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Eating Clean

Oh my goodness, this break has been good for me.
It’s been so good that when i sit down to do a post, i feel lost about what to tell you.
So much happens in a week when you aren’t blogging.
Where do i begin?
I’ll start by telling you about an awesome garden project that we’ve been working on
and about some decisions I’ve made for our health.
My husband and boys built some raised garden beds to plant our vegetables.
Here’s what they look like….

We now have chicken wire over the other two smaller beds.
We had to build those because the squirrels would eat everything if we didn’t.
As the plants grow, we’ll make them higher and with sides.
If staring at them all day everyday makes them grow, then our garden should be full grown in no time.
We’re about to worry ourselves to death over seeing something come up out of the ground.
Hopefully, in no time at all, we’ll have onions, carrots, orange peppers, yellow peppers, jalapeno peppers,

spinach, red leaf lettuce, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

The great thing about living in Florida is that we’re able to have two harvest seasons.
I can look forward to planting again in the Fall.

I started the journey of organic, clean eating over six years ago.
But, in the middle of our adoption and  move to Orlando, I got lazy.
Let’s face it, eating clean is one of those roads less traveled.
It is not easy or fast.
It requires thought, time, energy, money…all of which are sacrifices for most families.
God has consistently put people in my life, for years now, to help spur my desire to eat clean.
 I’ve learned everything I need to know about additives, preservatives, artificial colors to do what’s right.
I know the effects that those things have on our health, behavior, attention spans, hormones, moods, etc… 
If you’d like to read some excellent posts written recently by two fabulous bloggers, then you can go
here and here.
Anyway, I’ve ignored the nudges in my heart for too long.
I eat healthy enough that I should feel better than I do most of the time.

So, during this break, I’ve taken time to really think about some more changes I can make
to eat cleaner and feel better.
I’m starting a 30 day cleanse this week to detox my system.
While I’m doing it, I’m also going to use a protective pro-biotic, and I’m going to be drinking
organic apple cider with raw, local honey.
All of this is in hopes of balancing my hormones, cleansing my body of toxins and yeast build up
and cleaning out my colon and liver.
My back has been “out” since October, so I am sure that doing the cleanse and eating cleaner
will help aid my body in being restored to health.
I’ve been baking more breads and muffins and making our own “clean” pizza dough.
It feels good to know what we’re eating.
I have a huge sweet tooth, and a good friend told me to put a little nutella on my homemade millet muffins.
If you’re desperate for a cupcake, this will kind of do the trick.
I’ve got several more ideas and recipes that she’s given me, so as I try them, I’ll be sure to pass them on!

 Okay…before I hit “publish” I wanted you to know the cleanse that I’m using
in case you’re interested for yourself.
I ordered my cleanse and probiotics here.

The Mermaid Cottage - Just be careful about colon cleansers…I asked my doctor who performed my baseline colonoscopy about colon cleaners and he said they were of no value and were not regulated as to what they contained…that being “natural” did not equate to being safe.

Natural bacteria in the colon detoxify food wastes.

The liver also neutralizes toxins.

Mucus membranes in the colon keep unwanted substances from reentering the blood and tissues.

The colon sheds old cells about every three days, preventing a buildup of harmful material.

Increasing the number of bowel movements doesn’t improve weight loss. That’s because the body absorbs most calories before they reach the large intestine.

He said the probiotics were a great idea though!

LLH Designs - Cheers to you, Tara! I’m thrilled to hear where your inspiration has led you…and am honored that my post helped inspire you. You’re sweet to share it.

Eating clean becomes a lifestyle, not a diet, which is what makes it so easy to stick to over the years. It just feels so good that it becomes addictive…in a good, healthy way!

When I feel a need to detox, I juice. My favorite combo is Dino kale, sweet red apples, carrots, celery, a little lemon and a bit of fresh ginger. Talk about clean! Safe and tastier than a colon cleanse. :) The Breville juicer is amazing.

You go girl!

LLH Designs - I forgot: I use parsley with the above juice combo if I have it. I always thought it was just a garnish, but it’s super nutrient dense.

Cat - Good luck with the clense. My friend does that once a year and it does wonders! And, I can’t wait to see how your garden grows. :) Been thinking about you! And, off the check out those blogs you suggested!

Tiffini - I also have a juicer but when I tri bed eating raw for my crohn’s it made me worse. I so want to get back into eating more raw! This is such an encouraging post Tara. It is encouraging to be surrounded by others who are desiring some of the same things:)
Definitely keep us posted..I am always curious. Another blogging friend of mine is sending me the Makers Diet…I guess he suffered from crohn’s and taking out all processed foods etc. has helped. anyway…love ya:)

paige - awesome!!
clean eating , the planning, the shopping, the determination, is so impressive to me.
yay you!

Transparent Mama - Now, I am totally jealous. We are on spring break and no plants in sight. Happy Cleansing.

LuLu - Fantastic!!!! I’m making homemade pizza on Fridays now but still need to work on my dough!!! Everything we can do to help our bodies, help our children is such a good thing, great going!!!

Tessa - Good for you, Tara! We started the Feingold diet about a month ago. We’ve seen incredible behavior changes, but we’ve all been really sick. Hit with every virus under the sun. My kids were healthy the whole winter until we switched to the new diet. I’m hoping it’s a fluke coinsidence though!! It has to be! Good luck to you!


Alima - Just a suggestion – nutella has hydrogenated soybean oil, which isn’t really “eating clean”, but whole foods carries a few products which are very similar and are made with better quality ingredients. One of them is called Repunzzle, I believe. I might be spelling it wrong, but it’s near the section with the nut butters.

Courtney Walsh - I so wish I had it in me to do a garden. We try to eat as clean as we can, but I find that I go in ebbs and flows…I’ll do so well for months and then have a week where I eat too much processed food and I have to pull myself back on track! Good luck to you!!

Morning T - Great post Tara and good for you in getting started on something you’ve been putting off. ;) I did a similar colonix cleanse a few years ago and it didn’t do much for me unfortunately. I’ve been focused on not eating anything packaged lately and cutting out sweets altogether (hard for me, I have a big sweet tooth as well). It does take much more time and energy but I’m hoping I can stick with it. As long as I have a glass of wine after a long day at work it’s all worth it to me.
Looking forward to your upcoming posts on this!!

The Watts - All I can say is this is where I’m at right now and I needed this encouragement. I just love you so much and miss you lots and lots. Thank you for ………..too many things to list. Love you friend!

Eva - wow, i give you props. cleanses are so difficult!

Pressed Petals - I want to do this (eat better) too. I try but the family isn’t always on board either. I would love to know what you eat, recipes, etc. I am glad that I read through the comments too. I will be looking forward to your posts.

Holly - I don’t know where you live,but when I saw the Flora bottle I had to comment!!! Flora is located about 3 miles up the road from me! I have friend that grows product for them and another friend that tests their product in her own lab!! Great products!!
I love all of your beautiful pictures!

Gretchen - This is my first visit to your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. This blog post in particular was of interest to me. I’ve been seeing a Naturopathic Dr. for a year and a half and it has totally changed my life. I was tested on a machine that shows what foods a person has sensitivities to, and needs to take out of their diets until the sensitivity passes. Amazing difference when I’m following what is best for me, but so hard to do. She also can test products on the machine to see if they work with each persons body. If you have a corn sensitiivity, than a supplement with corn based products works against what we’re trying to accomplish, etc.
Through taking some supplements in which were tested on this machine, and eating the right foods for my body, I’ve been able to eliminate the following:
insomnia, migraines, hot flashes, cold feeling since a little girl (40 years worth), constipation, menopause crankiness, bloating and gas, etc. I also lost the 5# weight gain I had experienced immediately when I took myself off of birth control pills as well.
I have found this…. “We are what we eat”…
Now, if I could just be motivated to stay eating clean and making the extra effort that it takes nowadays to keep up with this. :) Thanks for the inspiring blog post.

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