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Friday Favorites {and a winner}



















I’ve been reading Shaunna Niequist’s book, Bread and Wine, and this looks like something she would serve at one of her dinner parties. Do you have people over for dinner often? We do, but it’s something we want to do more and more. There is something so full and satisfying about feeding and loving people in your home around your table. I do solemnly swear to make these for my next dinner party.











I think I just found my Christmas table setting. the end.















Nothing says warm and cozy like stacked blankets. Since this is my 2nd week in a row posting a pile of them, I’d say it’s time for me to actually get a few of my own in a basket near our fireplace.


















This girl knows how to do a backyard makeover. We recently added a fire pit to our yard, but I’m thinking a few loads of pea gravel need to be dumped soon.


















Can you tell I’m hungry? Here’s another easy but delicious starter to serve some guests.



1.  I loved Edie’s post on more patience.

2.  Nester made a leather bunting banner Pennant thing.

3.  Liz Marie did a killer job on her coffee table makeover.

4.  She has the best hair ever in the history of all hair.

{Her heart is pretty spectacular, too.  Cozy up. You’ll wanna read her archives.}


I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!  The COUNTRY LIVING FAIR starts today, and that’s where we’ll be for the next three full days!  I’d love for you to follow along on Instagram. ‘ll be posting pictures and occasional videos with my thick as ever southern accent. If nothing else, it’ll be great comic relief for you!

Okay….I saved the best for last.  Ready to know who won the Merry Little Christmas sign?

Congratulations MaryAnn, who left comment # 275.  I’ll email you for your shipping address!

We’ll be doing more give aways in November and in December!!

Okay…We’re off to the Fair!


Deidre - Boo – I didn’t win :(
I love that stack of blankets, too. It is suddenly cold here in NC this week and we had to turn the heat on.

That table setting is stunning!

Praying your booth at the CLF is a hit (of course it will be!)

Lori H - What a nice surprise…I was thinking that you would be too busy today to post a friday favorites! Thanks and enjoy the CL fair :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh my gosh I love these. And you’re right… she DOES have the best hair ever in the history of hair. LOL Love how you said that.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh and have a GREAT time at the fair. You are going to rock that thing so crazy, girl! Please take lots of photos for those of us stuck in the Pacific NW who won’t be there… Boo!


Kelly Cach - I’ll take a stack of blankets and some snacks around that fire pit….or the holiday table (stunning!).

Her hair IS perfect!!! It looks thick. Oh, how I wish, I wish my bangs would lay nice.

I’ve been reading some of Edie’s 31 Days posts….I need to read them all :)

Excited to hear how your weekend turns out. Really, what a dreamy event to be part of :)

Christy - I’m LOVIN’ all your favs. The food looks scrumptious, and the backyard is making me want to figure out how I can hang lights like that in mine. Wish so badly I could come to the fair. Sounds like SO much fun! Have a great weekend!

Judy - My sister, daughter and I were at the CL fair yesterday in Atlanta and loved your booth! My daughter got one of your cards and will probably be ordering one of your signs in the future. I told her I read your blog and I wanted to introduce myself but you were surrounded by folks and I hated to interrupt!

I hope ya’ll did good at the fair! Your booth looked fabulous!

Rebecca - Tara,
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I had a wkend away for the first time in at least 3 years due to your blog! Thanks!! When you wrote you would be at the Country Living Fair, I made plans for us to attend since we are only 3 hours away and I wanted a sign!! We really enjoyed the amazing crafts and awesome antiques displayed! And we came by your booth, but you were chatting with someone so we made another round…and then you were gone! :( We did meet your husband and bought a “You are my Sunshine” sign! Love it! I sang that to all 3 boys and my mom sang it to them as well! Even my big boys liked it! :)

It was great to chat with Andy briefly. We also have homeschooled and just put our 11th and 9th grader in our local public school here. It is quite an adjustment…but so far so good. The younger one is still home with me. I would have loved to have met you…and my husband was so excited to attend the fair! :) Just kidding…but he was fine – even though we never got to meet “the sign lady!” that we drove to meet! – But we did buy my sign!!

Thanks again for mentioning it on your blog! It was a great wkend and a fun event! We (I) hope to attend next year!

Megan - Hi! I stopped in at your booth on Sunday at the CLF – you were busy talking or I would have said hi then :) Your hubs helped my sis and I and was such a gentleman.. You are so creative and I so enjoy reading your blog! Hope you have a good week – Megan from Tennessee

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