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Fall Favorites…

I have friends reading this who are most likely laughing because they run into me in my gym clothes.
But, there are days I actually get dressed, I promise.

I really don’t have an absorbent amount of clothes, but what I do have, I want to loooooove.
This is where Pinterest comes in handy…once again!

My fall fashion board is helping me decide what my “must haves” are this season.
Notice that I said “this season” like it’s already fall.  You know it sort of is for me, right?
Something happens to me about the middle of August; I start preparing for my favorite time of the year.
I swear I haven’t lit my pumpkin spice candles…that’ll happen after labor day!

Since I’m thinking about all things fall, I thought it’d be fun to share a few of my fashion favorites today.
Judging from the looks of these pictures, I guess you could say my go-to outfit is causal.
1. Plaid shirts.
2. Gray skinny jeans.
3.  Gingham shirts.
4. Big blousy shirts.
5. Black skinny jeans.
6. Leopard Sperrys.
7. Cable Knit sweaters.
8. black vest.
9. dressier sweat shirts.
10. Dark boyfriend jeans

What about you?  What are your fashion favorites for this season?

Jboo - Love all of these! Unfortunately it’s been 99-100+ the last two weeks, so fall seems like distant goal — and I am wishing for that cooler weather!

Denise - I’m not sure – but I think I may have pinned some of the same outfits! I have to confess, I have been burning the pumpkin candles for a couple of weeks now. I guess that means I am definately ready for fall! Thanks for sharing.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home - I like to wear my dresses (even some that are a little summery) with skinny jeans – cardigans – and either boots or flats.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh my gosh I love you. We are so kindred spirits girl. I am ready to break out the pumpkin spice EVERYTHING mid August too. LOL Love it.

I love my gingham shirts and my striped sweater… I need a new vest but just found some great skinny jeans… (wish I looked skinnier in em. Ha) I think the one thing I want is a pair of gray Toms. I have so many outfits that need a different kind of shoe and I just wear gray converse with them all.the.time. I think I’ve worn those shoes five years straight or even longer. But they are in such great shape that I can’t really justifiy a new splurge.

I tell you what I WILL be wearing a ton of this fall- WORKOUT clothing. Because with God as my witness (fist raised) I will never be this chubby again! Amen and Yes.

slip4 - Fall is my favorite season too! Now if the weather would cooperate – too warm here in VA still. I love wearing a light scarf in the fall, in addition to your list.

T - As much as I adore skinny jeans, esp gray and black ones, my body type is just SO not made for them. I envy those who can wear them.

Fall is my favorite too…I’m intoxicated with its beauty. (Have you smelled Hot Maple Toddy candles? Google them. They have moved to No. 1 on my charts.)

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