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forty before 40..the almost accomplished list.

I just realized I really never talked about turning 40 in June.  Or did I? Uh oh…already losing my mind.
Anyway, Remember that list I made three years ago of all those things I wanted to do?
1. Do another Daniel fast.
2. Read through the bible again.
3. Consistently have more people in our home for dinner.
4. Host a craft night at my house.
5. Write handwritten letters to friends on their birthdays.
6. attain pre-baby weight. (can’t believe I just typed that!)
7. ride in a hot air balloon.
8. drive something other than a mini-van….sorry, I’m over mine!
9. wash my van regularly.
10. take a photography class.
11. family mission trip.
12. take a cooking class.
13. take the kids to Washington, DC.
14. buy a juicer.
15. give up diet coke for good.
16. plant a garden.
17. romantic get away with Andy.
18. go to my 20 year class reunion.
19. sell our house in Georgia.
20. see my brother more.
21. read 40 books.
22. Go to NYC with Andy.
23. build a fire pit.
24. get caught up on my kids’ scrapbooks without losing my mind.
25. find a local place to serve.
26. do something with my love for words
27. weekend trip with my girlfriends.
28. Drive up Hwy. 101 from Los Angeles to San Francisco with Andy.
29. drink 64 ounces of water daily.
30. take a vacation with friends to the beach.
31. consistently date Andy.
32. journal more regularly again.
33. go back to India.
34. go to the beach with my mom.
35. hike tallulah gorge.
36. learn to knit.
37. Go zip-lining
38. Disney cruise with my parents & my brother’s family.
39. go to the country living fair in Atlanta.
40. own another home that we can truly live and let out kids grow up in.

As you can see, I didn’t do every single last thing that I set out to do, but it’s okay.
I’m still so glad I made it. I bet I wouldn’t have done three of those things, if I hadn’t planned to.
And, since it’s my list, I think I’ll add a new rule.
I’m giving myself this whole 40th year to knock a few more things off!

1.  Andy and I are planning a trip for our 40th birthdays this coming spring, since he’s coming up behind me.
We’ll either tackle the CA trip or the NYC trip!
2.  And, I feel SURE I can finally learn to knit.  Surely.  
Hopefully, that lady that tried to teach me a few years ago isn’t reading.  
I am certain she’d write in and say she doubts it.
3.  The fire pit is a no-brainer…or so you’d think.  We may cave our big time plans and just buy one and call it a day.
4.  I can hike tallulah gorge this fall.  It’s ten minutes from my parents’house.  no more excuses!
5. I didn’t obtain pre-baby weight, but I did lose about 8 pounds, and I’m back in the gym.
That counts, right?  
As for riding in a hot air balloon or handwriting letters to friends or going back to India?
Those might not happen this year, but maybe in this lifetime! 
What about you?  You got anything you’re dying to do? 
A bucket list?  A 40 Before 40?  A 50 before 50?  A “before kids” list?  A 2013 list?
Or, do these lists get on your nerves and make you feel like a big failure?
Just so you know…I’m working on my 50 before 50 list, and I’m aiming high!

Don’t forget to check out Erin’s Christmas sign!!  You’re gonna looooooove it.:)

{A*very} Cottage Home - Hi Tara! I will say that you can get the California and hot air balloon crossed off your list if you travel to Napa Valley. They always have hot air balloons going up over the valley. We just went this past summer for our 15th wedding anniversary. NYC is awesome too and I thoroughly enjoyed going with just my husband, no kids. Both are great trips and an amazing experience.

Jboo - Great list and you accomplished a lot!! I actually have done the hot air balloon ride in Lake Tahoe one year — so cool and fun and a little scary! Have fun crossing things off the list!

paige - i love you!

Starr - Love this, and I vote NYC!

Aimee - Happy 40th Tara!! I love that you make bucket lists. I don’t take the time to do it and I totally should. It’s so satisfying to cross things off a to-do list!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - GIRl I have got to do this. I have two more years but I’m ON it!! :)

Anne Marie - Happy Birthday Tara! May the Lord continue to bless you…….you look so beautiful by the way…
xo - Love this, Tara! I’m all about intentionality, living on purpose, and… LISTS! Life doesn’t really start until 40, right?

GLENDA CHILDERS - Wow … a fun and important list. I meant to do one (I turned 60 this year.) Maybe I will do it for 61 … but it doesn’t have quite the ring. Strong work, dearest.


Farmgirl Paints - you did a LOT! seriously it’s kind of cool to have a list. and I can attest you CAN learn to knit. it’s really not that hard. sasha taught me in a hot minute. now if I can remember from last year is the burning question:)) love you friend.

slip4 - Tara, I am such a list person. I am coming up on my 51st birthday next month, so I will need a list to work on…51 things seems like a lot though! I think you did really well on your list. Good luck with the knitting..I have TRIED but I can’t/won’t do it :)

slip4 - P.S. I am loving the Christmas signs! I may have to purchase a second one…

Ellie - Gosh – I think you did a LOT!! I’ll be 50 in a couple months so I might need to make a 60 before 60 list :). Yikes I hope the next 10 years go slower than the last 10 did!

Finding Home - Happy belated! You have me thinking about my 50 before 50 and frankly that freaks me out quite a lot! Have a great week, Laura

Jenny - OMGoodness, Tara, you look so young. Seriously, in your twenties! Love your blog, love your signs, love your family, U rock! Happy 40th! Jenny Carroll

Kristen - I’m such a list person so I love this. I have been thinking about putting together a before baby list. You have me motivated now!

katie - When you come to NYC you should come spend a night with us!!!! Happy BDay!!!!!!

Rebekah - Could you please tell he where the cow picture came from? I have been searching for something like this forever!

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