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Finally Gluten Free.

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I’m a self-diagnosed girl with attention deficit disorder.
Seriously.  I can’t chew gum and talk on the phone at the same time.
So, I’ve been a little absent because I took gluten out of my diet 9 days ago, 
and it’s been all in the world I could do just to be gluten free.
Deep down, I’ve known for a couple of years that I needed to take the plunge,
but the thought of doing it seemed so over-whelming.
I love donuts and muffins and cookies and homemade biscuits and pancakes and cupcakes.
{Hi, my name is Tara, and I love all bread and any sweets.}
If it weren’t for some nagging hip and back pain, I would’ve never considered it.
But, I don’t take pain medication, so I’m willing to try just about anything else. 
My pain is from a couple of nasty herniated discs in my lower lumbar that are also agitating my left hip.
In my heart and mind, I feel eternally twenty-eight, but my body aches like a ninety two year old.
So far, I can’t tell a huge difference in my pain level, but I can tell a difference in other areas.

My thoughts are clearer and I’m not near as bloated. 
{sorry for the mental picture of my boated gut!}
Supposedly, I’ll tell a much more significant difference around the six week mark.
So, if any of you are gluten free, your encouragement is welcome!
Thanks to Pinterest, I have a new GLUTEN FREE BOARD
and I’m encouraged to know that I can still have cookies and pancakes and cupcakes and even donuts.
Apparently, you can make almost anything gluten free.
{Accept my mama’s homemade biscuits…I haven’t figured that one out.}
{thankful for}
277. family date night tonight.
278. a good book and book reading weather.
279. gluten free sweets..thank you, Jesus.

traci - i did this at the beginning of january. such a difference. i don't even miss it anymore.

GLENDA CHILDERS - Williams Sonoma sells a great gluten free flour … called cup4cup. Has everything already in it (xanthum gum etc.)They say you can take any recipe (your biscuits) and make them. Also my daughter loves the gluten free cookbooks called "baby cakes". She makes fun desserts.

Good for you. It is so hard at first.


jessica - I've been wanting to do this! I mentioned it to my hubby, but he said he wasn't interested! How do you get your family onboard? Maybe, make the switch without telling??

Jana Miller - Gluten free about 95%. Here's my favorite muffins. Just a few ingredients and impossible to mess them up. They freeze well too.

And Gluten Free Granola in 30 minutes


Debby - I have been gluten-free for two years. I have Celiac and refused to believe it because I was not thin. It is hard esp. if you like pizza, bread and pasta. The best bread is Udi, made in Denver but I can find it in Ohio. You can find it in the frozen food section. They also have a frozen pizza shell as well. There is another frozen kind that is good but I don't know the name and it is hard to find. I just add sauce and cheese and it is good. The best spaghetti is Hodson Mill brown rice pasta……with golden flax seed. It says it is an excellent source of Omega 3 – Oils. There is another pasta by Quino that is called "veggie curls" that is great with some pasta sauce. Van's makes a good waffle. Bisquick makes a gluten free mix. Small box and twice the price of the other regular one. I haven't made biscuits with it but the pancakes are to die for. Also Betty Crocker makes some great mixes….brownie, cake and cookies. I know all the bad stuff but if you add it to all the good stuff you will survive. It is so expensive though. There is just my hubby and I and I don't want to do two of everything so I make him eat mine. He likes it but we have not seen an benefits from him not eating the gluten. My son also has Celiac so we help each other out on trying new things. It's not something to do for the fun of it as it is a whole new life style. Taken down notes from the others that have commented. Good luck. Hope the diet helps you. (I was diagnosed from two biopsies from an upper GI, blood work was negative and is most of the time)

Angel - I'm sure I'll be following in your footsteps very soon. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid) which is closely related to Celiac. I'm 99% sure I have Celiac (along with one of my girls), just waiting to be tested so I can't remove it from my diet yet. But it sure would explain how awful I've felt for the past 6 years. I too started a Gluten Free pinboard and I'll be looking at yours too. I sure hope you are feeling better very soon! Chronic pain is not fun. Amen.

Kindra-At Home With K - We went gluten free (along with casein free-found in dairy) last summer. We do it for various reasons-my son's diagnosis with autism, my other son's asthma/allergies, and my migraines. It has made a huge difference in our family. It was one of the best decisions we made. It can be challenging at times, especially when we leave the house or go to social functions. But we manage and bring our own foods. And restaurants are getting more gluten free friendly, which is a big help. Good luck and can't wait to hear about your progress.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint - Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥

Farmgirl Paints - Hope this never happens to me. Everything I eat has gluten. I'd be up a creek!

LLH Designs - Aside from Jesus, the thing I am MOST passionate about is FOOD! Going gluten free was a HUGE game changer for me…from intestinal bloating (meaning, I had a food baby after every meal) to brain fog to headaches to who knows what else! I felt 92 plus a few years every single day! I will NEVER EVER go back. I've learned that our grains have been mutated to the point that our bodies can no longer break them down, so the truth is, even if you aren't officially "celiac," you can have severe enough symptoms that you might as well be. That's me. My only word of caution is to be careful that you don't overdose in another food group (like corn, most of which is genetically modified). I think I became so hooked on corn and rice products as an alternative that I began aching in all kinds of new ways. Not to mention the high glycemic issues with gluten free baked goods. They aren't exactly better for you!

I write all of that as I am craven g a gluten free donut. UGH. Just being honest!

love you,

Megan - Good for you…that has to be hard. I am on the verge of some food crossroads myself and have some decisions to make. I am interested to hear what you are trying and how things work, so please keep us updated. And I hope you start feeling better!

Simple Daisy - Ok! I'm hungry now:):)
who needs gluten when you have food that looks as fabulous as that:)
I would have to say that I haven't had gluten for almost 2 weeks now and feel fabulous!!
but I have also made a lot of other changes within the same time….so who knows!! But I am just happy to not have so many stomach issues!! Sure hope you start feeling better:)

Lulu and Co. - Oh Tara that is such a wonderful step you took! Changing eating habits is so hard and I easily feel overwhelmed just thinking about making even small changes. So good for you for doing it. I have to say you have me now needing to reach it for myself….oh my gosh I've been in physical therapy since December because I have had such hip pain that I cant even sleep on my hip at night…. My issue was my hip was out of alinement….they have me doing exercises for it and it works for a bit…which leads me to not being as good about my therapy at home and back comes the pain. My lower back is shot I think from holding four babies on my left him for so many years!!!!
I'm cheering you on and will now try for baby steps myself,

maggie@septemberrust - that is something that i have been thinking about doing, i love to bake and my family loves it too, i did give up eating white flour products…still need to learn more about gluten. Luck to you!

Tiffini Kilgore - oh my..i need to join you girl..i do!
just thinking i don't have time
i CAN TOTALLY understand your 28 year old mind and 90 year old body
I am glad you are going before me so you can help me when i take the plunge
i got a breather today and have missed you soooo
hope your feeling stronger and less pain. it is almost 70 here today..for one day
but i am thankful
i got a barn door this last weekend from the sale that i have to figure out how to make
a headboard. can't wait to share it with you.
i will have to go check out your pinterest board
big hugs girlie

Mandy - good luck babe. my naturopath had hubby and i both go on gluten free. we both have autoimmune problems/diseases. we've been about 8 weeks…and feel NO different! so discouraging! we're going to go a little longer, but we cheated today as a 'test' and no ill side effects at all. guess gluten intolerance wasn't an issue with us…i'm not sure if that makes me gidddy with delight or frustrated as heck;)

lexsmama - Yay! I went g-free back in November, and it's the best thing I ever did. I use Lissa's recipes A LOT, along with others you use, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck's books. She has some serious yummies in those pages, too.

I found that Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Baking Mix rocks, along with the thai rice flour.

Good luck! And the imagery is too bad for us– I've said the same. I lost 10 lbs in less than two weeks from water and all that jazz. :-) congrats on feeling better!

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