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Friday Favorites for the weekend















There is no limit to her creativity. She added a cork wall to her powder room.



















I’ve got the glass jars. Now, I just need some plaid! Do you have any glass jars or plaid in your life?






















These felt acorns most certainly will make their way into a wooden bowl at my house.
















Surely, if I start now, I can finish one of these bad boys by Christmas time!



















Note to self:: Add a cow canvas on a gallery wall above Lydia’s bed.  Oh, and a pennant, too.



















She made a really cool sign.


31 series to read this weekend.



recipes to try this weekend. #pizzaonthebrain

deep dish pizza

apple pie pizza

10 randoms from me…….

1.  I live for weekends.

2.  Andy and I are working today on designing the elements we need for our country living fair booth!  It’s in two weeks! SCREAM.

3.  He’s the big picture guy, and I’m the details girl.  We’re a good team!

4.  Tomorrow, we’re going to the UGA game. Whooooooop!  Have I mentioned that we love living in this amazing college town?

5.  It’s seriously starting to feel like fall here. ABOUT TIME.

6.  I’m finishing Bread & Wine this weekend.  Fabulous read.

7.  We’re roasting marshmallows around the fire pit with the kids, after we buy a fire pit today.

8.  Paige Knudsen talked me off of a ledge yesterday. I love my new site, but figuring out the details has me on edge. NO JOKE.

9.  Trader Joes has the best pumpkins ever, and a couple of them are coming home with me today.

10. And for really random…I always use Andy’s razors.  Always. This week, I bought my own pack.


Okay. You should definitely tell me something random about you.



Alicia @ La Famille - A neatly bulleted comment:

-I have that soap in the first picture, so I feel pretty special right now.

-That little bedroom with the cow?? AAAAdorable!!

-Thank YOU for the shout out. I literally feel like I’m naked in front of the world…I mean, in a “baring my soul” sense. But it feels SO good too.

-Did you say COUNTRY LIVING fair!?!?! I just decided RIGHT NOW that I’m going. I didn’t go last year and I regreted it big time. I’m going…and I’m meeting you. The end.

-ox, a

Lori H - So wish I could make it to the Country Living Fair! Bucket List material, there. i loved Bread and Wine…can recommend highly the brownies, the lentil soup, the magical white bean soup, the caesar salad and my favorite! The Real Simple Cassoulet…it tastes so much better than I thought it would, looking at the recipe. Delicious! Random fact about me: if I could, and if my husband would let me, I would have a whole wall collage of cow art. So many good ones out there! Look at Paige and Meg, both with great cow photos, not to mention your awesome cow. I have a few little pieces of cow art that I keep in my walk-in closet. How is that for random?

Virginia - - follow you on IG – love this site – had peanut butter toast for breakfast cuz I am out of my protein shake – I love words – God’s Word/message for me: be true to who I made you to be – I am finally free (no shame) – have an iced coffee every afternoon – love cheese popcorn (like, REALLY love!) – love date nights with My Guy of almost 36 years!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I hate cheesecake. And my family LOVES it so every holiday someone brings one. How random is that? LOL

I’m sorry you were struggling with the new site. I’ve been wondering how the transition is going. Looks beautiful though!

Christy - I LOVE your new site! I wish I lived closer so I could go to the Country Living Fair and see your stuff and hug your neck. Have a good time!

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