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Finn the Human and Parenting.

It’s homecoming week at school this week, and today is character day.
Luke wanted to be Finn the Human from Adventure Time.

First things first. I needed to find out what he looked like, so I googled him.


I want to go on record saying that Finn the Human looks like a goob.
I have no idea why Luke would choose this character over all the other characters in the universe, except he’s 13, and that might be the only reason in the world that will ever make sense to me.

I wish I could say that we planned for Finn’s costume two weeks ago, but that isn’t our world right now. Nope. We planned for it yesterday morning on the way to school. I told him I would try my best to pull something together for him.

These kind of things are never real convenient, mainly because I wait until the last minute to prepare for them.
I ran to party city hoping to just buy a costume…that would have been perfect.
Bummer. They didn’t have one.
This is the moment when I was tempted to kill his whole dream of participating in character day, but I knew this mattered. I don’t always listen to that gut feeling, but yesterday I did. WIN!

Okay, plan B. I grabbed the cheapest blue shorts and t-shirt I could find, and I asked Andy to pick up white and green fleece to finish out the costume. Teamwork builds champions!

Wednesdays can be hairy for us with ball practice, homework for three, and small group.
So, our teamwork went into overdrive to get it all done.
I did homework and dinner while Andy sewed a white hat and covered an old backpack in green fleece.

In the end, we pulled off a spectacular-last-minute Finn the Human costume together.
Luke must have thanked us no less than 10 times for it. He was so appreciative for our efforts.

This morning, he got dressed and came downstairs for breakfast, and this is what he looked like::

Speaking Love-between you and me

He looked at both of us and said, “I feel so loved. You guys worked so hard to make sure I could dress like Finn. It makes me feel so special.”

Finn the Human still looks like a goob to me.
Adventure Time consistently reminds me why I wish we didn’t watch television.
BUT, this morning I’m thankful for that ding-dong character on that ding-dong show.

I’m amazed at how little it takes to make our kids feel loved and special.
It’s one of those moments when I know that God deposited something lasting in Luke’s heart.
There have been a few of those lately…when I could see God clearly at work in his life.

It shouldn’t surprise me that God can use Finn the Human in my kid’s life, but it does.
It floors me and humbles me.

He doesn’t need us, but he sure does love to use us in our kids lives.
We just have to pay attention and say YES.

Okay…your turn! How are you seeing God move and work in the hearts of your kids?
{and if you’re not, and you find yourself feeling super discouraged, let me know..I’d love to pray!}

Amy Avery - Tara, this may be one of my most favorite posts of your of all time. Everything about it is just wonderful; the way you googled the character of Finn, to you saying he looks like a “goob” (I agree btw,) to the way y’all teamed up to make the costume and the way your actions were used by God to show your son true love. Just awesome, friend! I wrote about a way my own daughter’s heart and mine were shown God’s true love just recently on my own blog from a child we were serving at our church who was a guest with his family. God has countless numbers of ways in which he displays his love and uses all opportunities to do so. You are a wonderful mother!

Starr - Way to seize the day and make it happen friend. Not too many costume-wearing years left. [wipes a single tear]

Kerrie - Ahhh that is so sweet. You have many more years of these last minute activities. My son Jeremiah would tell me the night before an event that we had to some how pull together a costume but we always did and he was always thankful. H.S is full of last minute everything!!!!! Luke’s do have a tender heart. I have a Luke and he is strong and corageous but gentle and kind too.

Jackie - 1. Great job, Mom!
2. Andy can sew?!!! I’m very impressed.
3. Luke is a sensitive soul and the fact that he was aware enough to thank you is beautiful. He’s a terrific kid and becoming a fine young man.

We are seeing a heart of gratitude in Berkley. God is using his difficult fall and not being in school to help him appreciate the gift of UGA right now. He has thanked us several times for the sacrifice we’re making of paying for college. God’s using difficult times to hone perspective in all of us. :)

Lynda - That is great! Having two teens myself I get the costume choice. Mine like funny too. That is so nice that your son noticed, appreciated, and vocalized his thankfulness. Very sweet!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Love those Mama moments! You did good.

Laura - Oh my. I’m with you on adventuretime, but that’s just the thing you needed to share for me today. I’m sooo struggling with that offering love instead of judgment aspect. Failure turned into a moment for mom to ask for forgiveness yesterday, and encourage my precious boy to know how well he was/is doing in life– all aspects. I was having a crisis. The kind only mom’s have, the one where you wish you had a dog collar on your child, with a zapper, because you’re about to have ‘an accident’ because you can’t get to the restroom. I lost it. in such a lousy way. And he just took it. and then recovery. but I don’t want to have that kind of bad day, just to enjoy the recovery. I just want the good part. He deserves it. The whole family does.
Thanks for going all the way with this bizarre character. And making his day- way to go Andy & Tara. :)

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