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Friday Favorites {on Saturday}

Heather has a series called Home Made Lovely.
Have you seen it?


I come from a looong line of women who cook deliciously.
I really want to make one of these with all the recipes passed down through the generations.



I like this.  Maybe someday I

I like this. Maybe someday I’ll paint the kids bathroom in black and white stripes.


I don

I don’t like pink, but pink mixed with this charcoal grey?  It’s perfect.


Shannan wrote this post on Dialing back the day.   Don

Shannan wrote this post on Dialing back the day.
Don’t pause. Go there now.


Alicia finished up her 31 days of writing about real life.
Every post was amazingly transparent, but this one?
It’ll give you perspective, and you’ll laugh hysterically.

















































































































I had every intention of posting this yesterday, but it just never happened.  I think I’m still recovering from last weekend.  Hopefully, a weekend full of nothing but family and pajamas and a big pot of homemade soup and a couple of early bedtimes will get me back to normal!

Hope you’re having a great start to the weekend.  What are you up to?

Jackie - A breakfast date and shopping with Hadley–the girl has grown out of every stitch of clothing she owns! Plus I got half of my Christmas shopping done! Cleaning out the shed–got to capitalize on these weekends when I feel good! Oh, and watching football, of course. :) xoxo

Lori H - Tara, You know how you pull up a blog post (mine are in Feedly) and when one comes up you think, “oh good” and you just want to grab a cup of hot tea/coffee/apple cider and spend plenty of time going through it. And the anticipation is ALMOST as good as the reading of it. That is how I feel about your Friday favorites.
Just returned from an overnight in D.C. My cousin retired from the Airforce and we attended his retirement ceremony. Time spent with one whole side of my family is awesome, in small doses, and this was just right. I see these folks once, maybe twice a year, and it feels so good to catch up and laugh at how we were as kids, etc. We will be with my husband’s side of the family for Thanksgiving this year, so it was a bonus visit with my side. Plus all the cousins are going through the same issues with our parents, health and how-do-we-start-moving-them-out-of-their-homes kinds of things. Nothing like family :)

Bevky - Loved Alicia’s posts too. Hope she continues to spill it:-)

Christy - OOOOH! A weekend full of nothing but PJs, a big pot of soup and early bedtimes…I think that sounds wonderful! We had a full weekend. The weather was just lovely. Wish we could have more of the same throughout fall. :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I always love little tid bit teasers like these. I have got to try a post like this some day. just seems so fun!

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