformation for that frame, it looks perfect over the table. Great finding that chair too, they are hard to come by where we are.

Elissa - I love what you did with the frame…it’s beautiful! I love the chair too. I wish I could have your yard sale luck!! - amazingness!! it’s time to scour the craigslist ads for garage sales in my area!

Traci Michele - Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to meet you! I’m your newest follower :-) Hugs, Traci

Allison Shops - Love all your finds – you have great taste! Love your blog.


Cathy M~(checkitoff) - great finds & I just cannot get over the transformation of that sign! And what luck to find the chair! Great thrifting!

Natasha - That chair is fabulous! i love the transformation of the frame too. You really found some great things.

Best wishes and happy weekend,

Lynda - de stoel is awesome! Echt geweldig, een meesterwerk:)

Geniet van je weekend!

Tracey - Love it! The transformation is really happening! With every yard sale and potterybarn trip the farmouse is coming alive! Talk lata.

Kristi - I LOVE the frame and chair!!! You did great Tara!! I have an old office chair, but not as nearly as awesome as yours! I spent yesterday cleaning and oiling an old windsor chair I bought at GW a little while back.
I love your home!! What is your paint color? it’s gorgeous :)

Lilla Kullan ♥ - Very nice things you have found. The chair would be nice in my home.;-) Hug Stina

That - Love your style! Please check out my etsy store I’d love to do a giveaway! Thanks!

Anita - Just found you via Miss Mustard Seed and I like what you did with the huge frame. But I love the half table underneath it!! It’s such a great size!

My Yellow House - Great finds and beautiful pictures! I’m glad that so many other people find it inspiring to reuse and repurpose things – plus the thrill of the hunt can be so rewarding! As usual, I love what you’ve done with everything!
Hope you’re having a great weekend!

paige - you scored some great finds!
i love how you decorate too

such a fun blog xo
oh &ps…thank you for your kind words xo

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia - Just gorgeous! Don’t you love finding treasures at such great prices! hope your having a great weekend!
Take care

dianneh - love what you did with that wooden frame. very cool!

Kim - Everything is looking wonderful. You found some great items.

Bringing Pretty Back - I have only been garage(is that even a word?!) saleing once this year! ohh! Makes me excited to go again and see what I can find!

twest70 - You guys did a super job of recreating these items, you both are so talented. You have the decorating eye that I wish I had! I hope you have a great week!

Cha Cha - I love the frame redo, perfect sign. I have one of those chairs on my wish list also and know how hard they are to find cheep or a reasonable I quess is a better word, so congrats. Shh don’t tell anyone I am on line, everyone is still asleep and I am sneeking in some time online.

Cha Cha

Playing Sublimely - love all of this!

Morning T - That sign is fabulous, great job!!

Playing Sublimely - loved your suggestions…its gotten me all excited to do this :)!

The Prudent Homemaker - I love your entry table; it’s very beautiful!

Talysa - You had me at “Garage Sale Finds”…oh and I do believe we share the same sofa…although yours has the sassiest throw pillows EVER! Where ever did you find those? I could almost guess…if you are like most of my blog friends, you made them. I envy those people. I’d also love to know the color of your yellow walls…they are so pretty…and yellow paint (or picking one at least)historically hates me. :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by and giving encouraging words. Prayers are much appreciated right now. So glad to meet you.

Miss Mustard Seed - You struck it rich with some of these finds! I love the old office chair. I found one last summer for $10, but the one I found was in excellent condition. Yours has so much character. I can’t wait to see it spruced up.

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