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Friday Favorites

friday favorites-between you and me

Edie’s pulled off a texas, preppy, anthropologied Christmas tour. I am in love with her “Hold Your Horses” print from Stephanie Creekmur’s Etsy shop.

friday favorites-between you and me

Her heart spills out into her home, and I love it.

Friday Favorites-between you and me

I love pretty much every little detail.

Friday Favorites-between you and me

My dear friend Jackie is in the middle of chemo treatments…her heart is weary but rejoicing.  She inspires me on every level.  Her home is a picture of her heart.  I wish you could visit with her in real life, like I’m privileged to get to do.

Friday Favorites-between you and me

This might just be a January project for me and the kids…making snowflakes for one of our walls.  It most likely will be the only chance we’ll get to see snowflakes!

Friday Favorites-between you and me

FPFG rocked her graffiti tree.  Go see her whole house and read her whole heart.

Friday Favorites-between you and me

I loooove what Nester is doing in her new home.


Good read on parenting.

Carve your heart on hearts…not tombstones. Yes. Excellent read.

I want to be a “there you are” kind of woman.

I want to practice more patience with people…bear with them in their burdens.

Happy Weekend!

Becky @Farmgirl Paints - My favorite is the simplicity of the snowflake wall. Sweetness overload.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Awww you gathered up some of my favorites here too!! Seriously that Edie know’s what she’s doing doesn’t she? Total blog crush here. And thank you for including my wee little home in there. What a fun surprise- totally made me smile BIG. I’ve got to relax today and enjoy catching up on a few of these that I’ve missed.
It’s FRIDAY!! Whoohoo!

tiffini - i enjoyed this! that snowflake wall…wow!
i read shannon’s post and cracked usual;)
and i seriously LOVE that yarn wreath..i must go see if she has a tutorial. well so that i can add it to my TO DO list
happy weekend…xo

paige - love these homes & love these women!

Jackie - I do love that snowflake wall…I’m itching to do that, too, if I can quit making pompoms. Thank you for including my little home with such big company–love all those ladies and their hearts. LOVE yours, too, my dear. :)

Lori H - You have picked some of my favorites and some I had not seen yet. Seriously, this time of year is CHOCK-FULL of goodness, it’s almost overwhelming! Responding to your last email later today as I can finally relax and breathe :)

Lori H - P.S. I can’t decide between the Hold Your Horses or the Hey Y’all! Dithering…

LLH Designs - I haven’t felt inspired to do more than the basics this Christmas, but it sure is fun to see the creativity that Christmas inspires in others. xo!

Allison - I showed my kids the snowflake wall and they are snipping away. Thank you as well so for sharing our post on 2 types of folks. Much appreciated my friend. Blessings this Christmas!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - You are so dang good to me.
And now I want to sit the kids down and force them to make me 200 paper snowflakes. Would that be wrong??

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