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Five Friday Favorites for the Weekend…

Sometimes all the DIY projects out there can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t consider yourself very crafty.
I thought these ideas were very doable, and I think you will, too.
I love the idea of making a chalkboard map and adding a heart to our great state.  
I have a lot of grand notions that never quite get accomplished.  If you’re like me in this area, just know that you can order this amaze balls map from their ETSY shop
Karianne has done it again.  She’s a DIY rockstar.  
Wouldn’t this be really cool in a kid’s room with every word that you find being an attribute of that kid?
Laura wrote the post on cleaning glass tops with vinegar, but that tin can full of pencil goodness stole the show.
I’m a boring table setter, so I have an entire pinterest board full of ideas.
Why have I never thought to put an old shutter down the middle?
I love smart people.
I think our homes need to serve us well.  It bugs me to have spaces that don’t make any sense.
I could list a few places in our house that will eventually get tweaked for this very reason.
They just aren’t serving their fullest potential for us.  
I’d say my decorating mantra is pretty practical::
 “A home full of form but without function is useless.”

This brown craft paper roll is genius.  
It would be perfect in the main hub of your home for to-do lists, chore reminders, menus and to-buy items.

Art and Sand - Oh my! Such fun ideas.

Thanks for showcasing them.

SHERRY HART - Incredible! All great….

Mary - i LOVE all of these ideas!
i’m totally stealing the brown paper roll one!
you have such great style, girl!!!

carissa @ lowercase letters - oh my! so so lovely. my favorite is the last one. how genius. now, to convince my honey that we “need” a big roll of butcher paper hanging in the kitchen. ; )

GLENDA CHILDERS - The shutter idea is really charming.


Farmgirl Paints - It’s all good. Love the brown paper roll too. Pinterest is awesome. I drool over the kitchens I see. Makes me want to redo everything. Happy weekend friend.

Mindy Whipple - Great ideas – the shutter is so creative! I saw the paper roll on Pinterest and it is genius. I think I may end up using it in my office rather than the kitchen where I am short on space. A great place to jot down ideas.

Coastal Cottage Dreams - Lovely ideas, especially love the roll of brown craft paper. Have a lovely weekend!

Tiffini - I pinned the kraft paper too! love that..just don’t have room on my walls for it…lol!
oh friend! how i WISH we could for real sit and talk and pray…i have such a full heart and no real friends here to ask counsel of…partly my issue but so hard
just in an icky place right now.
school starts…this will be a new year for you won’t it?:) a mix of happy and sad?
will you have lydia with you still or no?
much love

Kelly Cach - Seriously, were we separated at birth??? I too have so many grand notions, good intentions, great ideas, etc…but so few get completed! But for REALS, I’m going to do the paper roll (or hubs, rather;). I am a list maker, but not an organized list maker…scraps of paper everywhere. and it’s not even cute or pretty paper. it’s paper from those conventions my husband goes to…paper that has advertisements for prescriptions or tires or gasoline brands. I’m doing this for the cool brown paper. And because I also hate wasted space and decorations just to have decorations, you know? Your mantra is my mantra.

Thanks for being inside my head :)
Blessings to you!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh my gosh I am LOVING that paper roll. Pinned it too. I NEED one!!

Finding Home - Thanks so much for sharing our desks – I am at it right now and I love it! Especially since it is now clean!

sheera hardin - QUESTION??? where do you find that big of a paper roll?? I WANT ONE :)

linda wachs - Where do you find a the paper roll hanger?

Shelley Smith - Yep, the butcher paper. Hands down.

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