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Fall get-aways and front doors.

Andy and I enjoyed a wonderful get away on Friday night.
It was a belated celebration of our 17 years together!
We farmed each kid out to a different friend’s house and then took the short drive into Atlanta.
It felt so good to slowly make our way there.
Do you ever feel like you’re rushing to school, from school, through homework and dinner and soccer practice?
Not rushing felt good.
We stopped at Atlantic Station near downtown and enjoyed lunch and shopping.
We actually picked up a few things from Ikea that we’ve been wanting to pick up.
…tea lights to use all during fall, a rug for the area right inside from the garage, and some new glassware.
We might have been the last people on earth still using large plastic cups from Walmart. try not to judge.
We also picked up two of their famous white, comfy chairs.
We’re making a few changes in our family room over the next couple of months, and those chairs were on the list.
They are currently sitting with white sheets sprawled out over them.
Why? Because I didn’t want to throw them into culture shock with our family.
I thought I’d ease them into life here. I sure hope it really is as easy as everyone says it is with white furniture.
*I’ll keep you posted*
After we left Ikea, we headed to Buckhead to check into our hotel.
Would you believe it if I told you that we took a nap?  It was glorious.
I can’t tell you the last time we were able to take a nap together.  I highly recommend it.
Afterwards, we took a long walk together and then made our way to a very nice dinner.
We always leave these weekends wondering why we don’t do them more often.
So needed.  So good for our marriage.
We eased back into Athens just in time to get our kids back and pile in front of the tv for the UGA game.
In the first half, it looked like we were going to win by a landslide, and then Tennessee came back fighting.
We spent the whole second half on our feet jumping, screaming, and biting our nails.
Okay.  No one else in my family did, but I was going crazy!!!
On more than one occasion, the boys had to tell me to bring it down ten or so notches.
We pulled off a WIN in the last two minutes of the game with a score of 34-31.
I think I might have missed my calling as a sports broadcaster.
How was your weekend?  Did you rest or run ragged or a little bit of both?
Do you have your mums and pumpkins and fall wreaths outside your front door?
The look of our front door is a little deceptive…it LOOKS fall, but the past several days have been warm here.
That’s October in North Georgia.  Crisp and cool in the mornings and evenings but warm in the middle.
{thankful for}
816. friends we trust, who keep our kids, while we steal away for a night.
817.  rest and relaxation.
818. a husband who makes sure we get time away together.
819. Monday mornings by myself.
820. a wonderful first quarter in school for the kids.

Jackie - So glad you two had a wonderful time together! Can’t wait to see the new furniture and the new front door in person–it looks great!

Tiffini - yes…we used to go to bed and breakfasts and weekends away. i MISS those times. a lot
so yes i know how needed it is and how good it feels to just be together as a couple. you are able to reconnect
happy you took the time.
busy times ahead for sure:)
don’t you just love ikea? i could just live in there. that is one thing i miss about MN…their ikea:)
happy tuesday friend…xo

LLH Designs - Hey good lookin’! Love the new look here! I’m such a huge fan of branches, leaves, wreaths, etc. included in the design. I need to make the WordPress leap but hate new things. SO much newness right now though. Guess I better get used to it! Love that you took a nap when you got to the hotel. We do that! xoxo!

Cathy M. - Tara, So glad you were able to get away!!! We had a 24 hour getaway last month (first one in 2 years!!!!) and we loved it! Of course we went to an Ohio State game, haha! On the Ikea chairs, they are so awesome!! Remember to keep in mind what you paid for them so you don’t freak out! The sheet is not a bad idea (at first) till everyone gets used to white. We have a lot of white Ikea at the lake (think suntan lotion, wet swimsuits, food, etc) and it has held up great! Also, I had a situation a year ago where we rented our place and “the renter(s)” got engine grease (the renters were big time race car drivers and their staff of mechanics) all over the couch…. it was a nightmare…but took it all the to the cleaners and ALL of it came out and it now looks spectacular!! Now I have to go figure out how to follow you on WordPress. (that’s why I love Instagram~easy!) Take care girlie! hugs, Cathy

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