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Fall Gourd Tutorial

This is a really easy Fall craft that you can do for your home.
The sweet lady that lived next door to us years ago made mine for me, and I love it.
I’ve made several for friends over the years because they are so incredibly easy to make.
You need to either buy a gourd that is already dried out or buy one and dry it out.
I’m lucky enough to have a farmer’s market that sells them already done.
There is a great site HERE that tells you how to do it if you need to.
I clean the gourds with a damp cloth and then put the monogram on with a sharpie marker.
You could paint it on if you want to, but the sharpie marker works great and dries immediately.
After you get the monogram finished, you use a spray can of polyurethane to spray it all over.
Easy as can be! 
Happy Fall Crafting!!!

Farmgirl Paints - looks lovely!

Tiffini - very pretty and easy! i just have not been with it in the fall decor dept this year…i will pinterest it for next year though:)…

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